May 28, 2005


Whew..what a busy last several of hours.

Dishes done-check
Dishes put away-not yet but will do
Kitchen floor swept-check
Kitchen floor mopped-not yet but will do
Laundry done-check (last load folded just need to put away)
Vacuumed-not yet, will have to do tomorrow morning
Legs shaved-check
Everything packed and in car-check
bills paid-check
checkbook balanced-check
garbage out-last bag still in kitchen, will take out tomorrow am
kids outside toys in the garage-check
Emergency trip to the ER-check

Did ya catch that last one? Yep that's right, at 9pm tonight I ended up running to the ER with Blaine. Im not sure what happened, but I can only assume that he was running with a toy in his mouth and fell, putting a pretty big gash on the top of his mouth. Im NOT an over-reacting mother, so when Blaine came running into the bathroom (where I was because I was cleaning up the clothes, towels, toys, etc from bathtime) he had blood running (oops..I mean pouring) out if his mouth and nose. I quickly picked him up, grabbed the nearest towel and started wiping his mouth trying to find where the blood was coming from. At first I thought he had bitten his tounge off or something. I finally saw the gash and said, "ok that's where the blood from your mouth is coming why is all this blood POURING out of your nose?" I called Troy (who was working) and told him he'd better come home early because Blaine was bleeding pretty badly. After explaining to him what happened he did run home (he's more over-react then I am to be completely honest). By the time he got home Blaine's mouth was done bleeding, but his nose was still bleeding pretty steadily. So off to the ER Blaine & I went. Turns out that when he fell he hit his nose pretty hard on the floor (or something) and just got a really bad bloody nose. I still have NO clue what he had in his mouth when he fell (I can only assume he fell). I checked high/low for anything that was bloody (matchbox cars, lincoln logs, anything) but couldn't find a thing.

{{Sigh}}..and that's why this site is called "Tripletmomslife".

May 27, 2005


A couple hours ago I was feeling "Excited" but now I am sooo exhausted! Getting ready for vacation is a full time job, especially when you have 3 kids to try to keep out of the way while you're packing!!

Right now I have the kids completely packed and Im ready to throw the 3 of them in the trunk with their luggage! Abby & Wyatt are fighting sooooooooooooo bad right now!! I had to take 2 minutes and sit down and write because if I don't I literally might pull my hair out!!

I don't think I'll get much sleep tonight beause I still have sooo much to do before we can go. My house is just a disaster (again trying to pack with 3 kids under foot is impossible). The kids have literally destroyed my house. I have dishes stacked, 1 load of laundry left to put away, floors to vacuum, floors to mop, get all the garbage out of the house, get everything in the front room so dh can start packing the car (he worked at the farm tonight), finish packing my clothes, get all the toys in the backyard put in the garage, drain the pool, pay all the bills, balance the check book and take money out of the savings account. I think that's it. I'll probably think of more at 3am when I finally lay down and try to go to sleep.

Post more tonight when the house is quiet and Im all done with my to-do list.

May 25, 2005

Odd day..

Today was a very odd day. In the am the kiddos & I went for a walk, them on their bikes, me following. On the way home there's an old guy (I'd say mid-late 70's) puttering around in his garden. He saw us coming and walked out to say Hi (nothing odd about that, he does it almost everytime he sees us, his name is Bob). He talked to the kids about their new bikes, they babbled to him about who knows what and then we said goodbye. About a block later I see Bob coming up behind us also on his bike. I said "Hi you think it's going to rain today?" He said "It might.." and then he stopped his bike and stared (sp?) at the kids. To break the silence I started talking about the rain possibilty. He then handed me an envelope and said "here, please take this." Me (startled, and a bit alarmed) said "No Bob, I don't need anything from you." He said "Please, I love watching them walk by my house, buy them something." How could I say no to this sweet old man who obviously gets great joy from my kids simply riding by his house almost daily and I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I took it. When we got home I opened the envelope and inside of it was 3 20.00 dollar bills. The guy gave my kids $60.00!! Im still shocked and stunned.

Tonight Troy & I cut Wyatt's hair. Oh boy what a chore! Last time we took him to get his hair cut by a professional Wyatt was in a complete uproar (nothing out of the ordinary with him, he hates getting his hair cut but we've always been able to hold him down..I know that sounds harsh and yes it is as bad as you're picturing) so they refused to cut his hair, leaving Troy & I to do it. We have to wait until Wyatt is completely asleep, he won't even let us come near him with a scissors. I am covered in hair and itch like mad! A shower is definately on my list after I finish this post!! I hope Wyatt gets over this fear really soon, otherwise he is in for a lifetime of teasing because of Troy's chop-job.

Funny dream I had last night. I kept having a repeating dream of being chased by the devil. And the devil was Jack Nicholson, you know the actor! lol It was bizarre, "Jack" kept chasing me around my hometown trying to get me in his car and I kept telling him "go back to hell" and *poof* he'd be gone and then he'd be back, one time he came back with a plastic halloween mask on. Werid huh?? It gets werider. The last thing I remember I ended up in a church with a whole bunch of old woman praising and singing to God, then I woke up. I was standing in my kitchen doing dishes (right after I woke up..still in pj's) and started singing the song that was in my dream. I can't remember it now, but I wish I did. That dream has to mean something!! Any ideas??

I started this book yesterday and Im only on page 28. The book is putting me to sleep, literally. I sat down to read it today while the kids were watching some TV and fell asleep! I woke up to my friend Jane standing over me saying "Jen..are you asleep?" And my kids THANKFULLY glued to the TV. about a startle and being embarassed! I said "I guess so! Thank God you woke me up!!" Jane has an open door policy at our house, if our house is unlocked she comes right on in. Thank God she did today..lord knows how long I would of slept. I read 1 paragraph and was in la-la land. Im still hoping to be done by Friday night, so I can take a fresh book with me on vacation, but the chance of that happening are looking pretty slim.

Off to take a shower!!

May 24, 2005

Been a few days again

since I posted! I really want this site to work for me but I need to remember to write!!

Well we're leaving for vacation and I did it..I hit my jean goal. I am comfortably in my next size smaller jeans..ahhhh. I can bend over and even sit on the floor (and get up) without worrying about popping a button! lol I honestly don't know how I did it because I haven't been working out AT ALL in the last couple of weeks. I guess it's because I've been extremely busy with my kiddos!

Today my son Wyatt's therapist came and her & I took the kids for a bike ride. It wasn't really far (about 4 blocks) but running back/forth to each kid and keeping them on track Im sure doubled my block count, and raised my heart rate.

Monday I walked, and the kids rode their bikes around the park just north of our house. We stayed at the park for 2 hours, riding bikes, throwing rocks into the lake, playing at the 2 playgrounds and chasing the ducks. So that was a work-out also.

I just finished this book tonight. To see my review go to my web page, link is on the left side bar.

Im starting this book tonight, read only 1 page so far but I think Im going to like it. I've heard quite a few mixed reviews about it, the most being that the book kinda bogs down (in most people's opinion) with endless info about the Oxford English Dictionary but does pick up later in the book. Im hoping to get this short (221 pg) book done by Friday so I can bring a fresh book with me when we leave on vacation early Saturday morning. Im still debating what book that will be..

Damn I got the hiccups tonight! Haven't had them in ages and my chest hurts from hiccuping all night!! GRR

May 18, 2005

Feeling good today!!

Im feeling happy today because tonight dh stayed home from work (he works nights & weekends for a local farmer). Him & I cleaned the house and now he's outside mowing the lawn. It feels wonderful to have a husband home every once inawhile!!

My dd is asleep already! I know that means it's going to be a looong night for me because she'll be up and ready to play at 1am. I hope not, but that's probably what is going to happen. The kiddos are pretty tuckered out because today we went for a walk to Pamida (local store) to buy their new swimming pool. We filled it and I told them the water was wayy to cold now and they'd have to wait until tomorrow to swim. HA! They tried it anyway and froze their privates off. They didn't stay in it for long.

Still reading "Boy's Life" by Robert R. McCammon. Im almost 1/2 way and starting to get a little confused with all the storylines going on. It's interesting and keeping my attention and Im really hoping that all the storylines come to a close by the end and hoping that McCammon doesn't sneak anymore storylines into the book without finally closing a few!!

Bye for now!

May 14, 2005

Quick howdy!

Oh what a boring Saturday so far!! It's days like today that I wish we lived anywhere but here. There is NADA to do in this town! Maybe we could go watch dog shit turn white? That was a lot of fun last time.

Seriously the kids & I need to do something today. Im about ready to jump off the back of the couch if we don't get out of this house!!! Today being Saturday Im PRAYING that daddy calls and he says I can bring him lunch and then he'll take the kids for a tractor ride!! That would be wonderful!!

Haven't worked out since last time I posted saying I actually worked out. But I've been watching what I eat and keeping really busy with the kids. Kids are wearing me out lately and Im going to bed pretty early.

Just started this book yesterday afternoon. The reviews at Amazon are very mixed so it should be interesting. This is my first book by McCammon.

Im going to go sit by the phone and wait for daddy to call!

May 11, 2005

Nasty weather!!

3 out of the last 5 days we have experienced tornado warnings in our little town in central Nebraska. It's been a scary and crazy several days!! My kids had their first experience seeing hail and are now know when the sirens go off and mommy yells "GET DOWN STAIRS" they know Im serious.

We had to stay inside all day because there was pretty much a constant threat of rain, so while the kids destroyed their playroom and the rest of our basement I finished "Kate Remembered" by A. Scott Berg. You can read my review if you'd like at my web page (link is over there <------ somewhere).

I just started this book tonight and I think Im going to like it.

Well, we are once again in a tornado watch so I guess I'd better log off and watch the weather.

Toto..I don't think we're in Kansas anymore..

May 09, 2005

What Im reading..what I finished

I think I figured out how to put pictures in my posts, so now I can post a book cover jacket of what Im reading.

What Im CR:

Non-Fiction book about Kate Hepburn. It isn't a biography, more of a memorie. Pretty good, but Im anxious to finish it.


This will definately be a top book for me for this year! A non-fiction book about Lucy Grealy's challenge with jaw cancer and life in general. This was WONDERFUL!!!!!

Well it's been awhile!!

WOW..I didn't realize how much time has passed since I last posted.

Sadly there hasn't been a heck of a lot going on. Same ol', Same ol'. Our trip to Minnesota has been pushed back a week, so instead of leaving on the 21st, we'll be leaving on the 28th. Which I guess is a good thing because now I have an extra week to hit my jean size goal!! lol

I haven't worked out in about 4 days because I have AF. I know that shouldn't be an excuse, but all I feel like doing is being really lazy. I have cramps really bad today and Im HOPING that today is the last day of this bloody bitch. Now that Im posting again, Im determined to start working out again.

My boys had their 6 month evaulation by Early Childhood Development last week. Blaine still qualifies for services, but since he has improved so much his therapist is now on a consulation only basis. Wyatt still has some hurdles to overcome.

Last week we thought dh was going to loose his full-time job. Things were really scary for all of us last week when Monday his boss told him he was going to have a meeting with him on Friday. Dumb-ass gave us a whole week to freak out!! Troy's job is still literally in limbo, but I think things are going to be ok.

The weather has been fairly nice lately, last week it was pretty cold here with temps only in the 50-60°'s. On Saturday we were in a tornado warning in the afternoon with a tornado only 4 miles from our house. Thankfully it never touched down and left our area just as quickly as it came. The kids did think it was pretty neat to see the hail coming down (before the sirens went off..once they started going the kids & I high-tailed it to the basement).

Our neighbors oldest son got married this past weekend and we took care of their cat (at their house). WOW is there house nice!! Someday when my kids are long gone and out of our hair (and our I hope our house can look that nice. Everything was just perfect and everything was in place.

Well that's about last week update in a couple paragraphs.