April 17, 2006

2 great days!!

Saturday (when dh was going to take the kids turkey hunting) didn't work out as I had hoped. I went to drop off the kids and at the last minute Wyatt decided he didn't want to go. Then I got sweet talked into helping set up the church for Easter breakfast. So I ended up getting home a little after 7. Wyatt fell asleep at church, slept the whole way home, I took him to bed and he remained sleeping. While he was a sleep the laundry did yell to loud and I ended up finishing that. UGH! Wyatt woke up at 10pm, walked downstairs and said "Good morning Mommy.." Oh oh...He finally went back to sleep at 2:30AM!!!

Easter was a fantastic day! We didn't cook a big meal, I made the family favorite, homemade pizza. In the afternoon we all decided to take the 4-wheeler out for a spin. While dh & the kids did that, I sat in the truck and read, and read, and read. Then we went out to the farm, fed 4 little calves (soooo cute!!!) and came home. Dh & I were not hungry, so I made the kids chicken nuggets and corn. Bath and bed.

Today..was another fantastic day! My new DSL equipment came from Qwest and I got that all installed without any problems! WOO-HOO! I went from cable to DSL, DSL was cheaper. Then dh took my car for a business dinner and the kids & I went for our final stroll in the stroller. Im really going to miss the stroller..it means my kids are really growing up, wayyyy to fast. They have definately out grown it :( . We came home from the park, had pizza for dinner, quick bath and now they are watching Legends of the Hidden Temple, on Nick GaS. They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show.

It was a great couple of days! I'll have to go back and re-read this post on really bad days.