July 29, 2006

County fair & suspecious neighbors??

Well if I've ever needed a comment on a blog this is it! I'll start with my suspecious (sp?) neighbor.

The other day I was outside watching my kids play, standing on our deck and saw one of our new neighbors Mid 20 year old male, walk to a car in the driveway. He sat down in the driver seat and got out a 8" long plastic tube (the tube reminded me of what you get at christmas filled with m&m's and is shaped like a candy cane..you know the top comes off and the clear plastic tube is what the candy is in). He sat in the car, lifted the plastic tube to his mouth, then held the tube outside the car and repeated. I know it wasn't something he was drinking, because he didn't tip the plastic tube up and I don't believe he had a straw (confirmed my first thought that he was using the tube as a drinking cup). So what do you think? I seriously almost called the police, but we are the ONLY people who can see into this back yard, no one else could..so if we *did* call, they (the people who live there) would know who reported suspecious activity. What would you do? Call? Look for more activity before calling?

Now to the County fair.. Kids & I had a BLAST!! Before we went to the carnival we went to the fair that morning. The kids were sooo anxious about riding the rides (which were not open yet) that we decided to walk down the midway and take a peek at the rides. Ok..imagine..me, overweight, overstressed, been in the sun all morning, mid 30 year old woman, being pulled by 3 4 year olds. Ok..got that picture. Now imagine a 55+ year old carnival worker (I'd use the term rat, but might get flamed for that) watching us walk past. Can you see where this is going?? You can't? Well neither did I! The damn man hit on me!! OMG I nearly fell over laughing. I won't go into word/word dialect, because this post is big enough already, but let me just say I am still laughing thinking of it.

Also..have you ever wondered how to get a longer ride out of a carnival ride? Well..now I know. Kids & I were in line for the tilt-a-wheel. A man and his wife/girlfriend/sister (whatever) were standing in front of us. We were waiting for our turn. The worker said "Ah shit..Im out of smokes!!" The man in front of me said "Here.." and pulls out a few from his own pack and hands it to the worker. The worker said "Oh god thanks man..I'll pay you back right now." The ride ends, the next group of riders gets on (including kids & I and man & his riding partner). OMG..I shit you not..we were on that ride forever!! Long enough that my throat was sore from screaming!! So bring a pack of cigs with you to a carnival!! Give them to the carnival operators like they are candy!!

July 23, 2006

Summer is flyin' by!

I can't believe how fast the summer is going and I really can't believe how much I have been neglecting my blog since the kids got out of school. I know Im going to regret that in a few years.

We've had such a great summer and I honestly hate to see it end. In only a month the kids will be back in school, and it just makes me sad to think that! Yes we've had stressful days where I think "I can not wait for them to go back" but honestly those days are pretty far between.

A huge milestone was hit by W today. He learned how to swing by himself! He is sooo proud!! We were outside until 10pm watching him, he loved it and like I said was nearly busting with pride.

We have some new werid neighbors to the south of us. It use to be a man, woman and their 6 month old son. But I have a feeling the woman and child moved out. The man is still there, but there is constant traffic and I think at least 3 other guys are living there. I think it's a drug house. Will post more as I learn more.

Also found out today our neighbor to the north of us had to put their cat to sleep recently. You'll be missed Powder. He was a great cat, that came running to anyone who drove in the neighborhood, but don't even try to pick him up (LOL) he'd scratch the hell out of you. (Seriously..voice of experience here..)

A set of grandparents down the block have their 5 grandsons living with them this summer. All of their names start with the letter "D" and they range from the age of 9 to 4. WOW..what a busy, wild group of boys. My kids LOVE to play with the "big boys" but I cringe everytime they do. They are pretty rough, and Im noticing that B is really starting to pick up some bad habits..maybe it will be good to have them back in school. :(

Temps have finally cooled off, it's been in the 80's the last couple of days. To cold to go swimming (IMHO) so we've only been to the pool 2x in the last week.

July 17, 2006

Where has the last month gone??

It's hard to believe that I haven't logged in here in over a month! Where has the time gone?? I don't even know where to start..

I guess I should start with our weather. We are now living on the surface of the sun! It is sooo hot and has been for over a week, with temps in the triplet digits! Yesterday I was at my friends house with the kids and her outdoor t-stat said it was 119°. I said to her "That can't be right!" She said "It's never been more then 1-3° off. Today it was 116°. Can you say HOLY SHIT IT IS F-ING HOT?!!??!! Tomorrow it's suppose to be 99° (ROFL), get out the parkas.

The kids & I have been swimming about 12 times the last month. I now don't have *kids* anymore, I have 3 fish! W has suprised me the most this year with swimming. Last year he wouldn't let go of the side of the pool, and hung on to me with a vise grip. Now he's going under the water, swimming, diving down and touching the bottom of the pool (in the 4' section) with his hands. B & A were swimming ok (for 3 year olds) last year, but this year they are the best 4 year old swimmers I have ever seen..ok maybe Im a bit biasis. :) Honestly they are doing soo well.

We (dh & I) have also taken the kids fishing several times in the last month. I have met my match..until fishing I had though I could do anything with the kids I wanted to by myself. But fishing has me beat. I can't do that w/o help. A especially LOVES to fish!! Here I thought in a couple years A & I could go shopping while daddy & his boys go hunting/fishing. But W & B don't have the patience for fishing the way A does. She can be a girly girl when she wants to, but other times she's 100% tomboy. :)

Dh has been on 1 business trip since I last posted, to Boston. Another one scheduled for the end of the month. Other then that he's been busy at work and working at the farm every chance he can. He has surgery scheduled for the 19th of July (OMG..in just a few days!!) for his elbow again. He has a pinched nerve in his elbow that needs to be repaired.

As for me..well I've been sooo darn busy!! The kids keep me going EVERY..SINGLE..DAY!! I don't think a day has gone by since we've been home from vacation that we stayed home. Everyday consists of running the wheels off my car. In my spare time (aka..middle of the night) I've been finding my sanity with reading. I've finished a few great books the last month and I wish I could comment on all of them, but don't have the time now. Check out my bibliophil.org web page if you're interested. I have updated my side bar with my CR and JF.

Tomorrow kiddos & I are going to K to go (can you guess??) swimming and I need to get the oil changed in my car. Then we're meeting dh at the car dealership and picking up our new (to us) truck. Dh's truck is really starting to give us problems, so it's time to trade it off and wash our hands of it. Im super, super excited about the new truck! It's a quad cab and will have plenty of room for the kids in the back seat!

Well..it's 12:10 and believe it or not I *STILL* have 1 child awake. UGH!! The summer has really, really, really screwed with their sleeping. They are usually up until 11pm, and sleep until 9:30am. Im glad next year they'll be in afternoon pre-k again. I won't have to worry about getting them waking up by 6:30am until 2007..ahhhh.

Im hoping in this lifetime to catch up with all my friends blogs!