August 25, 2007

Check this out!!

This ebay auction

This got posted in my triplet parenting group and is definately worth the laugh! This mom also has a blog mom2my6pack blog

She is hysterical!! And the worst thing that happened to me today was B came running up to me screaming with blood coming out of his nose. I asked "What happened??!" B said "I stuck on of A's necklace beads up my nose!! It's stuck!!" Thankfully some huge nose blowing got it out. It flew out and B looked at it and laughed, I am sure this will be repeated..

Happy Saturday!!!

1st week survived..

The kids survived their first week of Kindergarten. But W says he's done with kindergarten now and wants to go back to preschool. I wasn't expecting THAT the first week!! I am going to have a looong 12 years if he's already sick of school!!

Tomorrow I am taking the kids to get their hair cut and find a nice picture shirt for B. The kids are getting their pictures taken at school next tuesday already! B is also getting a new pair of tennis shoes (W & A still have some tread left). And weather permitting we're going to the water park. Should be fun. :)

Today has been a really low key day with just veggin' out. The kids have pretty cranky and tired from their busy week.

August 21, 2007

First day of school!

Praise God!!
They were beyond excited! Did I cry? Are you kidding?! I was singing Zip-e-doo-da and skipping away from school! It's 11:45 and I'll be picking them up at 2pm so my rest is almost over already. :(

August 19, 2007

Dh & I took the kids fishing today..

A with one of her many fish!! She's daddy's little outdoors gal!

B looking cute! He was already done fishing by the time I got my camera out, but he caught his share!
W with ONE of his fish. He caught several. The big smile shows he was having a GREAT time!!
This great little fishing pond is only 2 blocks from our house. Great fun for the entire family! :)

August 18, 2007

The kids were playing on the Banzai today. Enjoy!!

3 DAYS!!!

Oh I can hardly wait!! Oh please don't think I am an ungrateful parent because I am overly excited at the thought of school starting. And if you think I am ungrateful, then you don't know me very well.

I made a late night run to Wal-mart last night. I picked up everything I can think of that 3 kids starting kindergarten could practically need (lunch wise). I also found myself a really cute new purse to celebrate the fact that I made it.

Margarita time is near.
I might even chase it with a beer.

Salt on the rim and a lime on the side.
Cheer to us all we survived the ride.

August 16, 2007

Summer coming to an end

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over. Yesterday our public pool closed for the year. Even though we went there almost daily, A cried when the pool closed. We had a fantastic summer!! Lots and lots of swimming, bike riding and going to the park. But all good things must come to an end and school starts in FIVE days!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOO

The kids are VERY ready for school and I am ready for them to go too. I am sure it is going to be bittersweet to see them go. I am going to have a huge lump in my throat, but I am also really excited for them.

I have a lot planned for next week (while they are in school). Everyday I am going to work on 1 room in the house and GET RID OF EXCESS TOYS!!!! The kids are going to have no idea what happened when they get home and find well over 1/2 of their toys/clothes/excess junk GONE!! I can hardly wait!!

August 09, 2007

12 days and counting

It's been a great summer and I am already regretting not keeping up with my blog. I can't believe the summer is over in 12 days! Aug. 21st my kids start the big K! Where has the time gone??

Our summer has consisted of 1 basic thing..swimming!! My mom was here last week for a week and when she asked what to pack, I laughed and told her "Your swimsuit and pj's". That's about what our wardrobe consists of!!