July 21, 2005

Summer heat!

Holy shit has it been hot here lately!! Kids & I were coming home yesterday from a little shopping outting and my car said it was 106° outside! And it felt like it!! The humidity was sooo high, it felt like I was trying to breath out of a plastic zip-lock bag. Today was better, but still very very hot and muggy. We've lived in Nebraska for 9 years and I can't remember it ever being like this!

Kids & I went to the swimming pool today and had a great time! Some people say Im brave, other people say Im crazy for taking all 3 of my kids to the pool by myself, but if I don't see anyone knocking on my door offering to help!! So if I don't take them by myself we wouldn't go at all. We've been there about 5x now and the kids for the most part know the rules. The hardest part is with Wyatt when it's rest time and we're in the big pool. He has a FIT when he's told he HAS to get out. Thank God the rest breaks are only 10 minutes long because Im usually holding him the entire time while he's squirming and crying in my arms trying to get away.

I've been taking the kids to the library a lot more lately too. They are really starting to understand the rules there too. "No running, no screaming, listen to mom and SHHHHH!!" It's funny to hear them repeating the rules over and over again while we are at the library, and even funnier to see one of them remind another one when someone is acting out.

Not much else is new. Im getting really excited about my upcoming trip to NYC with my triplet friends!! YEA! I can not wait!!!

Gotta get offline now and start working out again, can someone remind me how good I felt after working out?? The jeans I worked soooo hard to get into in May are beyond snug again. :( Im hoping to get back into them in 3 weeks before my vacation.


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