September 30, 2005

Great day!

Today the weather was a perfect mid 80° so the kids & I went to the park. We stayed there for 3 hours at least. It was great!! They picked acorns, chased frogs, watched butterflies, watched the trains and just ran around. This is the park we haven't been to since this spring and I honestly don't know why I don't take them there more often. It's so open that Wyatt can run and run and I really don't have to worry about him getting into anything. He gets about 1/2 city block away from me and comes running back.

It was just a great day! It's 10:30 now and believe it or not everyone (including dh) is sound asleep. Im going to go read some "A Fine Balance" and get to bed early too (hahahaha). I read a lot of that book last night and Im getting hooked!! :D

Kids!! AAAHHHH!!

Today was one of those days where I felt like running out of the house, jumping in the car and driving away, leaving my kids to fend for themselves! They were driving me batty!! Everyone (including me) needed a nap sooo bad but God-forbid if we would of layed down and missed 1 minute of constant bickering!! Im breathing a huge sigh of relief knowing they are all sound asleep upstairs.

There are a few things I feel I have to share! :)

Abby's imagination has gone through the roof the last couple of weeks. It's so fun to see. She imagines that there are deer and other wildlife in her path when she's riding her bike (and we all have to stop and wait for the animals to cross). The other day she pretended the front room of our house was full of Barbies (ROFL..that's probably wishful thinking) and she had to pick them all up and put them on the chair (seperately).

Wyatt had 2 really good days in preschool this week. That was sooo great to hear!! He's starting to participate and is starting to listen more! YEA Wyatt! Keep up the great work!!

Blaine is doing wonderful at school also. He does have his moments of Blaine rampage but he's "a joy to have" (quote from the teachers). We made an appointment with an ENT for him for next week. I really hope this dr. can help us determine what needs to be done for Blaine to help him breath better.

I finished a couple books the last few days, which felt wonderful! I felt like I was sliding into another book slump.

Troy has a sinus cold thing going on and has been a cranky bear all week. Now I know why he was a bear on Sunday, when I posted my last message. He came home miserable on Monday and has been living a slow death since then.

September 25, 2005

Don't you hate it..

when your spouse acts like he's a baby?

Today I slept in. I really needed it. It wasn't like I was actually "sleeping" with 3 kids and a grown husband running around screaming and playing, but I was laying there vegging out listening to them. Dh comes into the bedroom and says "Can you come help me move the table?" I humorly said "What?" but he obviously didn't see/hear/understand that humor. When he left the room I got up and walked out of the bedroom. He started throwing chairs around and now I have 2 nice scuff marks on my newly painted walls. He tried to jam the table through the entrance way of the kitchen. I was holding the other end of the table and he practically ran me over with his end. I said "Hang on a sec", he started swearing saying he was going to throw the f-in table & chairs away. And I asked him what we'd be eating off of then, and he said a f-in card table.

Men can be jerks!!

September 20, 2005

What a mess!

Today the new carpet is being installed in our front room and the kids playroom. What a mess!! Tomorrow the new kitchen floor is being put it. I am sooo looking forward to getting this house back to some sort of organized chaos!! When this is all done Im going to treat myself to a massage! I soooo need it!!

Yesterday all 3 kids got to ride the school bus to school. Wyatt did poop on the potty last weekend, so he earned it, but Blaine didn't but I sent him anyway. I had to much to do (to prepare for this carpet BS) to take time out to drive him to school. They'll be riding the bus from now on, they all loved it. Even Wyatt who double hand waved to Troy & I goodbye when he left on the bus, that was soooooo cute!!!

I haven't had a second to read anymore of "The Mermaid Chair". Im going to have to start the book over because I can't remember what it's about anymore. Thankfully I wasn't to far into it. I think I have until Oct. 6th to get it done.

I made reservations today at the Holiday Inn in Kearney for the kids' b-day. My mom, the kids & I went there last month and had a great time on the slides. They'll love it!! Now I just have to find time to buy them some gifts!

That's it for now...

September 17, 2005

Fall is here

How can I tell?? Because the blackbirds have taken over all the walnut trees in my neighbors yard. They do this every year, for about a week every night right before dusk all the blackbirds in our town come flying in and land in the same 3 trees. Then one day they'll all take off and the sky will look completely black, and just like that they are gone until next year.

I hurt my thumb today pretty badly. I was getting on the floor to play with the kids and my thumb dislocated. It made an awful snapping sound and I looked down and it didn't look right, I jumped up right away and my thumb snapped back into place. Talk about pain! So Im typing this with only 9 fingers. I never realized how much I use my thumb until I can't use it!! I can't even turn on my car, I have to turn it on with my left hand. Just opening a door knob is very painful. Simple things like buttoning the button on my pants, pulling up my underwear, things like that are sooo painful!! It's starting to swell now, it wasn't before but I noticed about an hour agao that it's getting bigger. Im sure it'll bruise, if it doesn't I'd be suprised!! I can still move my thumb, so I know it isn't broken. It hurts from the middle of my palm, all the way around my thumb and 1/2 way to my wrist. O-U-C-H!! Abby was so cute, when it happened I started crying and yelling and Abby ran upstairs and got me a popsicle to put on it. She said "Here mom..this will help." I almost cried when I saw how much she cared.

Not much else is new, today was a pretty boring day. The kids & I went to Pamida, looked at some halloween costumes. Troy farmed all day. Im hoping tomorrow he'll have the good tractor and we can go for a ride. FINGERS CROSSED!!

September 13, 2005

Getting high on paint fumes!! ugh!!

Today the painter we hired and her side kick came to start painting. They were here by 8am. UGH! Abby insisted on wearing big girl underwear to bed last night, and she's been dry for weeks so I thought she'd be fine..WRONG! She woke up at 4am screaming and soaked. So it was a pretty restless night for me and a early wake up! I was up by 7am just incase they did come early.

They have the front room painted, and I don't think I like what I see. I thought the color was going to be a bit's honestly hard to tell the white ceiling from the walls. :( I hope the new carpet helps darken the walls a bit. FINGERS CROSSED!! They also got the banister in the kitchen painted and I LOVE the color! It was literally a last minute decision, and Im so glad she talked me into doing the banister a different color then the kitchen, it really pops out!!

Today after lunch the kids & I went to north park for 3 1/2 hours!!!! My kids were sooo tired when we got home, and so was I! Abby fell asleep at 6pm, but woke up at 9pm for an hour to see daddy for a bit. The kids had such a great time at the park, playing with catapillars, frogs, throwing rocks into the pond, playing at both parks and chasing the ducks.

I picked up a new book at the library the other day. "The Mermaid Chair" by Sue Monk Kidd. Im putting "A Fine Balance" down for now, there's a waiting list for the Kidd book so Im going to try to finish that in the next week. HA!

September 12, 2005

Happy B-day to me!!

Yep today is my birthday, Im 33 years old now. Still young enough to say that publically!! lol

Let me see..what can I blab about tonight.

I had a really great day while the kids were in preschool, but it wasn't nearly long enough. I parked my car downtown and walked to all my errands. I got home with 1 1/2 hours to spare so I curled up on my chair with a blanket and watched some TV. It was great! I ignored the phone (it rang 4x in 1 1/2 hours) and just enjoyed some much needed ME time.

Tonight dh & I started to clean out the kids toyroom for their new carpet. I asked Troy if he wanted to put the crib in his truck and bring it to goodwill. He said "No lets put it in the shed." I said "Why?" He said "I don't know.." I said "Do you want another baby?" He said "Maybe..." so I was stunned and suprised. Im totally for the idea, as long as I don't have multiples again. I love my kids etc. but I don't think I can do multiples. Maybe in a year we'll really start seriously talking about it, if both of us are still willing.

We also talked again about this job crap. Both of us don't think we will get the job now. Dh said the interview went really well, he just doesn't think they can get near the pay he's making now.

After the day Wyatt had at school today, I think moving would be a mistake. I picked Wyatt up from school and his teacher said he had a B-A-D day and spent almost the entire day in time-out. Poor Wyatt..I pray everyday that things will turn around for him, and I pray constantly that he doesn't have any mental issues that are making life in general difficult for him.

Dh came home from work today with ice cream cake and flowers for me!! I think Im going to go have a piece of tha cake now, it's calling me!! :)

September 11, 2005

Emotionally drained

That's the perfect title for this post. I have no one to share my feelings about this with so here I go. Anyone who reads this will probably think I've offically lost it and maybe I have..

I am so emotionally drained. The last week has been so hectic, more so then usual. Last Wednesday I went to the local carpet store and picked out carpet and tile. I realized (thanks to dh) that they were extremely overpriced so on Thursday (?) I went to Kearney with the kids and picked out carpet there. They came over and measured everything on Friday, then they called yesterday (saturday) and found some cheaper carpet/tile. Once again the kids & I loaded up and went back to Kearney and looked at the carpet/tile. In between all that I got stood up by the home decorator (sp?) who is going to paint our front room, kitchen & hallway. She finally showed up 2 days later and gave me an estimate. Much more then I expected but I think by the time it's done it'll be cheaper..she'll bill us per hour if it's cheaper and we've done work with her before so I trust she can get the price lower then 600.00 (she quoted us).

And Im an emotional mess with this job thing for dh. We haven't heard anything yet and I would be lying if I said that didn't bother me, it does. Dh is now saying that he doesn't think he'll get the job, after he told me a week ago he felt pretty confident, so now Im loosing my confidence in it also. And it's just turning me into a mess. I can't sleep, I lay there in bed and my mind is going 100 mph with all the stuff I have to do for a possible quick sale, and then my mind crashes when I think about us not moving. I get so depressed just thinking about it and my stomach turns into mush. Which in turn I get massive poos which I've had for about 3 days now. I asked dh tonight if I should do some looking online for something else in the MN area, and he didn't seem to enthuised (sp?) so I don't know what to do. I DO NOT want to stay here. I know that now. A week ago I was literally back/forth at the thought of moving. But I want to be home!! I want to be with our families. I want to go to our neices/nephews school activities and I want people to come to our kids activities. I want to be there for b-days, parties, get togethers, family functions, everything. I feel so cut off here and alone. Troy works so hard all the time which leaves me home alone with 3 kids to take care of. I want to go to the park with their cousins, my family. I want my FIL to enjoy these precious grandchildren while he can, and I want everyone else in the family to be a part of this triplet experience. This is a once in a lifetime thing, not everyone can say they have triplet neice/nephews and I want them to share in it. Is that to much to ask?? I keep praying to God, telling him again and again that I want to move back to MN, begging for him to hear me.

I've even contacted the special needs preschool in the area up there. Isn't that awful?! Talk about putting the cart before the horse. I've gone over in my mind again and again what Im going to say to our friends here, to the kids teachers about us moving. How to break the news to my friend Jane, etc.

If we end up not getting this job I really don't know what will happen to me emotionally. I feel like I literally would crash, or maybe it would be a huge relief. It just feels like we are so close to getting what we want, I can see it..I can picture us moving..I can see our new house being built up the hill from my inlaws. Speaking of that I've even looked at modular homes from a dealer up there and found a house I want! God it's sick. And we haven't even talked to dh's parents about the possibility of buying some land from them for that purpose. Im excited about getting a job at a place where I can work from home, a LEGIT work from home job. I've got it all all comes down to if we get that call this week and if the $$ is right. It's so much much is riding on this. My entire well being is in this company's hands.

September 09, 2005

Sept. 8th

I couldn't figure out what crazy title I should put on this post, today's date will do! :)

Today was a pretty boring day. Louella came over and gave me an estimate to repaint the front room/kitchen/hallway. Yikes..almost 600.00!! One really nice thing about Louella is if it's cheaper she will bill me by the hour but the most it will be is 600.00. I guess it all depends on how long it takes her to peel off the wallpaper in the front room. Also I got an estimate from a carpet/furniture store in Kearney that we've actually done a lot of business with. 1150.00 to re-carpet 2 rooms and put new lilenioum (god I know that's spelled wrong) in the kitchen. They have a special going on now, no interest for 3 years so Im sure we'll be getting our stuff there. Tomorrow the kids & I are going there to take a look at their carpets and HOPEFULLY find something in stock I like. Troy said he could probably lay the carpet himself, but time wise I think we should just have them do it so it's done. With harvest coming up I know Troy's going to have even less time at home then he does now.

Today I also called the Minnesota school district to find out if they have a special needs preschool in the know just incase we end up moving!! :) Im happy to say they do. Im going to call the teachers there tomorrow and just ask some general question, w/o giving my name (since the town in so small word spreads like fire).

Other then that not much happened today. The weather was really nice and 80ish, so the kids spent a lot of time outside. I love watching them play out there's so funny to hear them talk to eachother when they don't know Im there.


September 08, 2005

Abby's big day!

Today was big day for my little girl. She got to ride the school bus to school today!! She was soo proud of herself! She's the only one pooping on the potty and a big reward for her was to ride the bus! Im hoping that this will give the boys the push they need to follow their little sisters footsteps. One thing was for sure, Blaine was PISSED that he didn't get to ride the bus. He threw the biggest temper tantrum I have ever seen and Wyatt was none to happy about it either! Wyatt did poop on the potty tonight, then 10 minutes later pooped on my floor. grr!!

We haven't heard yet from Lifecore. I hope we hear something soon, the waiting is killing me!! I pray they offer him a job, and that the pay is within the range we need it to be so we can move back to Minnesota. I know it's all in Gods hands now.

Today while the kids were in preschool I literally ran around town like a chicken with its head cut off. I was really thinking (foolishly obviously) that with the kids in school I'd have time for myself. What a joke!! Im soo busy during those 3 hours!! Today I went to the local carpet store and quickly realized that the chances of us getting carpet from them is slim. They are soo outrageously priced!! Then I went to the insurance company and picked up our insurance policy folder. Went to both dollar stores and looked for shades and curtains for all of our bedrooms, went to True Value to look for shades. Went to Pamida to look for curtain/shades and returned something to them. Went to the library and picked up "A Fine Balance" (can't think of the authors name). I was hoping to have more time at the library, but it didn't work out that way. I came home with 10 minutes to spare before I had to p/u the kids, called the woman who is going to paint our kitchen, hallway and front room. She's coming over tomorrow at noon. WOW..what a busy 3 hours!! I think next Monday Im going to say "screw it all" and stay home on the couch and really enjoy myself. Next Wednesday the kids are going on a field trip to a local farm for school, and I kinda feel like for Wyatt's sake I should be there. So that day will be shot. I should go through the kids toys/clothes again and start another pile for Goodwill.

I think that's a long enough update for today! :)

September 06, 2005

Update on dh's job hunt

Troy is on his way back from the airport, he left this morning for his interview at Lifecore Biomedical in Chaska, MN. I talked to him briefly on the cell and he said it went really well, at least he thought it did and he hoped to hear something from them one way or the other next week at the lastest. He said they said they would relocate us, and put us up in temporary housing until we found a house. YEA!! They didn't say anything about pay though.

My kids are driving me absolutely batty today. Tomorrow they go to school and it can not come soon enough! I got a little taste of freedom with them in school and now Im spoiled! Oh how in the hell did I survive almost 4 years w/o a break???? Seriously..I've been with them 24/7 for the last week and Im about ready to scream! They are so clingy today, while I type this Abby is literally hanging on my right arm. You'd think I'd been ignoring them all day by the way she's acting. We went to Kearney today, went to Target, went to K-mart then went to Goodwill where they each got a junk toy that they apparently couldn't live w/o. Troy's pissed because he just went to goodwill last Saturday and dropped off seriously a whole trunk load of we're bringing stuff back home from there! lol Oh well..they just got little petty crap that can easily be lost.

I finished my 4th book in the Mitford series last night (early this morning). I loved it. I think that's why Im so edgy today, I got crap for sleep last night because Troy couldn't sleep thinking about the interview today (even though he swears that wasn't why he couldn't sleep). Troy left the house this morning at 2:30am, and I finally fell asleep at 3:30am just to get woken up by the wild beasts at 7:30amish.

Gotta go pick up the house before Troy comes home. Hopefully I'll have a better update on Troy's interview in a couple hours when I have a chance to talk to him f2f, but he may just sneak in the door and go right to bed, which I wouldn't blame him one bit..he's had one heck of a looooooong day.

September 02, 2005

Oh shit..

I had a big long post and it got lost in cyber land!! GRRR!!