April 08, 2006


Dh got home from Minnesota yesterday at 1:45pm. He had a good trip, everything considering and is happy to be home. Sounds like he had a nice visit with his family and everything.

Today after lunch he went out to the farm to get the planters ready (YEA..that means we'll be able to ride in the tractor (hopefully) soon!!) and the kids & I went to the park for FOUR HOURS!! We walked there and I had 3 very tired kids when we got home. They got baths and put on their pj's at 6:30pm, silly me...I was thinking that they'd be soo tired after so much fresh air but it's 10:50pm and they are just now asleep. I don't know where they get their energy!!

Im reading "Blackberry Wine" by Joanne Harris and I am loving it! Blackberry Wine came to the park with the kids & I. Im enjoying it so much I wanted to bring it with me, just incase I had 30 seconds to read a couple words..which never happened. We saw one of the kids old schoolmates from earlier this year at the park (he's now in the am class) so the kids had fun playing with him. It's funny that we saw him, because not 10 minutes before we saw Eli, Wyatt was asking about him.

Im off to update my side bar then chat on yahoo messenger for awhile (which I haven't done in forever). If you want my yahoo messenger name, shoot me an email. :)