August 16, 2008

3 days

Three days until school starts! I think Im a bit more nostalgic about the kids starting 1st grade then I was about them starting kindergarten. I've said it before but it deserves to be repeated, this summer has gone by so fast. We had fun, but looking back at the summer, not nearly enough. I didn't get some things accomplished that I wanted to this summer (*W* still is on 1 training wheel and *B* is the only one who can tie his shoes).

Next week is already jam packed with what I need to do.

Monday-dentist appt. for *A* in the am, back to school night for kids
Tuesday-kids back to school, work all day at Matt's (I haven't been there in 3 weeks!!) Im hoping to have time to run to Wally World and return some stuff.
Wednesday-Spend the day with Rachel and her kids
Thursday-Work at middle school
Friday-NOTHING (yet)!

Im not going to work for Headstart this year, I just didn't mesh well with that structure. I was plenty busy last year with just subbing at the school. Matt is giving me some more responsibility this year and that needs to be my first priority.

My mom left early (like crazy 4am early) this morning. The kids & I really miss her. It was great having her here. But I suppose a week is about long enough. We did quite a bit, but we also stayed home some too. We're already looking forward to our yearly trip to Omaha in October. I think the weekend is going to end up being the weekend of the kids b-day, which could cause a problem because Im sure *dh* would like us to be home that weekend.

Well I'd better go finish the laundry, I've neglected it all week.