December 11, 2005


Today the kids & I are going to a b-day party for the Becker triplets. Blaine is still not 100%, but he did eat today so he's getting better. I just hope Im not making a huge mistake taking him to this party. He really wants to go, and I really want him to go. Worse case..he pukes all over the party, and gets all the guests sick. I called Erin yesterday and told her we were not coming because Blaine was sick and she told me (no practically begged me) to come even if Blaine felt a tiny bit better, because I was the 3rd person who had called saying they were not coming because of sick kids. Erin said her kids have already had the flu, and actually are just getting over it also. Like I said Blaine ate today, and now he's upstairs resting. FINGERS CROSSED IM NOT MAKING A MISTAKE!!!

After the party we have a couple errands to run around Kearney. So I hope Blaine is up to all that too.

Troy just walked in the door..holy shit..gotta go..I didn't think he'd be home.