August 17, 2006

6 days!!

Really is 6 days, since Im starting this blog shortly before midnight.

Today kiddos & I went to K (town nearby) and ran some errands. We went to Goodwill in hopes of finding winter coats for the kids. I lucked out in finding one, for B. 1 down, 2 to go. I also walked out of there with a few books (suprise, suprise).

"Ain't She Sweet?" by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (looks pretty good)
"Gap Creek" by Robert Morgan (Oprah Book Club book and looks pretty good)
"Love Overboard" by Janet Evanovich (I like her books)
"Devil's Embrace" by Catherine Coulter (my MIL loves her books, so when I see them I pick them up to send to her).

Then we went to the K library. The kids got some videos, and I picked up 3 more books for BC purposes on the library sale shelves. I've read these previously and enjoyed them. Im sure I'll beable to use them at

"Jewel" by Bret Lott
"Angry Housewives Eating Bon-Bons" by Lorna Landvik
"The Amateur Marriage" by Anne Tyler

My mom will be here on Friday. I still have so much to do before she gets here.

August 16, 2006

7 days!!

Ok again, technically 6 because it's 12:45am! The good news from today is my kids are all asleep!! WOOO HOO!!!

Today was dh's b-day, he turned the big 4-0!! I was going to have a party for him, but I just ran out of time and before I knew it it was less then a week before his b-day and I just couldn't get my shit together. Soo..we ended up having a quiet night at home and we all enjoyed it.

Today the kiddos and I went to the store and got stuff to make a cake. Kiddos got the decorations, OMG what a hoot! The cake ended up looking like someone threw up multi-colored sprinkles!! ROFL! I took of picture of dh, kids & the cake. Hopefully the picture will turn out and I'll post it.

We (kiddos & I) also went to the local pool today and watched the city employees drain the pool. WOW did we have some great memories there this year (and some fantastic tan lines..even w/ SPF 50) to prove it. It was sad to see the pool practically empty, the summer is over. Then we went to the park, played for about an hour then came home.

That was about our day in a nutshell.

Im sooo super busy this week, my mom is coming down from MN on Friday and staying with me for a week while dh is on a business trip. He'll be gone all next week which REALLY, REALLY sucks since the kids start school next week. He's missing orientation and everything. Oh well..he's gotta pay the bills.

Speaking of bills, I got a suprise phone call today from my old boss (b4 kids) offering me a job next year when the kids go to school. It would be pretty low key, extremely part time (2-3 days a week for only a couple hours). He's running his own business and wants me to help with the invoices/billing/ordering CRAP! I'd love to work for him again, who knows..maybe it'll work out. Ideally I'd like to work somewhere in the school district, so I'd have the same hours as the kids and not have to pay daycare during the summer.

Im off to go read more of "Inkspell", it's a sequel to "Inkheart" which I loved. Im enjoying this one even more!! Hope to finish it by the time my mom gets here.

August 15, 2006

8 days and counting!!!

I guess technically I should say 7 days, since it's 1:15am.

What am I counting? Days until my kids go back to school!! It's 1:15am and I finally got my last 2 kids to 1:15AM!!! The last couple of weeks have been really, really bad regarding sleeping! They are going non-stop from 8am until AT LEAST 11pm. I consider it AWESOME if they are all asleep by 11pm! But tonight, 1:15am, is definately the latest. Then dh wonders why Im still up at 2am (or later) getting shit done around the house.

The local pool closed for the year last Saturday. We went for a couple hours and we were very disappointed that they didn't have the slides going. I guess several of the lifeguards had already left for college (etc) and they were short staffed. It sucked, and we didn't stay long because my kids were pretty bored.

It's only Monday and I can already tell this is going to be the longest week of my life since the pool is closed. UGH!