December 19, 2005

Kids school program

So tonight was the kids preschool program. Stacie told me right before the program how good all the kids had done on practice today and she was really hoping that they'd do even half as good as they did today. HA!!

I started tearing up when I saw Blaine come out, put a sticker on the snowman and walk to his spot, then came Abby (more tears) and a few kids later out walks Wyatt. The first song went so well. The kids had little snowflakes on their hands and heads and were singing. After the song I saw Blaine's bottom lip come out and I knew trouble was brewin' in his little mind. He started crying "Mommy..where are you?" I waved, but that didn't help. Then he started saying "Mommay..I want to go to bed." Please keep in mind Blaine asks to go to bed around 6:30, if we're lucky we can hold him off until 7:30, it was now 7:10pm. Then he started crying "I want to go to daddy's bed." Well..needless to say Stacie took Blaine off the stage and he came running to me, which in turn brought Wyatt & Abby down. Im not sure what happened after that (because Blaine was crying pretty hard so I left the gym), but I was told that Abby did go back on stage to finish the program and Wyatt spent the rest of the program on Troy's lap, while he (Troy) continued to *try* (key word here folks) to video tape the rest of the program. Apparently Troy gave Wyatt my camera to occupy him, I got back to my chair after the program and I had no film left in my camera. :) It should be another interesting roll of film when I get it developed. lol

The kids opened up their christmas presents tonight from Troy & I. Santa's presents will be coming after we get home from Minnesota (I THINK). Troy mentioned that Santa may come tomorrow night instead..we'll see. They seem to love the presents they got. Abby's fav is the doll and stroller (of course). Wyatt loves his fireman that crawls on the ground. And Blaine loves his navy guy that crawls on the ground.

Well it's time to *try* (again key word here) to carry Wyatt upstairs and put him to bed. That kid is seriously getting wayyy to heavy to lug up stairs. He has to be pushing 50 lbs pretty hard. Then Im going to read some.

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