December 09, 2012

Try to revive the blog..again!

Giving it another whirl to revive this blog!  It has so much potential and I know that I'll be very grateful later on in life.  But alas..I have no time today.  It's mearly 16 days til Christmas and Amazon is calling!!!

May 24, 2012

UGH! I missed the "24 hour readathon!!"

Im sad I missed it! I could of done it this year too! grr. I've been neglecting this blog and now that school is out Im hoping I can get back to blogging and reviewing books again. I've read a few books since I've last blogged and I hope to update those books on here soon.

February 19, 2012

"What Alice Forgot" by Liane Moriarty

What Alice ForgotWhat Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

I really enjoyed this book! It was kinda hard to read because I have a friend whos mom is actually going through something very similar to what Alice went through so I teared up a lot. The complaint I have about the book is where were the editors before this book went to print?!?!?! There was several spelling errors, but even missing spaces between words. It was really annoying to me as a reader. shouldn't of THANKED your editors. They let you down.

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February 15, 2012

"Half Broke Horses" by Jeannette Walls

Half Broke HorsesHalf Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls

I listened to this in audio. I really enjoyed the story, but thought that Jeannette Walls would of done a little better in *reading* the story. She sounded like she was reading out of a textbook. Please stick to writing! :)

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February 06, 2012

Ok let's see if I can get into the habit of this!! Today is Monday!!! I am reading "What Alice Forgot" by Liane Moriarty. I am reading it on my Coby Kyros Tablet (WHICH I LOVE!!). It's the first book I've read on this tablet and won't be the last. I downloaded it from my library which was super easy to do! Ok..this isn't a post about my Coby Kyros..though I should probably do a post about it someday. I am in love with it. Madly in love!! Now, on to the book. I started this book on Saturday and Im already almost 1/2 way through it.
"What Alice Forgot" by Liane Moriarty

"The Thirteenth Tale" by Diane Setterfield

The Thirteenth TaleThe Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

This book was pretty good. I saw the ending coming about 3/4 into the book but it didn't disappoint me. Some parts were bit dragged out but it kept me reading.

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January 17, 2012

"Mockingjay" by Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3)Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Final book in The Hunger Games trilogy. I really enjoyed this series. The ending surprised me and left me with a lump in my throat.

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January 15, 2012

"Catching Fire" by Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2)Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

2nd book in The Hunger Games triology. I loved this book and right away jumped to the 3rd and final book in the series.

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January 08, 2012

"The Help" by Kathryn Stockett

The HelpThe Help by Kathryn Stockett

I really enjoyed this book! The storyline was very well written and the characters were very true to life for me. I really want to see the movie.

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