December 22, 2005

Off to MN we go..

We're leaving in about 7 hours for Minnesota. I just got done licking over 60 Christmas cards. Can you see my tongue hanging out dryer then a desert??

I got the checkbook balanced, the kids & I are packed (dh isn't packed yet..he can do that tomorrow morning himself..he went to bed at 8:30pm tonight complaining of a new body ache (lol) ). No ER visit this time, unlike our previous trip to Minnesota last May. Hard to believe that's the last time we were there was in May. This year seemed to have flown by and Im left wondering what has happened. So since this will be my last post of 2005 let me do some reflecting..

There's been a lot of changes this year. The kids moved to big kid beds. They turned 4 and started preschool. We had a lot of fun this summer going to the swimming pool and parks. They rode their bikes alot. They figured out how to run their battery operated cars. They moved out of "carseats" and into booster seats making our life soo much easier. I can comfortable take them anywhere and for the most part they are fairly well behaved.

Wyatt-finally started coming out of his shell (preschool has helped sooo much). He stopped peeing on my floor and is starting to get the hang of peeing in the potty! THANK GOD!! He's starting to talk to adults instead of shying away and running.

Blaine-had surgery to remove his adenoids and is breathing out of his nose for the first time in his life! NO MORE SNORING!! YEA!! He's getting the hang of potty training. Talking sooo much more and turning into a regular PITA tattle-tale, more times then not making up stuff to tattle about.

Abby-completely potty trained. Talks up a total storm. Is a huge mothers helper. Still doesn't like sleeping alone (we'll work on that next year..maybe..personally I love laying with her, she's quiet when she sleeps! lol)

Dh-got a job in Minnesota and lost it within 2 weeks. UGH! Still working at the farm and at BD. Went hunting a lot this year. Spent lots of quality time with the kids in the tractor this years harvest. Enjoyed 4 days of just the kids & him while I was in NYC.

Me-Went on my first vacation ALONE to NYC and had a fantastic time. I've enjoyed the past year with the kids at this age. They are such a joy to spend time with, but still require more work then humanly possible sometimes. Read a lot of great books. Enjoying my 2 day afternoon breaks while the kids are at preschool.

Best books I read in 2005-"Autobiography of a Face", "Gentlemen & Players", "Aprons on a Clothesline"

Worst book I read in 2005-"Truth & Beauty"

December 19, 2005

Kids school program

So tonight was the kids preschool program. Stacie told me right before the program how good all the kids had done on practice today and she was really hoping that they'd do even half as good as they did today. HA!!

I started tearing up when I saw Blaine come out, put a sticker on the snowman and walk to his spot, then came Abby (more tears) and a few kids later out walks Wyatt. The first song went so well. The kids had little snowflakes on their hands and heads and were singing. After the song I saw Blaine's bottom lip come out and I knew trouble was brewin' in his little mind. He started crying "Mommy..where are you?" I waved, but that didn't help. Then he started saying "Mommay..I want to go to bed." Please keep in mind Blaine asks to go to bed around 6:30, if we're lucky we can hold him off until 7:30, it was now 7:10pm. Then he started crying "I want to go to daddy's bed." Well..needless to say Stacie took Blaine off the stage and he came running to me, which in turn brought Wyatt & Abby down. Im not sure what happened after that (because Blaine was crying pretty hard so I left the gym), but I was told that Abby did go back on stage to finish the program and Wyatt spent the rest of the program on Troy's lap, while he (Troy) continued to *try* (key word here folks) to video tape the rest of the program. Apparently Troy gave Wyatt my camera to occupy him, I got back to my chair after the program and I had no film left in my camera. :) It should be another interesting roll of film when I get it developed. lol

The kids opened up their christmas presents tonight from Troy & I. Santa's presents will be coming after we get home from Minnesota (I THINK). Troy mentioned that Santa may come tomorrow night instead..we'll see. They seem to love the presents they got. Abby's fav is the doll and stroller (of course). Wyatt loves his fireman that crawls on the ground. And Blaine loves his navy guy that crawls on the ground.

Well it's time to *try* (again key word here) to carry Wyatt upstairs and put him to bed. That kid is seriously getting wayyy to heavy to lug up stairs. He has to be pushing 50 lbs pretty hard. Then Im going to read some.

December 18, 2005

Oh what to do!!

Today I took the kids to church. Im trying to get Wyatt use to church (this is a 4 year battle so far). He really has problems sitting in church with so many other people around him. Thankfully we go to a small country church so me having to get up 50x during the service isn't a big deal, everyone there knows what we're dealing with regarding Wyatt.

There is 1 little girl there named Allie. I'd guess she's around 10 years old. Today Wyatt was having a real difficult day in church so him & I spent 99% of the service sitting on the steps. Allie kept following me & Wyatt out and saying "What's wrong with him??" I should add that Allie was at church alone today (very very very common because her family lives directly across the street from church..her family just sends her out the door about 5 minutes before church starts and Allie walks home when it's over. She sits with whoever she chooses and whoever wants to keep an eye on her. Today she sat directly behind us with no one really watching her. Again it's really no big deal because our church only has about 10 families..tops).

I came home from church and called my friend whos son has Autism and get some ideas from her on how to deal with Allie and her endless questions. I feel armed to deal with her tonight at the church Christmas program. If her mom is there also, Im planning on approaching her and hopefully she'll be able to help me (if she even cares) answer Allie's endless questions regarding Wyatt's behavior. Wyatt was soo good in church all things considered. Blaine & Abby were good as gold. They both sat great with my friend Jane and listened. :)

December 16, 2005

Felt like a bloggin'

Im waiting for DH to come home from deer hunting and have a couple minutes before the timer for supper goes off.

Yesterday I took the kids to the library, I made a HUGE mistake by going wayy to late for Blaine. Lately he's been asking to go to bed around 6:30 and at 7pm last night we were at the local library. He ran away from the children's section and was kindly brought back by one of the librarians. I put him in timeout for running away, he was laying on the floor whining he jumped up to quickly and hit his head on an electrical box (the boxes at the library stick out about 3-4". Next thing I heard him SCREAMING and I went running to him and blood was pouring out of his head. The librarian literally FREAKED OUT asking if she needed to call the unit. I was completely calm (totally my nature) and said "No..just get me the key to the bathroom." She was totally freaked out, shaking, got the key and opened up the door while I held Blaine's head with blood running down my arm. I got him cleaned up and found a little microscopic cut (about 1/16" of an inch). It quit bleeding after 2 minutes and Blaine quit screaming after 3 minutes. I had to sign paperwork with the library regarding the accident. The librarian called this morning to find out how Blaine was and I assured her he was totally fine.

You never know what will happen with my kids.

Quick, Quick, Quick!!!!

This does not happen often!! Dh took all 3 kids for a car ride and said he'd be back in about 2 hours! 3 things I want to get done, laundry, dishes and take a shower...that is after I update my blog with the new book Im reading..and of course check emails for just 1 minute (ROFL).

December 15, 2005

Sick as a dog

I've got such a bad head cold. I am literally plugged up from the neck up. YUCK!

December 11, 2005


Today the kids & I are going to a b-day party for the Becker triplets. Blaine is still not 100%, but he did eat today so he's getting better. I just hope Im not making a huge mistake taking him to this party. He really wants to go, and I really want him to go. Worse case..he pukes all over the party, and gets all the guests sick. I called Erin yesterday and told her we were not coming because Blaine was sick and she told me (no practically begged me) to come even if Blaine felt a tiny bit better, because I was the 3rd person who had called saying they were not coming because of sick kids. Erin said her kids have already had the flu, and actually are just getting over it also. Like I said Blaine ate today, and now he's upstairs resting. FINGERS CROSSED IM NOT MAKING A MISTAKE!!!

After the party we have a couple errands to run around Kearney. So I hope Blaine is up to all that too.

Troy just walked in the door..holy shit..gotta go..I didn't think he'd be home.


December 10, 2005

December already??

WOW I can't believe it's already the 2nd week in December! I have my christmas shopping done! YEA! This is probably the first time in quite awhile that I've actually had it done this early!! lol

It definately feels like winter around here. We've got about 10" of snow on the ground, which is very unreal for this area! Usually we get snow and within a week it's all gone, but not this year so far! I just hope the weather really starts warming up the next couple of weeks when we are traveling to/from Minnesota.

Not to much new. Blaine is sick and has been for 2 days now. I finally got him to eat a small scoop of ice cream tonight, other then that he hasn't eaten anything since Thursday. Tomorrow we're suppose to go to a b-day party for the Becker triplets. Im hoping Blaine feels well enough to go, because Wyatt & Abby really want to go. Im going to wrap their present tonight just incase we do go. FINGERS CROSSED!!

I've finished a couple books since I posted. The last one being "The Horse Whisperer" by Nicholas Evans. Good book, but I didn't care for the character Annie or her storyline..which IMHO was more then 1/2 of the book. I didn't like the ending either. I also saw the movie "The Notebook" (based on the book by Nicholas Sparks) the other night and cried like a baby. I'll definately be buying that movie next time I see it and have a few $$ to spend.

That's it for now..

November 27, 2005

Can someone please explain to me...

Why people go practically crazy when bad weather comes?? We are expecting quite a doozie of a storm tonight through tomorrow. Last night I sat down and made my grocery list, figuring I'd better get to the store today rather then tomorrow. Dh started saying "Get 10 cans of tomato soup, 5 cans of Cream of Mushroom, 5 gallons of milk..etc". I said "Why?" He said "There's a storm coming!". He is always like this, if he had his way our house would quickly turn into my MIL's house with food stashed in all the rooms (you know..just incase..). I don't know why dh gets like this, we only live 3 blocks from the store.

To update from my previous post, dh was put in a new position at work. So all is good (for now). He's pretty excited about the new challenges that are facing him. Im ok with the idea of us not moving home (for now) and hope that in a year we'll have the opportunity to try again.

Im reading "Gentlmen & Players" by Joanne Harris for the First Look Program. I NEED to finish it by the 1st and get my review submitted to First Look. It's a great book so far and Im really enjoying it! I have less then 100 pages so it shouldn't be a problem finishing it.

November 20, 2005

Feel like shit..

I feel like total shit today. My stomach is just killing me and the slighest movements make me feel like puking. I think it's stress. We find out *HOPEFULLY* tomorrow if dh keeps his current job. He's interviewing someone tomorrow to replace him. I really don't know how I feel about this, him staying means that we'll be in Nebrsaka for awhile, and I really don't want to be. But if he looses his job, we won't have health insurance and all the perks that having a job has. He'll beable to collect unemployment, but everyone knows that doesn't pay enough.

I pray every minute, of everyday that this is all just a dream and I'll wake up.

November 18, 2005

No worries, I'll be ok

I've been getting some emails from friends after reading my list post that they were worried about me. Don't worry folks, Im ok now. Yesterday was just a real shitty day. The sun came up this morning, my kids wanted breakfast and life goes on.

November 17, 2005

Shattered dreams..

What an emotional roller coaster I have been on.

End of Oct. dh found about a job in MN. 2 phone interviews end of Oct, and on Nov. 1st the company flew him up to MN for a f2f interview. It went really well. He came home on the 2nd. He got offered the job on the 8th, got the paperwork in the mail on the 10th, faxed it to the company's HR on the 11th, resigned from BD on the 11th call our entire families and shared our good news that weekend. The Relocation Consultant called me on the 14th, got Troy temp housing in MN on the 15th, faxed all paperwork to the Relocation Consultant morning of the 16th and at 2:07pm on the 16th Troy called me at home and said that the deal fell through.

I am sooo devestated. I don't think Im going to recover. My dreams are literally shattered. I can't stop crying and so far have done a real good job not crying in front of dh. I can't help but keep asking ?'s about if it's really over, because at 5:30pm tonight we were STILL getting emails from the relocation consultant, and the real estate company in town even called Troy at work and asked when they could set up an apprasail meeting. You'd THINK that if the deal fell through, HR would of called the relocation consultant first, even before they called us, because the company pays for relocatoin. Dh got mad at me tonight for asking so many ?'s. Im sorry..I just can't help but dream that this isn't over. Im so sick of living here, Im so sick of everything. I just want to crawl in a shell and die.

We find out tomorrow if dh still has a job with his current employer. They have someone flying in tomorrow to interview. What a damn nighmare.

October 27, 2005

Almost a month later

Don't think for one second that I've been sitting around eating bon-bons and watching soaps the last 3 weeks! couldn't be farther from the truth. This will probably be the longest blog post in blog history.

Let's start with Oct. 8th..a girl dh works with called and asked if I wanted to go to a local dinner theatre with her. I gladly said "YES!". Dh watched the kids and her & I had a fantastic meal and saw Dracula. It was wonderful!! Wasn't "Hairspray" quality, but it was still very enjoyable.

Oct. 9th..the kids b-day, we spent the night at a hotel nearby that has a swimming pool and indoor water slides. The kids loved it.

Oct. 10th..took Abby to the eye dr. She doesn't need glasses! YEA Came home from our night away and kids opened their b-day presents.

Oct. 11th..took Abby to the dr. because I noticed she was breaking out in a rash. Dr. said it was a Staph Infection and it wasn't contagious. Got antibotics.

Oct. my mom in Omaha for a fun filled kids weekend with swimming, Chuck E. Cheese, McDonald's playland, did some Goodwill shopping (god I love them!! lol).

Oct. 16th..noticed the boys started breaking out in a rash..called the dr.'s nurse and found out it wasn't a Staph infection but Impetigo!! HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS!!! GRRRR!! I nearly killed the dr, because I swear he said he wasn't contagious. Meds for both boys and she said Abby should be fine (haha).

Oct 16-Oct. 19-Impetigo treatment for boys. The dr. said the boys (and Abby) should be fine to go to school on Oct. 19th since they (the boys) have been on antibotics for 3 days and Abby should still have the antibotics from her treatment in her system. Sent everyone to school on the 19th. Nurse from school called and said Blaine is still contagious.

Oct. 20-Called dr..Abby reinfected with Impetigo. Treatment started again for all 3.

Oct. 20-Oct 25-Pretty much confinded at home with a couple little trips to the local park for sanity reasons.

Oct. 26th-kids had a field trip to a pumpkin patch. Impetigo gone!! So we all went (minus dh).

Oct. 27th-sent kids to school again because frankly they needed to get away from me (and me them). It wasn't a regular *school* day for them but the teacher said it was fine.

During that insanity I also managed to do the offical flip of the kids clothes from summer to winter. God I loathe that job..

Also I managed to finished "A Fine Balance" and started "No Country for Old Men" by Cormac McCarthy. It (NCFOM) was recommended by my librarian..this will definately be the last recommendation I take from her. The last 3 she has given me (and praised about) were total flops IMHO. I will finish this one because it's realatively short with big page margins.

I'll finish that tonight, that is if my dd ever goes to sleep. 10:30 and she's still running around strong. GRR!!! She wants me to build houses with her with lincoln logs. I have NO PROBLEM doing this during "regular working mom hours" but damn it..this is MY TIME!!!

October 04, 2005

Very quick!!

I have been spending wayyy to much time online the last couple of days! So this post is going to be very quick and then Im going to go fold laundry and then read.

It was a really good day here today, the temps were up in the afternoon and then a front went through and it went from 89° to about 60° in a matter of minutes. It poured, and I mean POURED rain for about 20 minutes.

Not much else to say today. Tomorrow the kids are going to preschool. I was hoping that I would spend the day vegging out in front of the TV, but I remembered this afternoon that sunday is the kids b-day and I haven't boughten a thing. I know what to get Abby..a Barbie doll house and some Barbie clothes, but Im totally clueless about the boys. Who knows..maybe I will decide to stay home tomorrow and then tomorrow night I'll make a run to Walmart after the kids go to bed. That sounds like a better idea then trying to find something here in town. I'll probably do that.

October 03, 2005

Busy day!!

After the kids left for preschool I got in the car and went to Kearney. I had to go to Target and return the halloween costume I got Wyatt, it's to small. I had to go to the hospital and drop off the care package I got for Denise (Zack's mom). I needed to get gas and I wanted to have enough time to stop at the library.

First..1/2 way through my 1 hour drive I realized I forgot the receipt for the costume. Damn... I figured I'd just buy him a new costume and then return the other one a different day. No big deal..

Then..I realized instead of grabbing the care package for Denise I grabbed a garbage bag (WITH GARBAGE IN IT!!) Double damn.. I was pissed but didn't have time to turn around and still make it there and back before the kids got home so I decided to just re-buy everything at Target. Pissed me off..but not a huge deal. I had just bought her some magazines, crossword books, a notebook and envelopes. I can use those eventually at home and thumb through the magazines and give my MIL the crossword books.

I went to the library to pick up a book and found out that it was just checked out! Triple Damn!! It's ok though, it's for an upcoming group read in November, so I put my name on the list (Im next in line) and should have it early next month. I paid my .10 fine from an overdue movie of the kids, looked at a few books, but nothing followed me home.

I ended up literally running in/out Zack's hospital room because they were getting him prepped for surgery. What little I saw of him, I thought he looked great! His leg had color and that seemed to be his only injury. His dad told me there is a pulse on his foot, that's GREAT news!!!

I got home with 30 minutes to spare, threw dinner in the crockpot and then the kids came home. I swear they must of had straight sugar for snack today. Wyatt was literally jumping off the walls!! He was sooo hyper!! Abby & Blaine were not nearly as bad, but still very high strung.

Gotta go get Abby to sleep (grrr..she's still awake and it's almost 11pm!!) and I want to read more of "A Fine Balance". I am loving this book!!! Excellent character development!!!

October 01, 2005

Ooooh boy..

What a day..good news first or bad news? We'll go with the good news.

The kids & I had a great day! They got to go for a tractor/combine ride and were gone for about 2 1/2 hours. Heavenly for me!! I brought "A Fine Balance" with me and read sooo much! I think I read close to 100 pages!! Im really enjoying this book. After the ride we went to my friend Jane's house (aka..Grandma Jane) and played with the puppy, kittens, chased butterflies, had rootbeer floats and spent at least 3 hours there. We came home tonight and both boys were exhausted and are now sound asleep! Abby took a nice long nap in the combine (grrr..) so she's still wide awake.

Now for the bad news...

Troy called me this morning and told me Zack was in a car accident and was airlifted to Kearney. He underwent surgery and the next 24 hours is criticial to see if he'll loose his leg or not. My heart goes out to the entire family, last night was the High School homecoming game and the team played GREAT winning 55-0. They probably celbrated a little too hard, and obviously to long because apparently Zack said he "fell asleep". Regardless of what happened moments before the accident, the end results was Zack hitting a semi practically head on and his left leg was practically amputated. The local hospital wanted to amputate (sp?) his leg, but they flew him to Kearney and he had surgery today and another surgery scheduled for Monday.

Season Premiere of SNL starts in 5 minutes and Im determinded to get back into watching that show! I use to watch it religiously several years ago, but since kids..well you know the drill...

September 30, 2005

Great day!

Today the weather was a perfect mid 80° so the kids & I went to the park. We stayed there for 3 hours at least. It was great!! They picked acorns, chased frogs, watched butterflies, watched the trains and just ran around. This is the park we haven't been to since this spring and I honestly don't know why I don't take them there more often. It's so open that Wyatt can run and run and I really don't have to worry about him getting into anything. He gets about 1/2 city block away from me and comes running back.

It was just a great day! It's 10:30 now and believe it or not everyone (including dh) is sound asleep. Im going to go read some "A Fine Balance" and get to bed early too (hahahaha). I read a lot of that book last night and Im getting hooked!! :D

Kids!! AAAHHHH!!

Today was one of those days where I felt like running out of the house, jumping in the car and driving away, leaving my kids to fend for themselves! They were driving me batty!! Everyone (including me) needed a nap sooo bad but God-forbid if we would of layed down and missed 1 minute of constant bickering!! Im breathing a huge sigh of relief knowing they are all sound asleep upstairs.

There are a few things I feel I have to share! :)

Abby's imagination has gone through the roof the last couple of weeks. It's so fun to see. She imagines that there are deer and other wildlife in her path when she's riding her bike (and we all have to stop and wait for the animals to cross). The other day she pretended the front room of our house was full of Barbies (ROFL..that's probably wishful thinking) and she had to pick them all up and put them on the chair (seperately).

Wyatt had 2 really good days in preschool this week. That was sooo great to hear!! He's starting to participate and is starting to listen more! YEA Wyatt! Keep up the great work!!

Blaine is doing wonderful at school also. He does have his moments of Blaine rampage but he's "a joy to have" (quote from the teachers). We made an appointment with an ENT for him for next week. I really hope this dr. can help us determine what needs to be done for Blaine to help him breath better.

I finished a couple books the last few days, which felt wonderful! I felt like I was sliding into another book slump.

Troy has a sinus cold thing going on and has been a cranky bear all week. Now I know why he was a bear on Sunday, when I posted my last message. He came home miserable on Monday and has been living a slow death since then.

September 25, 2005

Don't you hate it..

when your spouse acts like he's a baby?

Today I slept in. I really needed it. It wasn't like I was actually "sleeping" with 3 kids and a grown husband running around screaming and playing, but I was laying there vegging out listening to them. Dh comes into the bedroom and says "Can you come help me move the table?" I humorly said "What?" but he obviously didn't see/hear/understand that humor. When he left the room I got up and walked out of the bedroom. He started throwing chairs around and now I have 2 nice scuff marks on my newly painted walls. He tried to jam the table through the entrance way of the kitchen. I was holding the other end of the table and he practically ran me over with his end. I said "Hang on a sec", he started swearing saying he was going to throw the f-in table & chairs away. And I asked him what we'd be eating off of then, and he said a f-in card table.

Men can be jerks!!

September 20, 2005

What a mess!

Today the new carpet is being installed in our front room and the kids playroom. What a mess!! Tomorrow the new kitchen floor is being put it. I am sooo looking forward to getting this house back to some sort of organized chaos!! When this is all done Im going to treat myself to a massage! I soooo need it!!

Yesterday all 3 kids got to ride the school bus to school. Wyatt did poop on the potty last weekend, so he earned it, but Blaine didn't but I sent him anyway. I had to much to do (to prepare for this carpet BS) to take time out to drive him to school. They'll be riding the bus from now on, they all loved it. Even Wyatt who double hand waved to Troy & I goodbye when he left on the bus, that was soooooo cute!!!

I haven't had a second to read anymore of "The Mermaid Chair". Im going to have to start the book over because I can't remember what it's about anymore. Thankfully I wasn't to far into it. I think I have until Oct. 6th to get it done.

I made reservations today at the Holiday Inn in Kearney for the kids' b-day. My mom, the kids & I went there last month and had a great time on the slides. They'll love it!! Now I just have to find time to buy them some gifts!

That's it for now...

September 17, 2005

Fall is here

How can I tell?? Because the blackbirds have taken over all the walnut trees in my neighbors yard. They do this every year, for about a week every night right before dusk all the blackbirds in our town come flying in and land in the same 3 trees. Then one day they'll all take off and the sky will look completely black, and just like that they are gone until next year.

I hurt my thumb today pretty badly. I was getting on the floor to play with the kids and my thumb dislocated. It made an awful snapping sound and I looked down and it didn't look right, I jumped up right away and my thumb snapped back into place. Talk about pain! So Im typing this with only 9 fingers. I never realized how much I use my thumb until I can't use it!! I can't even turn on my car, I have to turn it on with my left hand. Just opening a door knob is very painful. Simple things like buttoning the button on my pants, pulling up my underwear, things like that are sooo painful!! It's starting to swell now, it wasn't before but I noticed about an hour agao that it's getting bigger. Im sure it'll bruise, if it doesn't I'd be suprised!! I can still move my thumb, so I know it isn't broken. It hurts from the middle of my palm, all the way around my thumb and 1/2 way to my wrist. O-U-C-H!! Abby was so cute, when it happened I started crying and yelling and Abby ran upstairs and got me a popsicle to put on it. She said "Here mom..this will help." I almost cried when I saw how much she cared.

Not much else is new, today was a pretty boring day. The kids & I went to Pamida, looked at some halloween costumes. Troy farmed all day. Im hoping tomorrow he'll have the good tractor and we can go for a ride. FINGERS CROSSED!!

September 13, 2005

Getting high on paint fumes!! ugh!!

Today the painter we hired and her side kick came to start painting. They were here by 8am. UGH! Abby insisted on wearing big girl underwear to bed last night, and she's been dry for weeks so I thought she'd be fine..WRONG! She woke up at 4am screaming and soaked. So it was a pretty restless night for me and a early wake up! I was up by 7am just incase they did come early.

They have the front room painted, and I don't think I like what I see. I thought the color was going to be a bit's honestly hard to tell the white ceiling from the walls. :( I hope the new carpet helps darken the walls a bit. FINGERS CROSSED!! They also got the banister in the kitchen painted and I LOVE the color! It was literally a last minute decision, and Im so glad she talked me into doing the banister a different color then the kitchen, it really pops out!!

Today after lunch the kids & I went to north park for 3 1/2 hours!!!! My kids were sooo tired when we got home, and so was I! Abby fell asleep at 6pm, but woke up at 9pm for an hour to see daddy for a bit. The kids had such a great time at the park, playing with catapillars, frogs, throwing rocks into the pond, playing at both parks and chasing the ducks.

I picked up a new book at the library the other day. "The Mermaid Chair" by Sue Monk Kidd. Im putting "A Fine Balance" down for now, there's a waiting list for the Kidd book so Im going to try to finish that in the next week. HA!

September 12, 2005

Happy B-day to me!!

Yep today is my birthday, Im 33 years old now. Still young enough to say that publically!! lol

Let me see..what can I blab about tonight.

I had a really great day while the kids were in preschool, but it wasn't nearly long enough. I parked my car downtown and walked to all my errands. I got home with 1 1/2 hours to spare so I curled up on my chair with a blanket and watched some TV. It was great! I ignored the phone (it rang 4x in 1 1/2 hours) and just enjoyed some much needed ME time.

Tonight dh & I started to clean out the kids toyroom for their new carpet. I asked Troy if he wanted to put the crib in his truck and bring it to goodwill. He said "No lets put it in the shed." I said "Why?" He said "I don't know.." I said "Do you want another baby?" He said "Maybe..." so I was stunned and suprised. Im totally for the idea, as long as I don't have multiples again. I love my kids etc. but I don't think I can do multiples. Maybe in a year we'll really start seriously talking about it, if both of us are still willing.

We also talked again about this job crap. Both of us don't think we will get the job now. Dh said the interview went really well, he just doesn't think they can get near the pay he's making now.

After the day Wyatt had at school today, I think moving would be a mistake. I picked Wyatt up from school and his teacher said he had a B-A-D day and spent almost the entire day in time-out. Poor Wyatt..I pray everyday that things will turn around for him, and I pray constantly that he doesn't have any mental issues that are making life in general difficult for him.

Dh came home from work today with ice cream cake and flowers for me!! I think Im going to go have a piece of tha cake now, it's calling me!! :)

September 11, 2005

Emotionally drained

That's the perfect title for this post. I have no one to share my feelings about this with so here I go. Anyone who reads this will probably think I've offically lost it and maybe I have..

I am so emotionally drained. The last week has been so hectic, more so then usual. Last Wednesday I went to the local carpet store and picked out carpet and tile. I realized (thanks to dh) that they were extremely overpriced so on Thursday (?) I went to Kearney with the kids and picked out carpet there. They came over and measured everything on Friday, then they called yesterday (saturday) and found some cheaper carpet/tile. Once again the kids & I loaded up and went back to Kearney and looked at the carpet/tile. In between all that I got stood up by the home decorator (sp?) who is going to paint our front room, kitchen & hallway. She finally showed up 2 days later and gave me an estimate. Much more then I expected but I think by the time it's done it'll be cheaper..she'll bill us per hour if it's cheaper and we've done work with her before so I trust she can get the price lower then 600.00 (she quoted us).

And Im an emotional mess with this job thing for dh. We haven't heard anything yet and I would be lying if I said that didn't bother me, it does. Dh is now saying that he doesn't think he'll get the job, after he told me a week ago he felt pretty confident, so now Im loosing my confidence in it also. And it's just turning me into a mess. I can't sleep, I lay there in bed and my mind is going 100 mph with all the stuff I have to do for a possible quick sale, and then my mind crashes when I think about us not moving. I get so depressed just thinking about it and my stomach turns into mush. Which in turn I get massive poos which I've had for about 3 days now. I asked dh tonight if I should do some looking online for something else in the MN area, and he didn't seem to enthuised (sp?) so I don't know what to do. I DO NOT want to stay here. I know that now. A week ago I was literally back/forth at the thought of moving. But I want to be home!! I want to be with our families. I want to go to our neices/nephews school activities and I want people to come to our kids activities. I want to be there for b-days, parties, get togethers, family functions, everything. I feel so cut off here and alone. Troy works so hard all the time which leaves me home alone with 3 kids to take care of. I want to go to the park with their cousins, my family. I want my FIL to enjoy these precious grandchildren while he can, and I want everyone else in the family to be a part of this triplet experience. This is a once in a lifetime thing, not everyone can say they have triplet neice/nephews and I want them to share in it. Is that to much to ask?? I keep praying to God, telling him again and again that I want to move back to MN, begging for him to hear me.

I've even contacted the special needs preschool in the area up there. Isn't that awful?! Talk about putting the cart before the horse. I've gone over in my mind again and again what Im going to say to our friends here, to the kids teachers about us moving. How to break the news to my friend Jane, etc.

If we end up not getting this job I really don't know what will happen to me emotionally. I feel like I literally would crash, or maybe it would be a huge relief. It just feels like we are so close to getting what we want, I can see it..I can picture us moving..I can see our new house being built up the hill from my inlaws. Speaking of that I've even looked at modular homes from a dealer up there and found a house I want! God it's sick. And we haven't even talked to dh's parents about the possibility of buying some land from them for that purpose. Im excited about getting a job at a place where I can work from home, a LEGIT work from home job. I've got it all all comes down to if we get that call this week and if the $$ is right. It's so much much is riding on this. My entire well being is in this company's hands.

September 09, 2005

Sept. 8th

I couldn't figure out what crazy title I should put on this post, today's date will do! :)

Today was a pretty boring day. Louella came over and gave me an estimate to repaint the front room/kitchen/hallway. Yikes..almost 600.00!! One really nice thing about Louella is if it's cheaper she will bill me by the hour but the most it will be is 600.00. I guess it all depends on how long it takes her to peel off the wallpaper in the front room. Also I got an estimate from a carpet/furniture store in Kearney that we've actually done a lot of business with. 1150.00 to re-carpet 2 rooms and put new lilenioum (god I know that's spelled wrong) in the kitchen. They have a special going on now, no interest for 3 years so Im sure we'll be getting our stuff there. Tomorrow the kids & I are going there to take a look at their carpets and HOPEFULLY find something in stock I like. Troy said he could probably lay the carpet himself, but time wise I think we should just have them do it so it's done. With harvest coming up I know Troy's going to have even less time at home then he does now.

Today I also called the Minnesota school district to find out if they have a special needs preschool in the know just incase we end up moving!! :) Im happy to say they do. Im going to call the teachers there tomorrow and just ask some general question, w/o giving my name (since the town in so small word spreads like fire).

Other then that not much happened today. The weather was really nice and 80ish, so the kids spent a lot of time outside. I love watching them play out there's so funny to hear them talk to eachother when they don't know Im there.


September 08, 2005

Abby's big day!

Today was big day for my little girl. She got to ride the school bus to school today!! She was soo proud of herself! She's the only one pooping on the potty and a big reward for her was to ride the bus! Im hoping that this will give the boys the push they need to follow their little sisters footsteps. One thing was for sure, Blaine was PISSED that he didn't get to ride the bus. He threw the biggest temper tantrum I have ever seen and Wyatt was none to happy about it either! Wyatt did poop on the potty tonight, then 10 minutes later pooped on my floor. grr!!

We haven't heard yet from Lifecore. I hope we hear something soon, the waiting is killing me!! I pray they offer him a job, and that the pay is within the range we need it to be so we can move back to Minnesota. I know it's all in Gods hands now.

Today while the kids were in preschool I literally ran around town like a chicken with its head cut off. I was really thinking (foolishly obviously) that with the kids in school I'd have time for myself. What a joke!! Im soo busy during those 3 hours!! Today I went to the local carpet store and quickly realized that the chances of us getting carpet from them is slim. They are soo outrageously priced!! Then I went to the insurance company and picked up our insurance policy folder. Went to both dollar stores and looked for shades and curtains for all of our bedrooms, went to True Value to look for shades. Went to Pamida to look for curtain/shades and returned something to them. Went to the library and picked up "A Fine Balance" (can't think of the authors name). I was hoping to have more time at the library, but it didn't work out that way. I came home with 10 minutes to spare before I had to p/u the kids, called the woman who is going to paint our kitchen, hallway and front room. She's coming over tomorrow at noon. WOW..what a busy 3 hours!! I think next Monday Im going to say "screw it all" and stay home on the couch and really enjoy myself. Next Wednesday the kids are going on a field trip to a local farm for school, and I kinda feel like for Wyatt's sake I should be there. So that day will be shot. I should go through the kids toys/clothes again and start another pile for Goodwill.

I think that's a long enough update for today! :)

September 06, 2005

Update on dh's job hunt

Troy is on his way back from the airport, he left this morning for his interview at Lifecore Biomedical in Chaska, MN. I talked to him briefly on the cell and he said it went really well, at least he thought it did and he hoped to hear something from them one way or the other next week at the lastest. He said they said they would relocate us, and put us up in temporary housing until we found a house. YEA!! They didn't say anything about pay though.

My kids are driving me absolutely batty today. Tomorrow they go to school and it can not come soon enough! I got a little taste of freedom with them in school and now Im spoiled! Oh how in the hell did I survive almost 4 years w/o a break???? Seriously..I've been with them 24/7 for the last week and Im about ready to scream! They are so clingy today, while I type this Abby is literally hanging on my right arm. You'd think I'd been ignoring them all day by the way she's acting. We went to Kearney today, went to Target, went to K-mart then went to Goodwill where they each got a junk toy that they apparently couldn't live w/o. Troy's pissed because he just went to goodwill last Saturday and dropped off seriously a whole trunk load of we're bringing stuff back home from there! lol Oh well..they just got little petty crap that can easily be lost.

I finished my 4th book in the Mitford series last night (early this morning). I loved it. I think that's why Im so edgy today, I got crap for sleep last night because Troy couldn't sleep thinking about the interview today (even though he swears that wasn't why he couldn't sleep). Troy left the house this morning at 2:30am, and I finally fell asleep at 3:30am just to get woken up by the wild beasts at 7:30amish.

Gotta go pick up the house before Troy comes home. Hopefully I'll have a better update on Troy's interview in a couple hours when I have a chance to talk to him f2f, but he may just sneak in the door and go right to bed, which I wouldn't blame him one bit..he's had one heck of a looooooong day.

September 02, 2005

Oh shit..

I had a big long post and it got lost in cyber land!! GRRR!!

August 30, 2005

Pray for us moving

I have such high hopes that this job is going to pan out! And in the same breath Im scared to death it will!!

Troy got his iternary (sp?) today for his trip to MN for the face to face interview. WOW did that company really shell out the BIG bucks to have him come up so quickly!! 849.00 to be exact!! He leaves Sept. 6th at 6:30am and comes back that night at 6:12pm. I told him tonight it would make more sense for him to drive to Lincoln (where he's flying out of) Monday night and stay the night there so he is well rested for his interview. I hope he does that..I really want him to make a good impression on this company. I know it's all in God's hands though, if he doesn't get this job then it wasn't meant to be and we'll stay in Nebraska for awhile. It won't be the end of the world, it'll just really bum me out. But again it'll make me sigh with relief knowing I won't have to transfer my kids to another school! lol Im hard to please aren't I??

Speaking of moving in hopes that we do move I started doing things on my little "to do list" today while the kids were in preschool. Regardless if we move or not these are things that NEED to be done. The house has really been neglected the last 4 years with the kids running around and it's about time I start making this house a "home", at least make it look "homey".

Kids had preschool today from 12:30-3:30. What a fantastic break!! Staci said Wyatt had a really really rough day today with a lot of meltdowns and excluding himself from the group. I hope things start to improve for him. He loves his school, he loves seeing the building anyway but Im really worried if this behavior keeps up he'll start really fighting me about going to school. I sure hope not.

August 28, 2005

Again it's been awhile!

I know it's been a couple weeks since I updated but we have had such a busy couple of weeks!! Be prepared for a looong update!

While I was in NYC, Troy had a phone interview with a company in Minnesota. Funny as this sounds, it was with the company that both him & I use to work for before we moved to Nebraska. Troy feels very confident about this interview and we've got our fingers crossed that before to long we will be moving HOME!! On Sept. 6th, he is flying up to MN to do a face to face interview. I always feel a face to face interview is a GOOD sign! Every face to face interview Troy has done he's ended up being offered the job! Please pray that this works out for us! We are all ready to move home. Troy has even given some serious thought to housing when we move up there.

Another exciting thing that's happened in our house is Abby is offically potty trained! Y-E-A!!! Day and night trained, but she still insists she wears pull-ups at night. She wore big girl underwear about a week and a half ago at night and had a big accident. So now when I ask her at night "Big girl underwear or pull-ups?" She always says "Pull-ups..I don't want to wet my bed like last time." I know she'll eventually move to big girl's not like I don't have pull-ups laying around because the boys are still showing very little interest in pooping in the potty, but both of them are about 80% pee trained and are waking up dry the majority of the time in the morning.

And the most exciting news is last Wednesday the kids started preschool!! They'll be going every Monday-Wednesday from 12:30-3:30! WOW what am I going to do with all that free time??? Get our house ready for a possible move! I have a front/back page to do list. Quite a bit of it I won't beable to do w/o Troy's help but I figure I may as well get a start on it and start getting some of the clutter boxed up and bring to Goodwill.

Im hoping with the kids in school, and after I get the majority of my to do list done I'll have more time for me. Im really looking forward to that, but first thing first..get the house ready! I've been watching "Sell this House" and "Design to Sell" and have told Troy that we NEED to rent a storage garage. He doesn't think so, but Im sure once the time comes and the realtor tells us what we need to do (besides the stuff on my to do list) to get our house sold FAST he'll understand. Right now he thinks we'll just stuff everything into our shed. HA! There's wayyyy to many things that needs to be OUT of this house to sell it, the shed will never fit it all. Besides the shed is full of stuff already, mostly the kids outside toys. Did you know that you should only have 4 pieces of furniture per room in a house to sell it? I didn't and several of our rooms have excessive big furniture and some rooms definately have more then 4 pieces of furniture. The room I need to do the most work on is the kitchen, my kitchen is sooo small and I definately need to do what I can to make that room look bigger. No woman in her right mind would buy this house with one look at my kitchen! Why did we buy it then you might be asking??? Because Troy bought the house BEFORE I saw it!! lol

And to top off the last couple of weeks, my mom was here all last week for a visit. She wanted to come down for the kids first day of school, meet their teachers, etc. We had a GREAT time and for once I was really sad to see her leave. Usually 1 week is more then enough "Mom & Jen" time for me, but it really was a wonderful visit. She helped me so much and I miss her so much as do the kiddos.

I finally finished "The Half Brother" today. WOW..I've only been reading this book since June!!! God am I glad Im done! It was good book, but O-M-G it could of been a couple hundred pages shorter and would of been just as good. 682 pages folks!!!!

August 16, 2005

Back from my NYC trip!!

Here's a pretty detailed listing of what a group of 8 triplet moms did in NYC in just 2 days!! We got a lot in! I had to copy/paste it from another email so the margins are probably all goofy.

Thursday--we all arrived at Robin's moms around 9pmish (except for
Kathy who got there around 7pmish and Krista who got there around
10pmish). Vickie scrubbed some really crusty feet. We ate pizza,
chatted and stayed up until 2am.

The best thing we did on Friday was pick buddies for our outings.
It was great only having to look for your buddy. Cell phones also
came in handy!!

Friday----we went to Chinatown, Little Italy, took 2 subway rides
(first for me!!), WTC site, ate at a Irish pub where we had our own
room with great service and even better food, went to Battery Park
(bought a bunch of purses LOL), looked at the Statue of Liberty
(didn't take the ferry long of a wait) walked to Pier 17
where the cruise boats and other boats launch, shopped in the mall
there and had a drink to cool off, took 1 taxi ride (also a first
for me), went out to eat at Wo Hop (little chinese restaurant) in
Chinatown, that was delicious!! Went back to Amy's, some of us
crashed early and some of us stayed up wayyy to late.

Saturday---Went to the Trump Tower, drove around Central Park, drove
by the library on 42nd (I think??), ate at a diner (can't think of
the name) that served the biggest sandwiches I had ever seen, and
they were wonderful!!) saw the broadway show "Hairspray" (it was
WONDERFUL!!!), ate at Pueblo's (really nice Italian restaurant,
where we had to walk THROUGH the kitchen to get to our table..very
werid and a first for me!!), walked through Times Square (it was
dark out and the lights were fantatstic!!), went to the top of the
Empire State Building (also at night and the view was beyond words),
ate at Ellen's Stardusky diner (singing waiters..very fun, but the
service was AWFUL!!), rode another taxi (those of us in the taxi I
was in thought our life was in danger..very fun and thrilling! :) )
Went back to Amy's house and watched Vickie STUFF her suitcase.

Also during both days several of us stopped at every mobile seller.
Mobile being people who sells stuff out of bed sheets and cardboard
boxes. LOL! We stopped at every person looking for a specific
purse! That darn Kate Spade!!! ROFLMBO!!

Everything was soo much fun and NYC was not at all like what I was
expecting. The people there in general were very nice and I felt
comfortable walking around. If I had to pick what was the best part
of my trip it was definately seeing the broadway show, Hairspray was
soo much fun! I laughed until I cried. I walked out of the show
with my cheeks hurting (from smiling and laughing) and my hands hurt
(from clapping so hard and often)!! Times Square was also soo much
fun, it's hard to describe the atmosphere there to anyone who
hasn't been. I would go back in a heartbeat!!!

Im telling everyone and anyone who will listen to go to NYC! You
have to go! Seriously it was sooooo much fun and I WILL go back,
without a doubt I will! I had the BEST time!!

August 05, 2005

Wonderful weather!!

The weather has been great here again lately! The last 2 days we've had our a/c off! It's been great being able to have the window open and feel a breeze that isn't freon activated!!!

Early this week we took the kids to the dr. for their preschool physical. Wyatt is 41" and 48# (WOW!! No wonder it almost kills me to carry him upstairs!!), Abby is 37" and 36# and Blaine is 36" and 36#. Everyone is ok'd to go to preschool! YIPPEEEE!!! Our ped does have some concerns regarding Wyatt. Wyatt does show some autistic signs, but not enough to make us overly concerned. We're just going to see how he does the next 2 years in preschool and decide what if anything needs to be done then.

Not much else is really new, we've been spending a lot of time outside the last few days with the nice weather. I've been flying through books like the pages are on fire lately and I couldn't be happier! It's nice to finally get out of the book slump I've been in for the last several months.

July 27, 2005

Beautiful weather!

It's been 3 days of just wonderful weather here in NE!! Monday the kids & I went to the fair (county fair) in the afternoon and spent 2 1/2 hours checking out the animals. My kids LOVED the sheep, they watched them get bathed and shaved. Monday night we went back to the fair to go on some carnival rides. The carnival workers were total assholes! The first thing that really pissed me off was my kids were on a little train. The moron train operator stopped the train, and Blaine & Abby got up to get off and Abby was almost off the train and the moron started it back up! Abby sat down and looked at me in a total panic. I calmly told her to stay sitting, but she was completely freaked out!! Why in Gods name did he stop it then take off again?? The second thing that pissed me off was my kids wanted to ride these motorcycles, the thing was practically empty but instead of giving each of my kids their own motorcycle to ride she put Blaine behind Wyatt. Blaine had no handlebars or horn! Needless to say Blaine was PISSED and scream/cried the entire ride. And the last thing that nearly made me hit a carney rat was Wyatt has some sensory issues and is very scared of the unknown. All 3 kids wanted to go in the Scooby Doo Mystery House, just a little fun house, walk through some punching bags, go up a little hill, slide down a little hill into a ball pit, climb out of the ball pit on a rope ladder, go across a ricktey old bridge and then go down a tube slide. The guy kept yelling at Wyatt "go that way". First I should say the worker only knew 4 words of english, "tickets" and "go that way". He was practically yelling at Wyatt to move and I finally said "He's a bit scared, give him a second" and I held Wyatt's hand through the bars (I was on the outside) and walked him through the punching bags, after the punching bags he wasn't scared anymore because he could see what was coming ahead of him. Funny part of that story is while he was screaming at Wyatt to keep moving and practically poking him with a hot iron poker, Blaine had gone through the entire Mystery house and snuck back in and went through again undetected by the psycho worker (hehe). I wasn't about to pay another 4 tickets so I kept my mouth shut. Regardless of all that, the kids had a great time and cried their eyes out when we had to leave.

They wanted to go back to the carnival yesterday and today but I think $30.00 for 7 rides (they all rode 7 rides) is enough damn money! Especially when 1/2 of the rides they went on didn't require any mechanics (gas, electricity, etc).

Yesterday we just stayed home and rested from a full day at the fair the day before. I caught up on laundry and did some housecleaning. The kids played outside in the beautiful 70° weather!

Today we went to the park, then the library. Got a couple movies for the kids but no books for me. I have a big enough stack here that is due back in a couple weeks!!

I've been working out every other night (gotta do that tonight if I feel up to it). I know I should do it regardless of how I feel, but blah. Maybe I need the hot iron poker??


July 21, 2005

Summer heat!

Holy shit has it been hot here lately!! Kids & I were coming home yesterday from a little shopping outting and my car said it was 106° outside! And it felt like it!! The humidity was sooo high, it felt like I was trying to breath out of a plastic zip-lock bag. Today was better, but still very very hot and muggy. We've lived in Nebraska for 9 years and I can't remember it ever being like this!

Kids & I went to the swimming pool today and had a great time! Some people say Im brave, other people say Im crazy for taking all 3 of my kids to the pool by myself, but if I don't see anyone knocking on my door offering to help!! So if I don't take them by myself we wouldn't go at all. We've been there about 5x now and the kids for the most part know the rules. The hardest part is with Wyatt when it's rest time and we're in the big pool. He has a FIT when he's told he HAS to get out. Thank God the rest breaks are only 10 minutes long because Im usually holding him the entire time while he's squirming and crying in my arms trying to get away.

I've been taking the kids to the library a lot more lately too. They are really starting to understand the rules there too. "No running, no screaming, listen to mom and SHHHHH!!" It's funny to hear them repeating the rules over and over again while we are at the library, and even funnier to see one of them remind another one when someone is acting out.

Not much else is new. Im getting really excited about my upcoming trip to NYC with my triplet friends!! YEA! I can not wait!!!

Gotta get offline now and start working out again, can someone remind me how good I felt after working out?? The jeans I worked soooo hard to get into in May are beyond snug again. :( Im hoping to get back into them in 3 weeks before my vacation.


July 11, 2005

Been awhile again, quick "howdy"

WOW it's been awhile! I only have a couple minutes if that now.

Busy..that describes the last couple of weeks in 1 word. Troy's been on 2 business trips since I last posted, one to Ohio, and he left this morning for Minnesota. We were really hoping that we could make this last trip into another little family vacation up to MN to visit family, but financially we thought it would be better for the kids & I to stay home. But I wish I was there sooo much! I miss MN!

Kids have been soo busy. We got a letter in the mail on Friday regarding their preschool. Still don't have a starting date yet. GRR! I want to start marking off the days! For both their sake, AND MINE!! lol

We had a great 4th of July week. We shot off some fireworks here at home, kids loved it. Dh's employer doesn't run production that week so it was nice, Troy only had to go in to work for a couple hours a day then went out to the farm, so the kids got to ride in the tractor 3x that week. We all loved it!

The weather has been hot so we've been to the swimming pool in town 2x since I last wrote. Abby & Wyatt love the big pool, and Blaine loves the baby pool. Makes watching all 3 of them very interesting when I have 2 one way and 1 the other direction.

Well Wyatt is literally standing here screaming in my ear, and as of right now I have no clue where Blaine & Abby are, Im sure they are outside probably messing around with the water faucet..god I cringe just thinking of our water bill this month..

Until later....

June 23, 2005

Busy, Busy!!

Well Im not doing well at all about posting here.

Like usualy my life is sooo busy! I won't go into detail of what we've done the last several days. A rundown-kids & I went swimming at the local pool one day, took the kids on a tractor ride with daddy last sunday, played outside every single day in the 90°+ weather. Today we went to the water park in a town near here. We stayed for 3 hours and I got fried.

I have finished a couple books the last week or so. Finished "Aprons on a Clothesline" by Traci DePree (3rd book in her Lake Emily series). AWESOME book..I just love this series and I hope it doesn't end for a looong time!! I also finished "Truth & Beauty" by Ann Patchett (non-fiction). It was about the relationship between Ann Patchett & Lucy Grealy (author of "Autobiography of a Face" which I LOVED). Im starting "The Half Brother" by Lars Saabye Christensen. It's a big book so Im sure I'll be reading it for awhile.


June 12, 2005

Like the new picture?

Do you like the new picture I added to my blog? It's my kiddos!! I don't know why I didn't do that before, just spaced it off I guess. Now I'll just have to remember to change the picture every once inawhile!

Sadly even though it's been almost a week since I updated, there really isn't much to say today. Oh hum..boring life sometimes, not that Im complaining.

I am starting to feel overwhelmed again with the number of book groups Im in. A couple months ago I was in a real funk with reading. So I thought I'd join a few new groups, get to know some new people etc. Now Im in a whole crapload and sadly I think Im going to have to bow out of a couple. I think I have the ones Im going to leave narrowed down to 3. Im also going to go no email in 1 group for awhile (won't be joining in on the discussion in that group for the next couple of months). So that should help.

I picked up a whole slew of books from the library this week. Mostly for upcoming group reads, but a couple that I wanted to read personally. "The Half Brother" and the newest one by Traci DePree "Aprons on a clothesline". Im sooo looking forward to that one. It's the 3rd in a series.

Well..Im going to grab my CR book and hit the sack!

June 06, 2005

Back from vacation

We got back last night from our 1 week vacation. We had a wonderful time but I am sooo exhausted today! It's going to take at least a week to recoop. My kids were spoiled rotten and are really shits today about listening.

I finished "The Professor & The Madman" by Simon Winchester while we were driving (see my review on my web page, link on the left side bar) and started "Madame Bovary" by Gustave Flaubert.

I have tons of laundry to do, tons of clothes to put away and some serious veggin' out to do on the couch. I am sooo pooped.

May 28, 2005


Whew..what a busy last several of hours.

Dishes done-check
Dishes put away-not yet but will do
Kitchen floor swept-check
Kitchen floor mopped-not yet but will do
Laundry done-check (last load folded just need to put away)
Vacuumed-not yet, will have to do tomorrow morning
Legs shaved-check
Everything packed and in car-check
bills paid-check
checkbook balanced-check
garbage out-last bag still in kitchen, will take out tomorrow am
kids outside toys in the garage-check
Emergency trip to the ER-check

Did ya catch that last one? Yep that's right, at 9pm tonight I ended up running to the ER with Blaine. Im not sure what happened, but I can only assume that he was running with a toy in his mouth and fell, putting a pretty big gash on the top of his mouth. Im NOT an over-reacting mother, so when Blaine came running into the bathroom (where I was because I was cleaning up the clothes, towels, toys, etc from bathtime) he had blood running (oops..I mean pouring) out if his mouth and nose. I quickly picked him up, grabbed the nearest towel and started wiping his mouth trying to find where the blood was coming from. At first I thought he had bitten his tounge off or something. I finally saw the gash and said, "ok that's where the blood from your mouth is coming why is all this blood POURING out of your nose?" I called Troy (who was working) and told him he'd better come home early because Blaine was bleeding pretty badly. After explaining to him what happened he did run home (he's more over-react then I am to be completely honest). By the time he got home Blaine's mouth was done bleeding, but his nose was still bleeding pretty steadily. So off to the ER Blaine & I went. Turns out that when he fell he hit his nose pretty hard on the floor (or something) and just got a really bad bloody nose. I still have NO clue what he had in his mouth when he fell (I can only assume he fell). I checked high/low for anything that was bloody (matchbox cars, lincoln logs, anything) but couldn't find a thing.

{{Sigh}}..and that's why this site is called "Tripletmomslife".

May 27, 2005


A couple hours ago I was feeling "Excited" but now I am sooo exhausted! Getting ready for vacation is a full time job, especially when you have 3 kids to try to keep out of the way while you're packing!!

Right now I have the kids completely packed and Im ready to throw the 3 of them in the trunk with their luggage! Abby & Wyatt are fighting sooooooooooooo bad right now!! I had to take 2 minutes and sit down and write because if I don't I literally might pull my hair out!!

I don't think I'll get much sleep tonight beause I still have sooo much to do before we can go. My house is just a disaster (again trying to pack with 3 kids under foot is impossible). The kids have literally destroyed my house. I have dishes stacked, 1 load of laundry left to put away, floors to vacuum, floors to mop, get all the garbage out of the house, get everything in the front room so dh can start packing the car (he worked at the farm tonight), finish packing my clothes, get all the toys in the backyard put in the garage, drain the pool, pay all the bills, balance the check book and take money out of the savings account. I think that's it. I'll probably think of more at 3am when I finally lay down and try to go to sleep.

Post more tonight when the house is quiet and Im all done with my to-do list.

May 25, 2005

Odd day..

Today was a very odd day. In the am the kiddos & I went for a walk, them on their bikes, me following. On the way home there's an old guy (I'd say mid-late 70's) puttering around in his garden. He saw us coming and walked out to say Hi (nothing odd about that, he does it almost everytime he sees us, his name is Bob). He talked to the kids about their new bikes, they babbled to him about who knows what and then we said goodbye. About a block later I see Bob coming up behind us also on his bike. I said "Hi you think it's going to rain today?" He said "It might.." and then he stopped his bike and stared (sp?) at the kids. To break the silence I started talking about the rain possibilty. He then handed me an envelope and said "here, please take this." Me (startled, and a bit alarmed) said "No Bob, I don't need anything from you." He said "Please, I love watching them walk by my house, buy them something." How could I say no to this sweet old man who obviously gets great joy from my kids simply riding by his house almost daily and I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I took it. When we got home I opened the envelope and inside of it was 3 20.00 dollar bills. The guy gave my kids $60.00!! Im still shocked and stunned.

Tonight Troy & I cut Wyatt's hair. Oh boy what a chore! Last time we took him to get his hair cut by a professional Wyatt was in a complete uproar (nothing out of the ordinary with him, he hates getting his hair cut but we've always been able to hold him down..I know that sounds harsh and yes it is as bad as you're picturing) so they refused to cut his hair, leaving Troy & I to do it. We have to wait until Wyatt is completely asleep, he won't even let us come near him with a scissors. I am covered in hair and itch like mad! A shower is definately on my list after I finish this post!! I hope Wyatt gets over this fear really soon, otherwise he is in for a lifetime of teasing because of Troy's chop-job.

Funny dream I had last night. I kept having a repeating dream of being chased by the devil. And the devil was Jack Nicholson, you know the actor! lol It was bizarre, "Jack" kept chasing me around my hometown trying to get me in his car and I kept telling him "go back to hell" and *poof* he'd be gone and then he'd be back, one time he came back with a plastic halloween mask on. Werid huh?? It gets werider. The last thing I remember I ended up in a church with a whole bunch of old woman praising and singing to God, then I woke up. I was standing in my kitchen doing dishes (right after I woke up..still in pj's) and started singing the song that was in my dream. I can't remember it now, but I wish I did. That dream has to mean something!! Any ideas??

I started this book yesterday and Im only on page 28. The book is putting me to sleep, literally. I sat down to read it today while the kids were watching some TV and fell asleep! I woke up to my friend Jane standing over me saying "Jen..are you asleep?" And my kids THANKFULLY glued to the TV. about a startle and being embarassed! I said "I guess so! Thank God you woke me up!!" Jane has an open door policy at our house, if our house is unlocked she comes right on in. Thank God she did today..lord knows how long I would of slept. I read 1 paragraph and was in la-la land. Im still hoping to be done by Friday night, so I can take a fresh book with me on vacation, but the chance of that happening are looking pretty slim.

Off to take a shower!!

May 24, 2005

Been a few days again

since I posted! I really want this site to work for me but I need to remember to write!!

Well we're leaving for vacation and I did it..I hit my jean goal. I am comfortably in my next size smaller jeans..ahhhh. I can bend over and even sit on the floor (and get up) without worrying about popping a button! lol I honestly don't know how I did it because I haven't been working out AT ALL in the last couple of weeks. I guess it's because I've been extremely busy with my kiddos!

Today my son Wyatt's therapist came and her & I took the kids for a bike ride. It wasn't really far (about 4 blocks) but running back/forth to each kid and keeping them on track Im sure doubled my block count, and raised my heart rate.

Monday I walked, and the kids rode their bikes around the park just north of our house. We stayed at the park for 2 hours, riding bikes, throwing rocks into the lake, playing at the 2 playgrounds and chasing the ducks. So that was a work-out also.

I just finished this book tonight. To see my review go to my web page, link is on the left side bar.

Im starting this book tonight, read only 1 page so far but I think Im going to like it. I've heard quite a few mixed reviews about it, the most being that the book kinda bogs down (in most people's opinion) with endless info about the Oxford English Dictionary but does pick up later in the book. Im hoping to get this short (221 pg) book done by Friday so I can bring a fresh book with me when we leave on vacation early Saturday morning. Im still debating what book that will be..

Damn I got the hiccups tonight! Haven't had them in ages and my chest hurts from hiccuping all night!! GRR

May 18, 2005

Feeling good today!!

Im feeling happy today because tonight dh stayed home from work (he works nights & weekends for a local farmer). Him & I cleaned the house and now he's outside mowing the lawn. It feels wonderful to have a husband home every once inawhile!!

My dd is asleep already! I know that means it's going to be a looong night for me because she'll be up and ready to play at 1am. I hope not, but that's probably what is going to happen. The kiddos are pretty tuckered out because today we went for a walk to Pamida (local store) to buy their new swimming pool. We filled it and I told them the water was wayy to cold now and they'd have to wait until tomorrow to swim. HA! They tried it anyway and froze their privates off. They didn't stay in it for long.

Still reading "Boy's Life" by Robert R. McCammon. Im almost 1/2 way and starting to get a little confused with all the storylines going on. It's interesting and keeping my attention and Im really hoping that all the storylines come to a close by the end and hoping that McCammon doesn't sneak anymore storylines into the book without finally closing a few!!

Bye for now!

May 14, 2005

Quick howdy!

Oh what a boring Saturday so far!! It's days like today that I wish we lived anywhere but here. There is NADA to do in this town! Maybe we could go watch dog shit turn white? That was a lot of fun last time.

Seriously the kids & I need to do something today. Im about ready to jump off the back of the couch if we don't get out of this house!!! Today being Saturday Im PRAYING that daddy calls and he says I can bring him lunch and then he'll take the kids for a tractor ride!! That would be wonderful!!

Haven't worked out since last time I posted saying I actually worked out. But I've been watching what I eat and keeping really busy with the kids. Kids are wearing me out lately and Im going to bed pretty early.

Just started this book yesterday afternoon. The reviews at Amazon are very mixed so it should be interesting. This is my first book by McCammon.

Im going to go sit by the phone and wait for daddy to call!

May 11, 2005

Nasty weather!!

3 out of the last 5 days we have experienced tornado warnings in our little town in central Nebraska. It's been a scary and crazy several days!! My kids had their first experience seeing hail and are now know when the sirens go off and mommy yells "GET DOWN STAIRS" they know Im serious.

We had to stay inside all day because there was pretty much a constant threat of rain, so while the kids destroyed their playroom and the rest of our basement I finished "Kate Remembered" by A. Scott Berg. You can read my review if you'd like at my web page (link is over there <------ somewhere).

I just started this book tonight and I think Im going to like it.

Well, we are once again in a tornado watch so I guess I'd better log off and watch the weather.

Toto..I don't think we're in Kansas anymore..

May 09, 2005

What Im reading..what I finished

I think I figured out how to put pictures in my posts, so now I can post a book cover jacket of what Im reading.

What Im CR:

Non-Fiction book about Kate Hepburn. It isn't a biography, more of a memorie. Pretty good, but Im anxious to finish it.


This will definately be a top book for me for this year! A non-fiction book about Lucy Grealy's challenge with jaw cancer and life in general. This was WONDERFUL!!!!!

Well it's been awhile!!

WOW..I didn't realize how much time has passed since I last posted.

Sadly there hasn't been a heck of a lot going on. Same ol', Same ol'. Our trip to Minnesota has been pushed back a week, so instead of leaving on the 21st, we'll be leaving on the 28th. Which I guess is a good thing because now I have an extra week to hit my jean size goal!! lol

I haven't worked out in about 4 days because I have AF. I know that shouldn't be an excuse, but all I feel like doing is being really lazy. I have cramps really bad today and Im HOPING that today is the last day of this bloody bitch. Now that Im posting again, Im determined to start working out again.

My boys had their 6 month evaulation by Early Childhood Development last week. Blaine still qualifies for services, but since he has improved so much his therapist is now on a consulation only basis. Wyatt still has some hurdles to overcome.

Last week we thought dh was going to loose his full-time job. Things were really scary for all of us last week when Monday his boss told him he was going to have a meeting with him on Friday. Dumb-ass gave us a whole week to freak out!! Troy's job is still literally in limbo, but I think things are going to be ok.

The weather has been fairly nice lately, last week it was pretty cold here with temps only in the 50-60°'s. On Saturday we were in a tornado warning in the afternoon with a tornado only 4 miles from our house. Thankfully it never touched down and left our area just as quickly as it came. The kids did think it was pretty neat to see the hail coming down (before the sirens went off..once they started going the kids & I high-tailed it to the basement).

Our neighbors oldest son got married this past weekend and we took care of their cat (at their house). WOW is there house nice!! Someday when my kids are long gone and out of our hair (and our I hope our house can look that nice. Everything was just perfect and everything was in place.

Well that's about last week update in a couple paragraphs.


April 29, 2005

Back is muuuch better!

My back is a lot better today, just a little sore now so I guess Im going to live. Im planning on working out again tonight to celebrate (lol). I really went crazy today with eating food I shouldn't of eaten so I really need the workout.

Today was definately a loooow-key day. The kids were good as gold about letting mommy compltely veg-out and relax my back and I really think that has made all the difference. We did go for a little car ride tonight which the kids loved. Just driving around and listening to their music they are pretty content.

I woke up this morning to it SNOWING?! Wait..isn't it like 2 days from being MAY!! Nothing stuck to the ground thankfully. It was pretty to see those big huge flakes coming down and was a nice little suprise.

Not to much else to write about today, Troy came home from work..mowed the lawn then went out to the farm to work. Bea (one of our dumb dogs) ran away again today and the kids & I had to go find her (GRRRR!!) Anyone want a dog? I'll pay for shipping to send her to you. lol

I should be done with "Good Grief" by Lolly Winston tonight! YEA!! Im not sure what I'll be reading next but I'll be soooo happy to have this book behind me. Im still sitting on the fence about liking it or not. The main character is so inmature most of the time, and the stuff that happens in the book is extremely unbelieveable and far-fetched.

April 28, 2005


Ouch is right! Today I was putting one of my ds's into the car and turned wrong!! My lower back instantly felt numb and it began to hurt BIG TIME!! I was all excited about working out again tonight but I think Im going to have to take the night off. I really am bummed about that and no this isn't a lame excuse. Any advice on my back? Heating pad, ice pack, electronic shocker (yea I got one of those and it's GREAT for strained muscles), ibuprofen and go to bed?

Well..Im going to take a few ibuprofen, get my moist heating pad out and read for awhile then hit the sack (I hope the heating pad is the right thing to do). I am REALLY upset about not working out tonight, it's 10:30pm..the kids & Troy are fast asleep and I could EASILY squeeze in a work-out, take a shower and be in bed reading by midnight..but my body tells me I need to rest my back and Im PISSED!

Today was a really pissy day all around. We have 2 dogs and both of them ran away today. The ONLY reason I was putting my kids in the car today and hurt my back was to go chase one of those damn dogs!! I use to love dogs, and sometimes still do but something really changed in me after we had kids. I have NO patience for dogs anymore, especially dogs that DO NOT listen...and our dogs don't. At least not to me.

Im over 1/2 way through "Good Grief" and I may end up liking this book. My previous post complaint may have been written in hast, it's all starting to come together now but I have a feeling I know where it's heading..we'll wait and see.

Oh yea one more thing...regarding the Care Bear arm stuck in our tub drain post from a few days ago. The arm is gone. It must of went down the drain and is now sitting in our drum trap. Hopefully it won't cause problems down the road.

Adios Amigos! :)

Last 2 days

Since I haven't posted in a couple days I thought I'd give ya a rundown.

Yesterday (actually Tuesday since it's 12:24 Thursday) kids & I went to the park and Abby met a little girlfriend. It was soo cute to see them playing together and made me even more anxious for my kids to start pre-school this fall. We made brownies on Tuesday and just played around the house. Can't remember anything else we it mustn't of been important.

Today (Wednesday) kids & I ran errands in the afternoon. It constantly amazes me how well behaved my kids are getting. Taking them anywhere use to be such a pain, and a headache. Now the majority of the time they listen pretty well and don't necessarly run around like wild animals. We went to the post office and the dollar store. Each of them got a little toy, Wyatt got sunglasses, Blaine got a pinwheel and Abby got a stuffed bunny. I also picked them up some flash cards of numbers and pre-school words. They were only a buck each. :)

The last 2 days I've worked out both nights! Give me a "hell yea!!" I feel WONDERFUL!! I don't know why I waited this long to finally start getting back into shape. My first goal is to get in my next size smaller jeans (no I won't publically say what size that by May 21st. We'll be leaving for vacation, heading up to MN to visit family/friends for 2 weeks. May 21st is also me & dh's 11 year wedding anniversary! :D

Im still reading "Good Grief" and's HORRIBLE!! The writing is really bad and sooo choppy. I go from feeling really sorry for Sophie to making a disguested face by what Winston writes in the next paragraph. IMHO..Winston tried sooo hard to make a book with such a potentially good story line into comedy. And it just doesn't work..not for me anyway. Im almost 1/2 way through it so I will finish it, mostly in hopes that it all somehow ties together at the end.

Off to read a bit then hit the sack!

April 25, 2005

Typical crazy day

Today was a pretty normal day at our house. Kids were really good today and between the 3 of them they only had 1 accident on the floor. Please God let this be a sign that we are making some progress in potty training!!

Dh didn't farm tonight (YEA!!) so I was really hoping that I'd beable to get the grocery shopping done and run some errands ALONE. No such luck..he came home from work and said "Let's go grocery shopping." I said "All of us?" He said "Yea." Now..I'd rather have a root canal w/o pain meds then take my 3 kids grocery shopping, but I sucked it up and we went. I won't give you a play by play of our Wal-mart trip. I'll just say we did grocery shopping in record time and I only forgot a couple things..not bad!

Then we went to Burger King w/ a playland to feed the hungry monsters and let them play. There was a little boy there around the age of 10 playing also. He kept making this annoying high pitched noises in my son Wyatt's face. Wyatt has some sensory issues to loud, abrupt noises so he started to wail. I sat there wondering why the little boy's mother wasn't saying anything to her son. I then realized she was deaf and totally unaware of what was going on. I know some sign language but not enough to tell her "Your son is being completely inappropriate in there..please tell him to SHUT UP! He's scarying the hell out of my son." So I told the little boy to please stop making that noise, he was scarying the other kids". He stopped for a couple minutes then started up again. So we left.

It's now 11pm and Im waiting for dd to go to bed!! GRRR!! She fell asleep on the way to Walmart so had an hour nap! GRR!! I NEED to work out tonight. I didn't get to last night because I spent an hour trying to get a plastic Care Bear arm out of our tub drain, w/o any success. Thank God the tub is draining still, slower then ever but it is draining. Im hoping somehow by the grace of God that the arm eventually floats back to the entrance of the tub drain where I can grab it. Right now it's sitting way in the back of the drain.

I got a lot of "Good Greif" by Lolly Winston read on our way to/from Wal-mart (it's an hour trip 1 way). Im on page 90 something now and Im enjoying it. Hoping to read more of it tonight after I work out.

More tomorrow! :)

April 24, 2005

Boring day

What did we (kids & I) do today? NADA!! It was one of "those" days. I woke up to my son Blaine screaming in the kitchen wanting breakfast and my other 2 kids laying on/with me in my little tiny full-size bed. UGH! So I woke up stiff, sore, and feeling like I got no sleep. I don't know how long they were in bed with me, but it must of been awhile because I couldn't feel my legs for a minute because of being stuck in 1 position most of the night, which was an uncomfortable one!

Wyatt (one of my ds) & I got into it this morning again about him peeing on my floor! GRRR!! He knows he has to use the potty, but instead sneaks his penis out of his pants and uses my floor as his own personal urinal. So as I said it was one of "those" days when a parent feels like running away, very far and very fast.

My neighbor on the south side of me has been planting flowers in about 50-60 pots for the last 2 days. I swear she had at least 100# bag of potting soil yesterday she was working with and enough flowers to decorate an entire cemetary. As of 20 minutes ago she had less then 1/2 of the bag of potty soil left and still had at least 15 un-potted pots laying around her feet. Her & her newlywed husband live in a very tiny home, Im guessing there is only 1 bedroom (and definately no basement) because of the size of it. Im trying to figure out where she is going to put all these potted flowers!! I'll keep ya posted.

The neighbor on the north side of me was outside today working in his yard with his level. Don't believe me?? Come and watch. And our yard looks like a recent battlefield. Troy likes to give the kids a ride on his 4-wheeler which has left a nice completely round cirlce of nothing but dirt right in the middle of our yard. Our yard looks like crap, while our neighbors all around us take so much pride in their yards. The neighbor across the street actually came over last year and proceeded to rip up big parts of our grass in the front yard (which is the ONLY good looking grass we have) to show us the grubs and what they were doing to our yard. I felt like saying "You want to see what is destroying our yard? Take a peek in the backyard! Three wild pre-schoolers and all their necessary outdoor *stuff*. Oh well..

I got about 5 pages read of "Good Greif" By Lolly Winston last night. I think Im going to enjoy this book and Im looking forward to the BNU discussion in eary May. Either the 2nd or the 5th..I forgot.

Im planning on working out with Sharon Mann for 1/2 hour tonight after the kiddos & Troy are in bed. I need to drink more water today, lucky if I got 8 oz. so Im off to chug some H2O.


Quick note then off to bed!

Title says it all! Today was such a busy day for the kids & I. Troy called at 10:30am and asked if we would bring him lunch out in the field, and he'd give the kids a ride in the tractor! I jumped at this knowing that I would have at least 1/2 hour to myself while the kids got their ride. We went through a drive-thru, found daddy, he ate quick and threw all 3 kids into the tractor. I didn't see them again for over an hour!!! While I was waiting I finished "Blessings" by Anna Quindlen.

After that the kids & I went to one of the parks in town. We stayed there for almost 3 (yep THREE) hours! I coaxed them into the car and home we went! Quick supper of leftovers, bath and I didn't feel like moving for the rest of the night.

After all of that I did work out tonight with Gilad for 1/2 hour. I ate pretty well today, not to much crappy food. Probably didn't drink enough water considering all the running I did at the park though.

Im off to bed with "Good Greif" by Lolly Winston. :)


April 22, 2005

First post

So many of my online book friends at b-a-w recently got (or have had) a blog and I thought "may as well check it out and see what the hoopla is all about." lol Hopefully this will be something I will continue using. I have other "homes" on the web, and I like that I can link those "homes" to this home (once I figure out how to do that).

I've got a lot of things going on in my life, I doubt anyone will even take the time to read my silly blog home but at least I'll have a place to go back and reflect. :) I love to read and will post about what Im reading and also post about what my kiddos are doing and my constant issues with weight loss. My SIL called me last night and said she's lost 40 lbs since last fall. I got to do something. (sigh...) to figure out how this blog stuff works.