October 27, 2005

Almost a month later

Don't think for one second that I've been sitting around eating bon-bons and watching soaps the last 3 weeks! couldn't be farther from the truth. This will probably be the longest blog post in blog history.

Let's start with Oct. 8th..a girl dh works with called and asked if I wanted to go to a local dinner theatre with her. I gladly said "YES!". Dh watched the kids and her & I had a fantastic meal and saw Dracula. It was wonderful!! Wasn't "Hairspray" quality, but it was still very enjoyable.

Oct. 9th..the kids b-day, we spent the night at a hotel nearby that has a swimming pool and indoor water slides. The kids loved it.

Oct. 10th..took Abby to the eye dr. She doesn't need glasses! YEA Came home from our night away and kids opened their b-day presents.

Oct. 11th..took Abby to the dr. because I noticed she was breaking out in a rash. Dr. said it was a Staph Infection and it wasn't contagious. Got antibotics.

Oct. 13-15th..meet my mom in Omaha for a fun filled kids weekend with swimming, Chuck E. Cheese, McDonald's playland, did some Goodwill shopping (god I love them!! lol).

Oct. 16th..noticed the boys started breaking out in a rash..called the dr.'s nurse and found out it wasn't a Staph infection but Impetigo!! HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS!!! GRRRR!! I nearly killed the dr, because I swear he said he wasn't contagious. Meds for both boys and she said Abby should be fine (haha).

Oct 16-Oct. 19-Impetigo treatment for boys. The dr. said the boys (and Abby) should be fine to go to school on Oct. 19th since they (the boys) have been on antibotics for 3 days and Abby should still have the antibotics from her treatment in her system. Sent everyone to school on the 19th. Nurse from school called and said Blaine is still contagious.

Oct. 20-Called dr..Abby reinfected with Impetigo. Treatment started again for all 3.

Oct. 20-Oct 25-Pretty much confinded at home with a couple little trips to the local park for sanity reasons.

Oct. 26th-kids had a field trip to a pumpkin patch. Impetigo gone!! So we all went (minus dh).

Oct. 27th-sent kids to school again because frankly they needed to get away from me (and me them). It wasn't a regular *school* day for them but the teacher said it was fine.

During that insanity I also managed to do the offical flip of the kids clothes from summer to winter. God I loathe that job..

Also I managed to finished "A Fine Balance" and started "No Country for Old Men" by Cormac McCarthy. It (NCFOM) was recommended by my librarian..this will definately be the last recommendation I take from her. The last 3 she has given me (and praised about) were total flops IMHO. I will finish this one because it's realatively short with big page margins.

I'll finish that tonight, that is if my dd ever goes to sleep. 10:30 and she's still running around strong. GRR!!! She wants me to build houses with her with lincoln logs. I have NO PROBLEM doing this during "regular working mom hours" but damn it..this is MY TIME!!!


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