May 04, 2006

God it is soo late!

But I wanted to blog real quick before I do go to bed. I just got done doing my roll call for my triplet parenting group. Thankfully I only do this 1x a year! It's a lot of work and the really hard work won't start until the end of the month when I start deleting anyone who doesn't respond to my email. that's why Im up late.

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago about a robin building her nest on the back of our basketball hoop. Well..3 little birds fell out of the nest today and fell to their death on our concrete driveway. Poor little things. :( So the kids got a quick lesson about living and dying. Tonight while A & I played barbies the theme was all of her barbies going up to heaven and seeing God. Yea I many people are going to say "animals don't have souls, blah, blah." That *may* be true, but try explaining THAT to a 4 year old.

I have gotten close to 0 reading done the last several days. Today was an awesome day and the kids & I were outside from 3:30pm-7pm. Dh made supper tonight, what a great treat!!

Im still fighting this cold and now dh & A have it also. UGH! Nothing worse then sick hubby AND a sick kid, on top of it all when mommy is sick too!!!

We had the kids IEP meeting today. It went sooo well! Here's a copy/paste of an email I already sent out about it..


Last month we decided to have A evaluated, even though she did not qualify for services last year, we saw some potential problems and Im sooo glad we had her evaluated. She qualifies for services now with language delay. Because she is sooo bossy to her brothers at school, it was again recommended to us that we enroll her in a different preschool (on our dime) to seperate them. Dh & I are seriously considering this now, even though we were dead set against it a few months ago. So now Im going to start calling preschools again and get info and hopefully find a spot for her. If I can't fine one (definate possibility because preschools start filling up by March), she'll remain at the boys school.

B..we were suprised as can be to find out that he is by far the farthest behind now. His language tests came back with low grades (in the 50's). Major, major speech delays. I think 99% of that is because we found out wayyy to late (last fall) that he needed his adenoids removed (removed them in November). He's also appears to be having panic attacks at school. We're not sure what is triggering them, but we're leaning toward him maybe being afraid to fail. So when asked to do something new his first response is screaming "I can't!!" and he starts breathing in short bursts. The panic attacks seem to go away as fast as they come and eventually can be talked into trying something, but needs to have a lot of one on one help until he feels he can succeed in the new task.

W..holy cow. This little boy has done a complete 180 since school started, excelling in almost everything. His language comprenhension (sp?) is still a bit delayed (he has trouble answering simple questions), and his social skills are at an age of a 3 yr old (he still doesn't want to play with anyone at school consistently). But his math results came back with 143%!! Unreal!! We were also told that he's on the verge of reading, he knows all his letters and their sounds and is now starting to sound out words. His teacher said "He is like a sponge that can't get enough water, he constantly wants to learn and wants to know the answer to everything." One of the evaluators also said that when he got an answer wrong during the evaluation, he would not move on to the next project until she explained to him what the right answer was (blocks in a wrong order, etc). Anyway..he's doing an amazing job and we were told that he is acedimacally ready for K, but due to his social skills he isn't ready.

So in a nutshell, another year for preschool for all of us this fall.


Im off to bed, it's riduciously late..