January 29, 2006

Thunderstorm in January??

I wanted to post about this yesterday, but didn't get a chance.

Friday night we had the most bizarre thunderstorm I have ever heard!! The thunder was so loud, and so close to the ground that our house was literally shaking. And you could actually feel the thunder start at one end of our house and move through the house as it was rattling above us. The lightening was also soo close. When we woke up Saturday morning it was soo foggy, it was like we were living in the clouds.

The kids slept right through the storm. I woke up a couple times and ended up having to move to the boys room with Buck, because he was freaking out.

Yesterday we didn't do much, Troy had to work at the farm so the kids & I stayed home. It was damp and icky with threat of rain all day. The kids went outside to play later in the afternoon and got full of mud. They loved it.

Im reading "A Million Little Pieces". Im almost 1/2 way through. I will finish this book, it is really good. I've been speed reading the stuff that I know is false (what Frey has already admitted is false) and reading the rest of the book as it's a fiction.

Today the kids & I might go to K, maybe go to BK for lunch and go play at the library or something. Maybe head up to GW, see what they have there. I don't know..I need to get groceries today, but I'll do that after they go to bed tonight so I don't have to do it tomorrow while they are at school.