November 07, 2006

Great weather for November!!!

I can not believe how fantastic the weather has been here!! Today it was 72°, tomorrow 77°!! I could live with this weather year round!!

Let's see..what to post about.

The kids had a great halloween (though it was pretty cold that night) and came home with more candy than anyone could eat! They've stopped asking for their candy now, so I think it is about time to start weaning it down. THANK GOD! This halloween candy has played havoc with my dieting!! A was "Sleeping Beauty", W was "Batman" and B was "Spiderman". They had a blast taking turns (aka fighting over) ringing doorbells.

Dh left this week for a hunting trip with some of his buddies to Canada. So Im flying solo. Yea it is HARD work, but the best thing is I don't have to do much cooking. :) The kids can/do survive on pancakes, frozen pizzas, sandwiches, hamburger helper, and a variety of other frozen/easy to cook meals.

I had to take B to the dr. on Monday because he had been complaining of a stomach ache, 2 x-rays, bloodwork, and a urine sample later he was dx'd with IBS. I have never heard of a child getting IBS, but our dr. said he dx's at least 1 kid a month with it. The dr. said he'll outgrow it. B now has meds and is *suppose* take it 3x a day for the next week. But since the pain is now gone (after just 1 day of doses) he won't take it. {SIGH} He says "My tummy doesn't hurt mom..I don't need it". Im just hoping that IF the pain does come back, he'll take it again.

Anyone else VERY happy that it's finally November 7th?! I've had it up to my eyeballs with political BS! I don't even answer my phone anymore!! Im sick of hearing voice recordings from Joe Blow telling me he needs my vote and reminding me to vote. Isn't the 50 million politicial daily TV commericals enough?!