April 24, 2006


OMG do I miss my husband! And I *KNOW* my kids do too!! They are driving me literally up the f***in' wall today!! And they even had school and were gone for 3 hours. SCREAMING!! FIGHTING!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH Calgon take me the f**k away!!

emotional day

Well let me get the emotional stuff out of the way and then we'll talk about the good stuff..

I am in a funk..one heck of a funk..again. Dh left this morning for a business trip to TN. He'll be back on Wednesday. He had to fly into MN to switch planes and called me during his 3 hour lay over. He shouldn't of even called..just knowning he was there, a little over an hour from family, breathing MN air just depressed the hell out of me. I want to move HOME..N-O-W!! When he leaves on trips like this the reality hits me that I am so alone down here. Having no family around really, really sucks.

Yesterday Jane & I took the kids to Kids Explore. They had a BLAST! B&A ate a chocolate covered cricket!! That proved to me that my kids will do anything for a sucker! At least B&A will! lol Wyatt wasn't to keen on the whole thing, there were wayyy to many people there. They did so much while there, ice skated for the first time, saw Spongebob Squarepants, B&A climbed a blow up relic of the Titanic and got to slide down the sides (W wanted nothing to do with that), got lots of balloons, stickers, tattoos, suckers, coloring books and numberous other silly toys. We got there at 12:15 and left at 5:00. Then we took the kids to Burger King for dinner and I *thought* (oh silly me..) they'd be soo tired, but alas they were up until almost 10pm.

Today we stayed home. The kids played outside allll day while I pretty much stayed in the house and got so much done around the house. Laundry done, and the kids toyroom is pretty much done too. Tomorrow a rep from Dish Network is coming to hook us up to dish. Im pretty excited about that. It'll be cheaper, a lot cheaper.

I'd better get my butt to bed. Not having dh around to rely on really sucks and I'll be flying solo for the next few days.