September 12, 2005

Happy B-day to me!!

Yep today is my birthday, Im 33 years old now. Still young enough to say that publically!! lol

Let me see..what can I blab about tonight.

I had a really great day while the kids were in preschool, but it wasn't nearly long enough. I parked my car downtown and walked to all my errands. I got home with 1 1/2 hours to spare so I curled up on my chair with a blanket and watched some TV. It was great! I ignored the phone (it rang 4x in 1 1/2 hours) and just enjoyed some much needed ME time.

Tonight dh & I started to clean out the kids toyroom for their new carpet. I asked Troy if he wanted to put the crib in his truck and bring it to goodwill. He said "No lets put it in the shed." I said "Why?" He said "I don't know.." I said "Do you want another baby?" He said "Maybe..." so I was stunned and suprised. Im totally for the idea, as long as I don't have multiples again. I love my kids etc. but I don't think I can do multiples. Maybe in a year we'll really start seriously talking about it, if both of us are still willing.

We also talked again about this job crap. Both of us don't think we will get the job now. Dh said the interview went really well, he just doesn't think they can get near the pay he's making now.

After the day Wyatt had at school today, I think moving would be a mistake. I picked Wyatt up from school and his teacher said he had a B-A-D day and spent almost the entire day in time-out. Poor Wyatt..I pray everyday that things will turn around for him, and I pray constantly that he doesn't have any mental issues that are making life in general difficult for him.

Dh came home from work today with ice cream cake and flowers for me!! I think Im going to go have a piece of tha cake now, it's calling me!! :)