June 12, 2005

Like the new picture?

Do you like the new picture I added to my blog? It's my kiddos!! I don't know why I didn't do that before, just spaced it off I guess. Now I'll just have to remember to change the picture every once inawhile!

Sadly even though it's been almost a week since I updated, there really isn't much to say today. Oh hum..boring life sometimes, not that Im complaining.

I am starting to feel overwhelmed again with the number of book groups Im in. A couple months ago I was in a real funk with reading. So I thought I'd join a few new groups, get to know some new people etc. Now Im in a whole crapload and sadly I think Im going to have to bow out of a couple. I think I have the ones Im going to leave narrowed down to 3. Im also going to go no email in 1 group for awhile (won't be joining in on the discussion in that group for the next couple of months). So that should help.

I picked up a whole slew of books from the library this week. Mostly for upcoming group reads, but a couple that I wanted to read personally. "The Half Brother" and the newest one by Traci DePree "Aprons on a clothesline". Im sooo looking forward to that one. It's the 3rd in a series.

Well..Im going to grab my CR book and hit the sack!