April 20, 2007

Soo busy!!

We took the kids to the dr. earlier this week for their round of shots for kindergarten. Boy was it an ordeal!! Our appt. was at 10am, and we finally walked in the door at home at 12:30pm. NINE shots later the kids are ready to go to school!! I am sooo glad that is over and done with! They have nothing to be anxious for regarding kindergarten now except the big day! :)

I took the kids to the circus last friday (the 13th). I remember back when I was there age going to the circus, 3 big circle rings, lions, elephants, and having the time of my life. A circus is really a dying breed. It's really sad how things change.

I finally updated my sidebar with my current book. I've had an astounding book reading year so far!! I've read some awesome books and it'll be hard to narrow down my favorites of the year in December.

April 02, 2007

Been neglecting my blog! :(

It's been over a month since I last blogged! Where has the time gone??

This month has been busy as usual. I did the swap of the kids clothes last weekend (going from winter to spring/summer). The temps have been soo nice and it feels good to have that AWFUL task done until next fall. The kids have been in short sleeves (and sometimes shorts) for the last several weeks.

What else is new?

Dh traded in his motorcycle and got a used Mule (here's a picture of it if you're not sure what a *Mule* is: http://www.wctkawasaki.com/Kawasaki%20Mule%20610.htm). It isn't the one we got, but you get the idea. Dh bought a rumble seat for the back, and a windshield. We took it out for the first time last weekend. We were out for over 3 hours! We had a BLAST!! It's a great purchase..something we can all do together.

We got the paperwork in the mail the other week for kindergarten round up. The kids are semi-excited. B heard dh & I talking about the shots they'll have to receive before kindergarten, and he's not excited about that AT ALL.

Dh & I took them fishing a couple weeks ago, we didn't catch anything but we had a great time going out as a family.

Dh hasn't been working at the farm very much yet this year, so we've been taking full advantage of the free time! :)

I finally got my side bar updated. I don't know why the picture for "First They Killed My Father" isn't working. I tried it 3x w/o any luck. But it's a fantasic book!! I've done a lot of reading so far this year.