April 25, 2006

Real great day!

Today was such a great day! The kids had an awful day yesterday (fighing, arguing) and today has been such a pleasure..I hope Im not speaking to soon! lol

Yesterday it rained all day on/off, (that could of been why the kids were in a sour mood) but today it was just gloomy outside. The temps were a little chilly (probably mid 50's). We played outside and just had a good day.

We are all missing daddy terribly!! :( Hurry home daddy!! We miss you!! He called this afternoon and said he is checking out of his hotel tomorrow at noon and is going right to the airport to get on standby. FINGERS CROSSED he gets and earlier flight!! Otherwise he's not scheduled to fly in until 10:50pm, which means he'll actually get *home* around 1am.

Im finally 1/2 way through "The Ghost Orchid" and Im loving this book! It's so dark and mysterious that I can only read a few chapters at a time, because otherwise I get completely sucked in! I had a dream about the characters in the book last night and it actually freaked me out a bit! So that means it's a GREAT book and Im going to highly recommend it to a lot of people!!