October 25, 2008

Im alive, just real busy!!

I thought I'd better post in here, just incase someone does read my blog from time to time and they might wonder where I am. Im alive. Im just really busy with school and now halloween. All 3 of my kids decided LAST NIGHT (and 1 this afternoon) that they wanted me to make their costumes. I don't know what they're thinking..Im no Martha Stewart!

October 09, 2008

Happy Birthday kids!!!

Today my babies turned SEVEN years old. I can not believe it.

*W* wanted the Wii game "de Blob". If you were listening at 12:15pm today you would of heard him squeel like a pig.

*B* wanted a remote control dinosaur (another kid who was totally happy).

*A* was sooo hard. She really isn't my girly girl, all she said she really wanted was a new bike seat. So we thought we'd get her that, then get her a walking Barbie horse (wave the wand over it's head it walks) that she's been eyeing up at Walmart. So I *thought* she'd be overjoyed. But she busted out crying saying she really wanted the Baby Choo-Choo doll. HUH? Where did that come from???? But after an hour or so she decided she did like the horse. I'll also be taking her shopping this weekend for some new Hannah Montana shirts.

We went out for supper tonight at the local chinese restaurant then had ice cream sundaes at McD's. It was a good night.

Kiddos & I are leaving tomorrow am for Omaha to meet my mom for our bi-annual weekend get away. It'll be short trip this time but we're planning on making the most of it.

I'll be updating with my 2 weeks worth of Sunday Salon on Monday!!