September 25, 2005

Don't you hate it..

when your spouse acts like he's a baby?

Today I slept in. I really needed it. It wasn't like I was actually "sleeping" with 3 kids and a grown husband running around screaming and playing, but I was laying there vegging out listening to them. Dh comes into the bedroom and says "Can you come help me move the table?" I humorly said "What?" but he obviously didn't see/hear/understand that humor. When he left the room I got up and walked out of the bedroom. He started throwing chairs around and now I have 2 nice scuff marks on my newly painted walls. He tried to jam the table through the entrance way of the kitchen. I was holding the other end of the table and he practically ran me over with his end. I said "Hang on a sec", he started swearing saying he was going to throw the f-in table & chairs away. And I asked him what we'd be eating off of then, and he said a f-in card table.

Men can be jerks!!