April 28, 2005

Last 2 days

Since I haven't posted in a couple days I thought I'd give ya a rundown.

Yesterday (actually Tuesday since it's 12:24 Thursday) kids & I went to the park and Abby met a little girlfriend. It was soo cute to see them playing together and made me even more anxious for my kids to start pre-school this fall. We made brownies on Tuesday and just played around the house. Can't remember anything else we did..so it mustn't of been important.

Today (Wednesday) kids & I ran errands in the afternoon. It constantly amazes me how well behaved my kids are getting. Taking them anywhere use to be such a pain, and a headache. Now the majority of the time they listen pretty well and don't necessarly run around like wild animals. We went to the post office and the dollar store. Each of them got a little toy, Wyatt got sunglasses, Blaine got a pinwheel and Abby got a stuffed bunny. I also picked them up some flash cards of numbers and pre-school words. They were only a buck each. :)

The last 2 days I've worked out both nights! Give me a "hell yea!!" I feel WONDERFUL!! I don't know why I waited this long to finally start getting back into shape. My first goal is to get in my next size smaller jeans (no I won't publically say what size that is..lol) by May 21st. We'll be leaving for vacation, heading up to MN to visit family/friends for 2 weeks. May 21st is also me & dh's 11 year wedding anniversary! :D

Im still reading "Good Grief" and honestly..it's HORRIBLE!! The writing is really bad and sooo choppy. I go from feeling really sorry for Sophie to making a disguested face by what Winston writes in the next paragraph. IMHO..Winston tried sooo hard to make a book with such a potentially good story line into comedy. And it just doesn't work..not for me anyway. Im almost 1/2 way through it so I will finish it, mostly in hopes that it all somehow ties together at the end.

Off to read a bit then hit the sack!

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A. Estella Sassypants said...

I've been slacking off in the workout dept. I know I feel great when I work out but I'm tiiiiired. I can only imagine how tired you are with three kiddos, so I'll stop whining now. lol