May 26, 2006

What a week!!

WOW I have been busy!! The kids have really kept me busy this week. We've been out and about everyday in the 90° heat!! Today was by far the best day! We did a little shopping, then went to the water park. Where we stayed for 4 hours. Thankfully I brought my folding chair, my cell phone, my book and some water. :)

Dh is coming home tomorrow (ok technically today) and all of us are sooo anxious to see him. We're leaving for vacation on Saturday and believe it or not I haven't even started packing yet!! YIKES!! I usually have that done a couple days in advance.

Well this is going to be short, W just woke up.

May 23, 2006

My hat goes off..

to all single parents!! How do you do it??!

I have a friend who has quads, the same age as my kids and she is a single parent. I think of her sooo often when dh is gone on business trips. I don't know how she does it..honestly I have no clue!!

Dh has been gone now for 2 days, and Im beat. No I take that back..Im dead tired. My kids have been keeping me hoppin'!!! I have spent more time in the kitchen today then I ever have trying to keep 3 bellies full. Im starting to think they are just asking for food to see me work, even though they are eating everything they are asking for. They are bottomless pits today!!

I just want 15 minutes to sit down..that's it. Well I can hear the troops hollerin' for more of something. OMG am I exhausted..

May 20, 2006


It's been a busy week here in the triplet household!!

Tuesday we went to a picnic at the kids preschool. It was an end of the year party for all the kids and their families. What a HUGE turnout!! We had to bring meat, I made 30 ham sandwiches and I should of made 30 more! There were sooo many people there! One of the teachers said that every child and family were there. I guess school really is ending.. :( Monday is there last day.

Wednesday while the kids were at preschool, I got new tires put on my car..491.00 later, (UGH!) my car doesn't shake and rattle anymore, so it definately needed to be done.

This past Thursday Jane & I took the kids to the circus. They LOVED it!! W cried his little eyes out when we had to go, it broke my heart. He screamed and clapped the entire time. Today (Saturday) he was STILL begging to go back.

Today the kids & I went to the park and all 3 kids played and ran around the bases at one of the baseball fields. They had such a GREAT time!!

The weather has been super, super hot all week. On Friday the kids played in their pool for the first time. I filled it up, and they jumped right in. The original "plan" (term used lightly around was to fill it up and then AFTER lunch they could swim, so the water could warm up. But they didn't seem to mind the cold water, since it was 97° out!! I had to re-fill it 2x because they kept putting mud in it. Im glad dh & I have decided to wait and pull out our "BIG" pool in a few more years. I think at least 2 more years before they are ready for that pool. We also have to put in a cement slab before that pool goes up too.

Tomorrow is our 12 year wedding anniversary!! Dh is NOT working! YEA!! Im not sure what (if anything) we'll do. We're not getting a babysitter so whatever we *do* do it'll be a family thing.

Monday dh leaves for KY for the entire week. UGH!! He leaves early, early (2am early) Monday morning and gets back around 1pm on Friday. I am NOT looking forward to this be prepared for a few "pity posts" from me next week.

Gotta go update my side bar now, but I'll end this post with a quick prayer request.. WE NEED RAIN!!!!

May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day to all moms, aunts, grandmothers and any other woman who takes care and loves kids!!

May 13, 2006

Little blog change

I had a few minutes today to play with my blog a bit. I've made one change that I think Im going to just love, now I can click on the title of the book Im either CR or JF and read my review. Of course the link to my is another way to do this, but I thought this would be easier to navigate. :)

Kids & I will be leaving in about an hour to go to the graduation party. B & A are being really big poops this afternoon, screaming, fighting. I hope their attitudes change in the next hour.

Dh is farming today, they will be done planting today. He will not be working tomorrow. :)

May 12, 2006

Big milestone for W!!!

W hit a huge milestone yesterday! He got his haircut by a professional!! Kiera at Cost Cutters is the best! It's a good thing that's the ONLY place our entire family goes to get our haircut, so everyone there knows the struggles we've had with W. Until yesterday he wouldn't even SIT in a chair, but Kiera did it!! I could of kissed her!! :) He ended up having to sit on my lap, but that was totally fine with me!! What a big boy!! He loved getting his hair cut and I *hope* he will continue to enjoy it!! :) Did I say Kiera is the best??!! They were soo busy there (graduation this weekend) and I just wanted to see if I could get W to sit on a chair, he wasn't scheduled to get a haircut. He (umm..we) got on the chair and Kiera talked him into letting her just trim it. She started snipping and I said "You can't stop now.." She said "I won't" I said "Im sorry..I know you're busy" and she said "We've worked a looong time to get him to this point, the others will have to wait..this is as big of a deal to us (cost cutters employees) as it is to you & dh." Did I say she was the BEST!!!

Today was a fantastic day here in Nebraska. The temps were in the 70's. The kids & I went to the library and then went to the school park. They had soo much fun, but were exhausted by the time we left. B actually asked to go home after an hour. lol The boys are sound asleep but my little nightowl is still wide awake, watching "Jungle Book 2" which sounds like it's ending I'd better hurry up and finish this up. :)

Tomorrow we have a graduation party for a girl down the street and Sunday (Mother's Day) is graduation for the seniors. We have another graduation party in the afternoon.

Speaking of Mother's Day :)) I got flowers today. Red/white carnations with 3 red roses. :) And a card saying I am a wonderful (underlined 3x) Mom! :)

Im almost done with "More then You Know" and it's a really good book so far, Im having trouble trying to figure out how old the main character is. The year references are hard to follow because the story goes back and forth from the present to the past. I should have it done this weekend.

Ok A is demanding some serious mom/daughter time. :D

May 10, 2006

Went to the dr. today

Today I went to the dr, just for a chueck up and to have some bloodwork drawn. No problems folks, I'll be blogging for the next 40-50 yrs. :)

Yesterday the kids had their last day of mock preschool at the high school. Then to celebrate their graduation we went out for ice cream and went to the park. Later we went to the YMCA so I could work out and the kids had a BLAST playing upstairs and later playing with balls in the racquetball court. There were lots of kids there, so lots of kids to play with.

Im still fighting this cold, but haven't coughed to the point of throwing up in a couple I think I'll live. :)

The weather has been in the average temps (mid 70's) so we've been outside a lot enjoying the nice weather. Only 3 more days of preschool. :(

May 09, 2006

4 days and counting!! WWWAHHHHHH!!!

Yep that's right, 4 days left of school for my kids. WAAAHHHHHHH!! I am going to miss my 2x a week afternoon breaks!! Im sure the summer will fly by and before I know it we'll be gearing up for another year of preschool.

Last night I was up until 3:30am tossing/turning about the school issue regarding A. I don't think I want to send her to another school. I know the teachers said "it would benefit all of them" blah, blah, blah. But I just don't want to do it. It's going to be to difficult, yea..I guess I *could* pull it off, but why should I have to? The kids are doing great at their current school, both boys have excelled on all their goals. I just don't want to the hassle, 2 days of school pictures, different schools, different halloween parties, different christmas programs, different days of school, different field trips. And the biggest decision factor..I want my kids to celebrate their b-day together!! I don't want to make 20 cupcakes for 1 class, 20 for another class!! It's just to much. Call me a baby, call me a wuss, call me lazy, I don't care. I ain't doing it. There..that's settled. I feel better already, now I just have to break it to the IEP team.

Today was another beautiful day! The kids painted outside (boy am I glad they can do THAT outside now!!) and played outside, etc.

Dh had to work at the farm tonight. He got home at 9:15pm and was in bed by 10pm. Grr..

Gonna go watch my soap now, and finish "Plain Truth".

May 07, 2006

Darn cold vs. me..who will win?

Yep that's right..Im STILL sick! This is 1 week straight of coughing to the point of throwing up. UGH!!!

Today (after I realized I had consumed all the cough drops we have in this house) I went to the local store and bought some cough medicine. Im NOT one to take medicine whether it be over the counter or not, Im not one to get sick and I usually don't require any medicine, just ol' fashioned time and taking care of myself does the trick. So today I bought some Robitussin Cough meds. I must say..that crap works! I also bought some more cough drops. None of those yummy tasting kinds for me, if they are going to work, my theory is they must taste like crap. If I something that tastes like candy, I'll buy candy then.

On another note..

The weather outside wasn't too bad today, a little breezy and just a great spring day. Dh & I were talking tonight and we think this is the first *actual* spring we've experienced since we moved to Nebraska. I think I jumped the gun a bit when I did the flip of the kids clothes, I wish I wouldn't of packed all their sweatshirts away yet.

May 04, 2006

God it is soo late!

But I wanted to blog real quick before I do go to bed. I just got done doing my roll call for my triplet parenting group. Thankfully I only do this 1x a year! It's a lot of work and the really hard work won't start until the end of the month when I start deleting anyone who doesn't respond to my email. that's why Im up late.

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago about a robin building her nest on the back of our basketball hoop. Well..3 little birds fell out of the nest today and fell to their death on our concrete driveway. Poor little things. :( So the kids got a quick lesson about living and dying. Tonight while A & I played barbies the theme was all of her barbies going up to heaven and seeing God. Yea I many people are going to say "animals don't have souls, blah, blah." That *may* be true, but try explaining THAT to a 4 year old.

I have gotten close to 0 reading done the last several days. Today was an awesome day and the kids & I were outside from 3:30pm-7pm. Dh made supper tonight, what a great treat!!

Im still fighting this cold and now dh & A have it also. UGH! Nothing worse then sick hubby AND a sick kid, on top of it all when mommy is sick too!!!

We had the kids IEP meeting today. It went sooo well! Here's a copy/paste of an email I already sent out about it..


Last month we decided to have A evaluated, even though she did not qualify for services last year, we saw some potential problems and Im sooo glad we had her evaluated. She qualifies for services now with language delay. Because she is sooo bossy to her brothers at school, it was again recommended to us that we enroll her in a different preschool (on our dime) to seperate them. Dh & I are seriously considering this now, even though we were dead set against it a few months ago. So now Im going to start calling preschools again and get info and hopefully find a spot for her. If I can't fine one (definate possibility because preschools start filling up by March), she'll remain at the boys school.

B..we were suprised as can be to find out that he is by far the farthest behind now. His language tests came back with low grades (in the 50's). Major, major speech delays. I think 99% of that is because we found out wayyy to late (last fall) that he needed his adenoids removed (removed them in November). He's also appears to be having panic attacks at school. We're not sure what is triggering them, but we're leaning toward him maybe being afraid to fail. So when asked to do something new his first response is screaming "I can't!!" and he starts breathing in short bursts. The panic attacks seem to go away as fast as they come and eventually can be talked into trying something, but needs to have a lot of one on one help until he feels he can succeed in the new task.

W..holy cow. This little boy has done a complete 180 since school started, excelling in almost everything. His language comprenhension (sp?) is still a bit delayed (he has trouble answering simple questions), and his social skills are at an age of a 3 yr old (he still doesn't want to play with anyone at school consistently). But his math results came back with 143%!! Unreal!! We were also told that he's on the verge of reading, he knows all his letters and their sounds and is now starting to sound out words. His teacher said "He is like a sponge that can't get enough water, he constantly wants to learn and wants to know the answer to everything." One of the evaluators also said that when he got an answer wrong during the evaluation, he would not move on to the next project until she explained to him what the right answer was (blocks in a wrong order, etc). Anyway..he's doing an amazing job and we were told that he is acedimacally ready for K, but due to his social skills he isn't ready.

So in a nutshell, another year for preschool for all of us this fall.


Im off to bed, it's riduciously late..

May 02, 2006

Im so damn sick!!

I HATE spring colds! H-A-T-E them!! I can't breath, I can't sleep. It just sucks!!! If I could, I'd rip off my face and scoop the goop out of my nasal cavity and sinuses.

The early childhood development class at the local highschool is finishing up the school year with a mock preschool, and my kids were invited to attend. It's only 2 days a week for 35 minutes, today was their 2nd time going and they loved it! It's soo hard to believe that the school year is winding down. We've gotten 2 invites to graduation parties, the seniors graduate on May 14th.

Today was a real nice day, a bit windy but nice temps in the upper 70's low 80's. Kids played outside while I fought for air, damn cold..