January 25, 2007

This and that..

I took the kids swimming tonight at the Y. We haven't done that in quite awhile and it was a lot of fun. They had a great time and W fell asleep on the 7 block drive home. :)

The weather has been really really nice the last couple of days with the temps above average in the 40's. I wish some of this ice would start melting! It is melting, but with so much snow on top of it it's just slush on top of ice. Then at night it re-freezes making it really slick.

B & A played outside with the "big boys" from down the street yesterday. The "big boys" made 2 snow forts and had a snowball fight. I was a little hesitant to send my little babies down there when I saw what was going on, but it was fine. B did get hit in the face with a snowball, but he said it only hurt for a minute and only cried a little bit. While those 2 played outside, W stayed in the house with me and talked the ear off of the satellite guy who was here to fix our dish.

Not much else is new. Same ol'.

January 18, 2007


Oh so much has happened since I last posted! We went up to Minnesota for Christmas. The original plan was to leave on the 23rd, and come back to good ol' Nebraska on the 31st so dh could go back to work on the 2nd. Well..instead of leaving on the 23rd as planned, dh was stranded at the airport in Denver for 3 days (he was suppose to come home on the 20th, but ended up not getting home until the 22nd). When he did get home thanks to the storm from Denver making him stranded there, it came through Nebraska and left us with a MESS to clean up in our yard before we could even consider going to Minnesota so we left on Christmas day instead.

The trip to MN was great, the kids did fantastic and it was the best Christmas driving weather we've EVER had in over 10 years of living in Nebraska! We should of realized then and there that trouble was coming.

On December 30th, (one day before we planned on leaving) we got a phone call from some friends of ours who were in Nebraska saying "DO NOT COME HOME!! We've been hit by a massive ice storm, leaving over 3" of ice on everything! The roads are HORRIBLE! And 4 counties (yes entire COUNTIES) are completely out of power, including ours." So..we stayed in Minnesota until January 6th, when we finally got the go ahead from our friends.

We got home on the 7th to a house with no power! We finally got generated power on the 8th (ahhh..heat!!). It was only generated power, so we had to conserve as much power as possible, meaning no computer, no excess lights, no running appliances at the same time, etc. It was awful!!

The kids finally went back to school on the 15th (despite the school also still being on a generator). They needed to go back! I don't know who was more excited to see the bus, me or them! lol It's one thing being off all summer, when you can go do things..but when you literally CAN NOT leave the house because of 3" of ice on everything is a different story!!!

We FINALLY got full, line power yesterday (the 17th). I will never take electricity for granted again!!