April 26, 2008

19 days! WHAT??!

That's how many days of school we have left!! Most parents would be growling under their breath, but honestly I am excited for summer to come. I've worked more this school year then I ever planned, I enjoyed it sooo much, but I am definately looking forward to some summer fun and R&R.

I finally finished "The Worst Hard Time" and in the end I really enjoyed it. I am reading a great Sparks book now, what is there not to love about Sparks?!?!

I almost forgot to add..if you page down a few entries you'll see the two cute little puppies in a kennel in my kitchen. And if you read the entry, you'll read about how dh couldn't decide which puppy he wanted so he brought home 2 and planned on returning one. Well...2 months later I'd like to introduce you to Bella (black puppy) and her adorable sister Sadie (brown puppy) and it's my pleasure to tell you I am typing this update on my brand new laptop! :) I told dh if he kept both dogs, I WAS going to get something out of the deal.

April 05, 2008

do da do da do..

Kids are healthy, weather is beautiful, work is crazy, life is good.

Im working again all next week at the preschool, but I think next week is the last. Someone has been hired full time for the person I was covering for and I *think* the new person starts on the 14th. I will miss those little kids in preschool sooo much though. I've been there for almost a month and I've gotten to know all of them and they've gotten to know me.

Im stuck reading the same book for the last month! I am ready to move on. It's keeping my attention when I do get a chance to sit down are read it, but I just don't seem to have that time lately. I am definately reading something in the fluff genre when Im done with this heavy topic.

April 01, 2008

Sick little boy today..

Well I guess the ride finally stopped for now and I have some down time, but not the way I WANT downtime. B woke up this morning with a tummy ache, diarrhea, back ache and just all over blahs. The poor kid.