August 30, 2005

Pray for us moving

I have such high hopes that this job is going to pan out! And in the same breath Im scared to death it will!!

Troy got his iternary (sp?) today for his trip to MN for the face to face interview. WOW did that company really shell out the BIG bucks to have him come up so quickly!! 849.00 to be exact!! He leaves Sept. 6th at 6:30am and comes back that night at 6:12pm. I told him tonight it would make more sense for him to drive to Lincoln (where he's flying out of) Monday night and stay the night there so he is well rested for his interview. I hope he does that..I really want him to make a good impression on this company. I know it's all in God's hands though, if he doesn't get this job then it wasn't meant to be and we'll stay in Nebraska for awhile. It won't be the end of the world, it'll just really bum me out. But again it'll make me sigh with relief knowing I won't have to transfer my kids to another school! lol Im hard to please aren't I??

Speaking of moving in hopes that we do move I started doing things on my little "to do list" today while the kids were in preschool. Regardless if we move or not these are things that NEED to be done. The house has really been neglected the last 4 years with the kids running around and it's about time I start making this house a "home", at least make it look "homey".

Kids had preschool today from 12:30-3:30. What a fantastic break!! Staci said Wyatt had a really really rough day today with a lot of meltdowns and excluding himself from the group. I hope things start to improve for him. He loves his school, he loves seeing the building anyway but Im really worried if this behavior keeps up he'll start really fighting me about going to school. I sure hope not.