August 16, 2005

Back from my NYC trip!!

Here's a pretty detailed listing of what a group of 8 triplet moms did in NYC in just 2 days!! We got a lot in! I had to copy/paste it from another email so the margins are probably all goofy.

Thursday--we all arrived at Robin's moms around 9pmish (except for
Kathy who got there around 7pmish and Krista who got there around
10pmish). Vickie scrubbed some really crusty feet. We ate pizza,
chatted and stayed up until 2am.

The best thing we did on Friday was pick buddies for our outings.
It was great only having to look for your buddy. Cell phones also
came in handy!!

Friday----we went to Chinatown, Little Italy, took 2 subway rides
(first for me!!), WTC site, ate at a Irish pub where we had our own
room with great service and even better food, went to Battery Park
(bought a bunch of purses LOL), looked at the Statue of Liberty
(didn't take the ferry long of a wait) walked to Pier 17
where the cruise boats and other boats launch, shopped in the mall
there and had a drink to cool off, took 1 taxi ride (also a first
for me), went out to eat at Wo Hop (little chinese restaurant) in
Chinatown, that was delicious!! Went back to Amy's, some of us
crashed early and some of us stayed up wayyy to late.

Saturday---Went to the Trump Tower, drove around Central Park, drove
by the library on 42nd (I think??), ate at a diner (can't think of
the name) that served the biggest sandwiches I had ever seen, and
they were wonderful!!) saw the broadway show "Hairspray" (it was
WONDERFUL!!!), ate at Pueblo's (really nice Italian restaurant,
where we had to walk THROUGH the kitchen to get to our table..very
werid and a first for me!!), walked through Times Square (it was
dark out and the lights were fantatstic!!), went to the top of the
Empire State Building (also at night and the view was beyond words),
ate at Ellen's Stardusky diner (singing waiters..very fun, but the
service was AWFUL!!), rode another taxi (those of us in the taxi I
was in thought our life was in danger..very fun and thrilling! :) )
Went back to Amy's house and watched Vickie STUFF her suitcase.

Also during both days several of us stopped at every mobile seller.
Mobile being people who sells stuff out of bed sheets and cardboard
boxes. LOL! We stopped at every person looking for a specific
purse! That darn Kate Spade!!! ROFLMBO!!

Everything was soo much fun and NYC was not at all like what I was
expecting. The people there in general were very nice and I felt
comfortable walking around. If I had to pick what was the best part
of my trip it was definately seeing the broadway show, Hairspray was
soo much fun! I laughed until I cried. I walked out of the show
with my cheeks hurting (from smiling and laughing) and my hands hurt
(from clapping so hard and often)!! Times Square was also soo much
fun, it's hard to describe the atmosphere there to anyone who
hasn't been. I would go back in a heartbeat!!!

Im telling everyone and anyone who will listen to go to NYC! You
have to go! Seriously it was sooooo much fun and I WILL go back,
without a doubt I will! I had the BEST time!!

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