December 18, 2005

Oh what to do!!

Today I took the kids to church. Im trying to get Wyatt use to church (this is a 4 year battle so far). He really has problems sitting in church with so many other people around him. Thankfully we go to a small country church so me having to get up 50x during the service isn't a big deal, everyone there knows what we're dealing with regarding Wyatt.

There is 1 little girl there named Allie. I'd guess she's around 10 years old. Today Wyatt was having a real difficult day in church so him & I spent 99% of the service sitting on the steps. Allie kept following me & Wyatt out and saying "What's wrong with him??" I should add that Allie was at church alone today (very very very common because her family lives directly across the street from church..her family just sends her out the door about 5 minutes before church starts and Allie walks home when it's over. She sits with whoever she chooses and whoever wants to keep an eye on her. Today she sat directly behind us with no one really watching her. Again it's really no big deal because our church only has about 10 families..tops).

I came home from church and called my friend whos son has Autism and get some ideas from her on how to deal with Allie and her endless questions. I feel armed to deal with her tonight at the church Christmas program. If her mom is there also, Im planning on approaching her and hopefully she'll be able to help me (if she even cares) answer Allie's endless questions regarding Wyatt's behavior. Wyatt was soo good in church all things considered. Blaine & Abby were good as gold. They both sat great with my friend Jane and listened. :)

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