November 27, 2005

Can someone please explain to me...

Why people go practically crazy when bad weather comes?? We are expecting quite a doozie of a storm tonight through tomorrow. Last night I sat down and made my grocery list, figuring I'd better get to the store today rather then tomorrow. Dh started saying "Get 10 cans of tomato soup, 5 cans of Cream of Mushroom, 5 gallons of milk..etc". I said "Why?" He said "There's a storm coming!". He is always like this, if he had his way our house would quickly turn into my MIL's house with food stashed in all the rooms (you know..just incase..). I don't know why dh gets like this, we only live 3 blocks from the store.

To update from my previous post, dh was put in a new position at work. So all is good (for now). He's pretty excited about the new challenges that are facing him. Im ok with the idea of us not moving home (for now) and hope that in a year we'll have the opportunity to try again.

Im reading "Gentlmen & Players" by Joanne Harris for the First Look Program. I NEED to finish it by the 1st and get my review submitted to First Look. It's a great book so far and Im really enjoying it! I have less then 100 pages so it shouldn't be a problem finishing it.

November 20, 2005

Feel like shit..

I feel like total shit today. My stomach is just killing me and the slighest movements make me feel like puking. I think it's stress. We find out *HOPEFULLY* tomorrow if dh keeps his current job. He's interviewing someone tomorrow to replace him. I really don't know how I feel about this, him staying means that we'll be in Nebrsaka for awhile, and I really don't want to be. But if he looses his job, we won't have health insurance and all the perks that having a job has. He'll beable to collect unemployment, but everyone knows that doesn't pay enough.

I pray every minute, of everyday that this is all just a dream and I'll wake up.

November 18, 2005

No worries, I'll be ok

I've been getting some emails from friends after reading my list post that they were worried about me. Don't worry folks, Im ok now. Yesterday was just a real shitty day. The sun came up this morning, my kids wanted breakfast and life goes on.

November 17, 2005

Shattered dreams..

What an emotional roller coaster I have been on.

End of Oct. dh found about a job in MN. 2 phone interviews end of Oct, and on Nov. 1st the company flew him up to MN for a f2f interview. It went really well. He came home on the 2nd. He got offered the job on the 8th, got the paperwork in the mail on the 10th, faxed it to the company's HR on the 11th, resigned from BD on the 11th call our entire families and shared our good news that weekend. The Relocation Consultant called me on the 14th, got Troy temp housing in MN on the 15th, faxed all paperwork to the Relocation Consultant morning of the 16th and at 2:07pm on the 16th Troy called me at home and said that the deal fell through.

I am sooo devestated. I don't think Im going to recover. My dreams are literally shattered. I can't stop crying and so far have done a real good job not crying in front of dh. I can't help but keep asking ?'s about if it's really over, because at 5:30pm tonight we were STILL getting emails from the relocation consultant, and the real estate company in town even called Troy at work and asked when they could set up an apprasail meeting. You'd THINK that if the deal fell through, HR would of called the relocation consultant first, even before they called us, because the company pays for relocatoin. Dh got mad at me tonight for asking so many ?'s. Im sorry..I just can't help but dream that this isn't over. Im so sick of living here, Im so sick of everything. I just want to crawl in a shell and die.

We find out tomorrow if dh still has a job with his current employer. They have someone flying in tomorrow to interview. What a damn nighmare.