November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope all my American friends had a Happy Thanksgiving!! Ours was a bit on the crazy side, but crazy is our middle name so it was just a normal fly by the seat of your pants day.

A few weeks ago we saw an advertisment that USA Steak Buffet was having a T-day meal from 10-3:30. I said to dh "Let's just do that..the boys probably won't eat turkey anyway (part vegetarian I swear) so it doesn't pay to cook a big turkey for just the remaining 3 of us." We starved the kids and headed over. Well...apparently...1/2 of town decided the same thing. We got to the restaurant around 11:00 and the parking lot was FULL, the parking lot next to the restaurant..FULL..the parking lot across the street..FULL! People were waiting out the door, down the sidewalk and almost around the corner. Soo..onward we drove, trying to come up with a plan B. We drove by the local jail and saw the guards bringing in the Thanksgiving meals for the prisioners. We briefly thought about stealing the birds and making a run for it, but decided against it. So we went to Perkins instead, and not a one of us had turkey. BUT..3 of us (dh, myself and *A*)were still hungry for turkey. We went to Walmart, bought a turkey, stuffing, etc, and made turkey with all the fixins' at home today.

November 21, 2008

Jon & Kate Plus 8

I watch this show weekly, have my DVR set to record every week. And I loved the show, until recently. Now I can barely stand to watch it. It's gotten so fake and commercialized (is that a word?). Free stuff here, free stuff there. I want to see a daily (REAL) life.

There..I've wanted to say that for about a month now.

November 08, 2008

Crazy last several weeks!!

WOW it's been awhile again! I had no intention of bailing on my blog but sometimes real life gets in the way of my fun. Who would of thought??!?

The good news is while I was MIA, I finally finished "The Crimson Petal & the White" by Michael Faber. It took me a little over 2 months to finish that 800+ page whopper. And IMHO, it could of easily been cut in almost 1/2 and could of been just as good. It was a great book, and I will recommend it to *some* people, but it's definately not a book for just anyone.

The kids & I also finsihed a couple books. "Fiddlesticks" by Beverly Lewis and "Knights at Dawn" by Mary Pope Osborne.

We had a brief beautiful snowfall the other morning. The biggest snowflakes I've ever seen. I wish I would of taken some pictures of the snow, because I don't know if I'll ever seen anything that beautiful again. But then again, Im not sure how good the pictures would of turned out, because of the 60 mph winds!!!

I've been working a lot (that's why I haven't been around). I worked at school 12 days last month, and worked for Matt 3 days. Consider the kids had 4 days off of school the month, and I was at their school volunteering 3 days. It was a CRAZY month. The weekends were there to recoop!!