December 22, 2005

Off to MN we go..

We're leaving in about 7 hours for Minnesota. I just got done licking over 60 Christmas cards. Can you see my tongue hanging out dryer then a desert??

I got the checkbook balanced, the kids & I are packed (dh isn't packed yet..he can do that tomorrow morning himself..he went to bed at 8:30pm tonight complaining of a new body ache (lol) ). No ER visit this time, unlike our previous trip to Minnesota last May. Hard to believe that's the last time we were there was in May. This year seemed to have flown by and Im left wondering what has happened. So since this will be my last post of 2005 let me do some reflecting..

There's been a lot of changes this year. The kids moved to big kid beds. They turned 4 and started preschool. We had a lot of fun this summer going to the swimming pool and parks. They rode their bikes alot. They figured out how to run their battery operated cars. They moved out of "carseats" and into booster seats making our life soo much easier. I can comfortable take them anywhere and for the most part they are fairly well behaved.

Wyatt-finally started coming out of his shell (preschool has helped sooo much). He stopped peeing on my floor and is starting to get the hang of peeing in the potty! THANK GOD!! He's starting to talk to adults instead of shying away and running.

Blaine-had surgery to remove his adenoids and is breathing out of his nose for the first time in his life! NO MORE SNORING!! YEA!! He's getting the hang of potty training. Talking sooo much more and turning into a regular PITA tattle-tale, more times then not making up stuff to tattle about.

Abby-completely potty trained. Talks up a total storm. Is a huge mothers helper. Still doesn't like sleeping alone (we'll work on that next year..maybe..personally I love laying with her, she's quiet when she sleeps! lol)

Dh-got a job in Minnesota and lost it within 2 weeks. UGH! Still working at the farm and at BD. Went hunting a lot this year. Spent lots of quality time with the kids in the tractor this years harvest. Enjoyed 4 days of just the kids & him while I was in NYC.

Me-Went on my first vacation ALONE to NYC and had a fantastic time. I've enjoyed the past year with the kids at this age. They are such a joy to spend time with, but still require more work then humanly possible sometimes. Read a lot of great books. Enjoying my 2 day afternoon breaks while the kids are at preschool.

Best books I read in 2005-"Autobiography of a Face", "Gentlemen & Players", "Aprons on a Clothesline"

Worst book I read in 2005-"Truth & Beauty"

December 19, 2005

Kids school program

So tonight was the kids preschool program. Stacie told me right before the program how good all the kids had done on practice today and she was really hoping that they'd do even half as good as they did today. HA!!

I started tearing up when I saw Blaine come out, put a sticker on the snowman and walk to his spot, then came Abby (more tears) and a few kids later out walks Wyatt. The first song went so well. The kids had little snowflakes on their hands and heads and were singing. After the song I saw Blaine's bottom lip come out and I knew trouble was brewin' in his little mind. He started crying "Mommy..where are you?" I waved, but that didn't help. Then he started saying "Mommay..I want to go to bed." Please keep in mind Blaine asks to go to bed around 6:30, if we're lucky we can hold him off until 7:30, it was now 7:10pm. Then he started crying "I want to go to daddy's bed." Well..needless to say Stacie took Blaine off the stage and he came running to me, which in turn brought Wyatt & Abby down. Im not sure what happened after that (because Blaine was crying pretty hard so I left the gym), but I was told that Abby did go back on stage to finish the program and Wyatt spent the rest of the program on Troy's lap, while he (Troy) continued to *try* (key word here folks) to video tape the rest of the program. Apparently Troy gave Wyatt my camera to occupy him, I got back to my chair after the program and I had no film left in my camera. :) It should be another interesting roll of film when I get it developed. lol

The kids opened up their christmas presents tonight from Troy & I. Santa's presents will be coming after we get home from Minnesota (I THINK). Troy mentioned that Santa may come tomorrow night instead..we'll see. They seem to love the presents they got. Abby's fav is the doll and stroller (of course). Wyatt loves his fireman that crawls on the ground. And Blaine loves his navy guy that crawls on the ground.

Well it's time to *try* (again key word here) to carry Wyatt upstairs and put him to bed. That kid is seriously getting wayyy to heavy to lug up stairs. He has to be pushing 50 lbs pretty hard. Then Im going to read some.

December 18, 2005

Oh what to do!!

Today I took the kids to church. Im trying to get Wyatt use to church (this is a 4 year battle so far). He really has problems sitting in church with so many other people around him. Thankfully we go to a small country church so me having to get up 50x during the service isn't a big deal, everyone there knows what we're dealing with regarding Wyatt.

There is 1 little girl there named Allie. I'd guess she's around 10 years old. Today Wyatt was having a real difficult day in church so him & I spent 99% of the service sitting on the steps. Allie kept following me & Wyatt out and saying "What's wrong with him??" I should add that Allie was at church alone today (very very very common because her family lives directly across the street from church..her family just sends her out the door about 5 minutes before church starts and Allie walks home when it's over. She sits with whoever she chooses and whoever wants to keep an eye on her. Today she sat directly behind us with no one really watching her. Again it's really no big deal because our church only has about 10 families..tops).

I came home from church and called my friend whos son has Autism and get some ideas from her on how to deal with Allie and her endless questions. I feel armed to deal with her tonight at the church Christmas program. If her mom is there also, Im planning on approaching her and hopefully she'll be able to help me (if she even cares) answer Allie's endless questions regarding Wyatt's behavior. Wyatt was soo good in church all things considered. Blaine & Abby were good as gold. They both sat great with my friend Jane and listened. :)

December 16, 2005

Felt like a bloggin'

Im waiting for DH to come home from deer hunting and have a couple minutes before the timer for supper goes off.

Yesterday I took the kids to the library, I made a HUGE mistake by going wayy to late for Blaine. Lately he's been asking to go to bed around 6:30 and at 7pm last night we were at the local library. He ran away from the children's section and was kindly brought back by one of the librarians. I put him in timeout for running away, he was laying on the floor whining he jumped up to quickly and hit his head on an electrical box (the boxes at the library stick out about 3-4". Next thing I heard him SCREAMING and I went running to him and blood was pouring out of his head. The librarian literally FREAKED OUT asking if she needed to call the unit. I was completely calm (totally my nature) and said "No..just get me the key to the bathroom." She was totally freaked out, shaking, got the key and opened up the door while I held Blaine's head with blood running down my arm. I got him cleaned up and found a little microscopic cut (about 1/16" of an inch). It quit bleeding after 2 minutes and Blaine quit screaming after 3 minutes. I had to sign paperwork with the library regarding the accident. The librarian called this morning to find out how Blaine was and I assured her he was totally fine.

You never know what will happen with my kids.

Quick, Quick, Quick!!!!

This does not happen often!! Dh took all 3 kids for a car ride and said he'd be back in about 2 hours! 3 things I want to get done, laundry, dishes and take a shower...that is after I update my blog with the new book Im reading..and of course check emails for just 1 minute (ROFL).

December 15, 2005

Sick as a dog

I've got such a bad head cold. I am literally plugged up from the neck up. YUCK!

December 11, 2005


Today the kids & I are going to a b-day party for the Becker triplets. Blaine is still not 100%, but he did eat today so he's getting better. I just hope Im not making a huge mistake taking him to this party. He really wants to go, and I really want him to go. Worse case..he pukes all over the party, and gets all the guests sick. I called Erin yesterday and told her we were not coming because Blaine was sick and she told me (no practically begged me) to come even if Blaine felt a tiny bit better, because I was the 3rd person who had called saying they were not coming because of sick kids. Erin said her kids have already had the flu, and actually are just getting over it also. Like I said Blaine ate today, and now he's upstairs resting. FINGERS CROSSED IM NOT MAKING A MISTAKE!!!

After the party we have a couple errands to run around Kearney. So I hope Blaine is up to all that too.

Troy just walked in the door..holy shit..gotta go..I didn't think he'd be home.


December 10, 2005

December already??

WOW I can't believe it's already the 2nd week in December! I have my christmas shopping done! YEA! This is probably the first time in quite awhile that I've actually had it done this early!! lol

It definately feels like winter around here. We've got about 10" of snow on the ground, which is very unreal for this area! Usually we get snow and within a week it's all gone, but not this year so far! I just hope the weather really starts warming up the next couple of weeks when we are traveling to/from Minnesota.

Not to much new. Blaine is sick and has been for 2 days now. I finally got him to eat a small scoop of ice cream tonight, other then that he hasn't eaten anything since Thursday. Tomorrow we're suppose to go to a b-day party for the Becker triplets. Im hoping Blaine feels well enough to go, because Wyatt & Abby really want to go. Im going to wrap their present tonight just incase we do go. FINGERS CROSSED!!

I've finished a couple books since I posted. The last one being "The Horse Whisperer" by Nicholas Evans. Good book, but I didn't care for the character Annie or her storyline..which IMHO was more then 1/2 of the book. I didn't like the ending either. I also saw the movie "The Notebook" (based on the book by Nicholas Sparks) the other night and cried like a baby. I'll definately be buying that movie next time I see it and have a few $$ to spend.

That's it for now..