July 23, 2006

Summer is flyin' by!

I can't believe how fast the summer is going and I really can't believe how much I have been neglecting my blog since the kids got out of school. I know Im going to regret that in a few years.

We've had such a great summer and I honestly hate to see it end. In only a month the kids will be back in school, and it just makes me sad to think that! Yes we've had stressful days where I think "I can not wait for them to go back" but honestly those days are pretty far between.

A huge milestone was hit by W today. He learned how to swing by himself! He is sooo proud!! We were outside until 10pm watching him, he loved it and like I said was nearly busting with pride.

We have some new werid neighbors to the south of us. It use to be a man, woman and their 6 month old son. But I have a feeling the woman and child moved out. The man is still there, but there is constant traffic and I think at least 3 other guys are living there. I think it's a drug house. Will post more as I learn more.

Also found out today our neighbor to the north of us had to put their cat to sleep recently. You'll be missed Powder. He was a great cat, that came running to anyone who drove in the neighborhood, but don't even try to pick him up (LOL) he'd scratch the hell out of you. (Seriously..voice of experience here..)

A set of grandparents down the block have their 5 grandsons living with them this summer. All of their names start with the letter "D" and they range from the age of 9 to 4. WOW..what a busy, wild group of boys. My kids LOVE to play with the "big boys" but I cringe everytime they do. They are pretty rough, and Im noticing that B is really starting to pick up some bad habits..maybe it will be good to have them back in school. :(

Temps have finally cooled off, it's been in the 80's the last couple of days. To cold to go swimming (IMHO) so we've only been to the pool 2x in the last week.