March 08, 2006

We've all heard the saying..

"If you don't like the weather in ___________ (insert your state here) then wait a minute." Well today was JUST that! The kids & I went to "Imagine & Learn" at the Y (them to "imagine & learn", me to punish myself with another 30 minutes on the dreaded treadmill). When we left the house it was 9am, and 45°, we got out of the Y at 10am and it was cold and raining. The kids left for school at 12:15 and it was pea size hailing, they got out of school at 3:30 and it was snowing, with snow actually on the ground! At 4:30 it was raining again and the snow was melted. Now it's probably in the upper 30's and calm with a very cloudy sky.

While the kids were at school I ran around town like a mad woman (what else is new?). While gone Mardell (if you don't know who she is yet, you'd better read the last 10 or so posts!!) called and the IEP meeting for the boys is set up for Wedenday the 22nd at 1:30-2:30. Good..another week to get my ducks in a row.

I gotta get my butt to bed now, the kids & I are going to Kindergym tomorrow (well them to another 30 minutes on that damn treadmill). Im going to TX in July to meet some of my triplet friends, I need to get in shape or at least die trying! I'm down about 5 lbs now since beginning of Feb. WOO HOO!!