November 27, 2005

Can someone please explain to me...

Why people go practically crazy when bad weather comes?? We are expecting quite a doozie of a storm tonight through tomorrow. Last night I sat down and made my grocery list, figuring I'd better get to the store today rather then tomorrow. Dh started saying "Get 10 cans of tomato soup, 5 cans of Cream of Mushroom, 5 gallons of milk..etc". I said "Why?" He said "There's a storm coming!". He is always like this, if he had his way our house would quickly turn into my MIL's house with food stashed in all the rooms (you know..just incase..). I don't know why dh gets like this, we only live 3 blocks from the store.

To update from my previous post, dh was put in a new position at work. So all is good (for now). He's pretty excited about the new challenges that are facing him. Im ok with the idea of us not moving home (for now) and hope that in a year we'll have the opportunity to try again.

Im reading "Gentlmen & Players" by Joanne Harris for the First Look Program. I NEED to finish it by the 1st and get my review submitted to First Look. It's a great book so far and Im really enjoying it! I have less then 100 pages so it shouldn't be a problem finishing it.

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Thanks for stopping by my site. Your kids are adorable too! I enjoyed reading some of your stay at home adventures.!