October 03, 2005

Busy day!!

After the kids left for preschool I got in the car and went to Kearney. I had to go to Target and return the halloween costume I got Wyatt, it's to small. I had to go to the hospital and drop off the care package I got for Denise (Zack's mom). I needed to get gas and I wanted to have enough time to stop at the library.

First..1/2 way through my 1 hour drive I realized I forgot the receipt for the costume. Damn... I figured I'd just buy him a new costume and then return the other one a different day. No big deal..

Then..I realized instead of grabbing the care package for Denise I grabbed a garbage bag (WITH GARBAGE IN IT!!) Double damn.. I was pissed but didn't have time to turn around and still make it there and back before the kids got home so I decided to just re-buy everything at Target. Pissed me off..but not a huge deal. I had just bought her some magazines, crossword books, a notebook and envelopes. I can use those eventually at home and thumb through the magazines and give my MIL the crossword books.

I went to the library to pick up a book and found out that it was just checked out! Triple Damn!! It's ok though, it's for an upcoming group read in November, so I put my name on the list (Im next in line) and should have it early next month. I paid my .10 fine from an overdue movie of the kids, looked at a few books, but nothing followed me home.

I ended up literally running in/out Zack's hospital room because they were getting him prepped for surgery. What little I saw of him, I thought he looked great! His leg had color and that seemed to be his only injury. His dad told me there is a pulse on his foot, that's GREAT news!!!

I got home with 30 minutes to spare, threw dinner in the crockpot and then the kids came home. I swear they must of had straight sugar for snack today. Wyatt was literally jumping off the walls!! He was sooo hyper!! Abby & Blaine were not nearly as bad, but still very high strung.

Gotta go get Abby to sleep (grrr..she's still awake and it's almost 11pm!!) and I want to read more of "A Fine Balance". I am loving this book!!! Excellent character development!!!

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