September 02, 2007

What the heck are these??!?

This morning I was taking out the garbage and almost stepped on ONE of these. I almost called out to the kids to come see the caterpillar, but thought better of it when I remembered I have 3 kids, and there was only ONE capterpillar. After lunch the kids went outside to "go find something to do or you might literally drive mom to the looney bin." B came running in the house seconds later "MOM! We found some caterpillars! Get a bucket!!" I was thinking *two* and casually got an ice cream bucket for the kids prize possessions. I screamed in horror when 1/2 hour later then came in the door with THIS!!!

I immediately called dh and told him if we were not home when he came home from work that we'd been taken over by what I *assume?* is armyworms. Im not sure if that's what these are, the picture does not do it justice (sadly) there are at least 80 in there. I can't find an exact picture of an armyworm that looks like this online. Anyone know for sure?!?