September 18, 2006

First sports activity!!

The kids had their first team sport activity tonight. T-ball sponsored by the local YMCA. It was from 5:30-6:30pm and the kids LOVED it!! The season goes for 6 weeks (Mondays only), so right to the end of October, it should be plenty cold out there by then, and Im sure myself..along with all the other parents will be sitting out on the cold bleachers with our parkas on!! I don't know why this activity is being held so late in the year!! BRR!!! Tonight it was 50° out and I was freezing!! But the kids had a blast! There are 10 kids in their class, all pre-k. It was so funny watching those little legs run around the bases, and everyone trying to catch the ball. Very funny!! I am sure I looked like a tourist, I was out there with my video camera and regular camera. LOL