August 31, 2008

The Sunday

I just joined "The Sunday Salon", it looks like fun so here goes my first blog dedicated to The Sunday Salon.

Im reading "The Crimson Petal & the White" by Michael Faber . Yesterday I finally got a really big chunk of reading done and Im starting Part II. Im enjoying it so far. If I may quote my friend Giz here..."It's all about the Ho's"

My kids are starting to get into chapter books, but since they are only 6 years old I am reading the books to them. So we finished our first chapter book last night "The Midnight Mystery" by Beverly Lewis. My kids loved it and I enjoyed it too. I'll be reading more of these books to them in the coming weeks.

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day weekend all my American friends!!

Any big plans for the long weekend? Here in our household there wasn't any plans, but so far we've had a great long weekend and we're looking forward to another day tomorrow.

Dh's friend from work went away for the long weekend and we've had the joy of watching their 2 horses. Now *A* loves horses, LOVES them, but I think she was a bit intimidated when she saw those 2 big horses yesterday. I'll have pictures to share tomorrow, because I got my digital camera back yesterday and the battery is now fully charged!! YEA!!!

This weekend Bella & Sadie (our new puppies..well they are 8 months old now) went into heat. Oh what joy..any dog owner knows what the next few weeks will be like for us. The dogs not left outside alone for ANY reason. Though the absolutely worst hasn't started yet, the extra entryway gate has been put up in hopes of keeping them off the carpet.

Yesterday was a fun day for us, it's nice that the kids are now at an age where they almost prefer to eat at restaurants where we don't have to wait in a line to carry our food to a table, and there isn't a slide and private dining area for children attached to the building. So yesterday we all went to Valentio's Italian Buffet. The kids ate great and dh & I were shocked with how much we saved! A family a 5, all you can eat buffet, costed us less then $30.00. After that dh & *W* went to get their hair cuts and then we went to Wal-mart. Oh Lord in heaven..I dispise that store. After we went there, saved a crapload of money (the only reason I go at all is because in the long run I really do save sooo much) we went bowling.

It was a great day. I got a lot of reading done during the drive and while everyone else bowled.

August 23, 2008

First week of school over

The first week of school is over already! It went by fast, but considering that it started on Tuesday and the kids got out at 1:30 everyday this week I guess it should of gone fast!! Personally I think the 1:30 dismassal is a joke, the kids no more then get there, they get a morning snack, eat lunch, have 3 (THREE) recesses and then they are home. No one is overly tired yet, but Im sure that'll change when they start their *normal* hours (getting out at 3:20 Monday-Thursday) after Labor Day.

While the kids have been in school I have been enjoying my time! I did work at the Middle School on Thursday which went really good and Im looking forward to working more again (I already have 4 more days scheduled in Sept/Oct.) and I spent two days this week with my friend Rachel and her 6 month old quads. They are soooo damn cute!!! I'll be with them again on Monday next week for sure.

It's a beautiful rainy Saturday today. The kids & I have nothing really planned today. We should go to church and clean and we should go to the grocery store. I should finish my current book too.

August 21, 2008

Kids love 1st grade!!

Today was day 3 of 1st grade and they love it! They are in a perfect size class (10 kids total, 6 boys & 4 girls) and they really seem to like their teacher.

I'll have picture to post once I use up the rest of the film in my 35mm. I really miss my digital camera. I hope I get it back REALLY soon.

August 16, 2008

3 days

Three days until school starts! I think Im a bit more nostalgic about the kids starting 1st grade then I was about them starting kindergarten. I've said it before but it deserves to be repeated, this summer has gone by so fast. We had fun, but looking back at the summer, not nearly enough. I didn't get some things accomplished that I wanted to this summer (*W* still is on 1 training wheel and *B* is the only one who can tie his shoes).

Next week is already jam packed with what I need to do.

Monday-dentist appt. for *A* in the am, back to school night for kids
Tuesday-kids back to school, work all day at Matt's (I haven't been there in 3 weeks!!) Im hoping to have time to run to Wally World and return some stuff.
Wednesday-Spend the day with Rachel and her kids
Thursday-Work at middle school
Friday-NOTHING (yet)!

Im not going to work for Headstart this year, I just didn't mesh well with that structure. I was plenty busy last year with just subbing at the school. Matt is giving me some more responsibility this year and that needs to be my first priority.

My mom left early (like crazy 4am early) this morning. The kids & I really miss her. It was great having her here. But I suppose a week is about long enough. We did quite a bit, but we also stayed home some too. We're already looking forward to our yearly trip to Omaha in October. I think the weekend is going to end up being the weekend of the kids b-day, which could cause a problem because Im sure *dh* would like us to be home that weekend.

Well I'd better go finish the laundry, I've neglected it all week.

August 11, 2008

School shopping is done!

That feels so good to type, now school can start Im not in a panic anymore. Walmart was crazy (as usual) with hundreds of other moms doing the same thing as me..Arguing with their kids to pick a lunch box they wanted, beggin' them to try on 1 one pair of pants and screaming at them to "GET OFF THE CART!!"

School starts next tuesday the 19th and I already got called to work at the middle school on the 21st.

August 06, 2008

13 days

I just can't believe it. 13 days until school starts again. The summer went crazy fast this year. I haven't even started school shopping yet, oh I take that back..I did buy the boys new backpacks.

My mom is coming down this friday to spend a week with us. We're really looking forward to her visit! The kids are super exicted to see Grandma Elmo.

I had to send my digital camera off to be repaired. The LCD screen went out and I've had to go back and use my ol' 35mm one. Boy has that taken some getting use to!

Somehow I got talked into helping with bible school this year. So my friend Jane came over this afternoon so we could go over the stuff. I feel so unorganized. Bible School is friday 1-5 and all day Saturday. Since my mom is going to be here visiting, my *plan* was to drop the kids off at bible school and then do some serious school shopping. I guess that went out the door, completely! As long as I get everything the kids need for the first couple of days all should be fine. I'll worry about buying the clothes while they are in school. Plans are meant to be ruined anyway right? Oh well..

And speaking of school, I got a call on Monday and my first day of subbing is the 21st. Yea..two days after school starts I'll be subbing already!!