September 09, 2005

Sept. 8th

I couldn't figure out what crazy title I should put on this post, today's date will do! :)

Today was a pretty boring day. Louella came over and gave me an estimate to repaint the front room/kitchen/hallway. Yikes..almost 600.00!! One really nice thing about Louella is if it's cheaper she will bill me by the hour but the most it will be is 600.00. I guess it all depends on how long it takes her to peel off the wallpaper in the front room. Also I got an estimate from a carpet/furniture store in Kearney that we've actually done a lot of business with. 1150.00 to re-carpet 2 rooms and put new lilenioum (god I know that's spelled wrong) in the kitchen. They have a special going on now, no interest for 3 years so Im sure we'll be getting our stuff there. Tomorrow the kids & I are going there to take a look at their carpets and HOPEFULLY find something in stock I like. Troy said he could probably lay the carpet himself, but time wise I think we should just have them do it so it's done. With harvest coming up I know Troy's going to have even less time at home then he does now.

Today I also called the Minnesota school district to find out if they have a special needs preschool in the know just incase we end up moving!! :) Im happy to say they do. Im going to call the teachers there tomorrow and just ask some general question, w/o giving my name (since the town in so small word spreads like fire).

Other then that not much happened today. The weather was really nice and 80ish, so the kids spent a lot of time outside. I love watching them play out there's so funny to hear them talk to eachother when they don't know Im there.