April 29, 2005

Back is muuuch better!

My back is a lot better today, just a little sore now so I guess Im going to live. Im planning on working out again tonight to celebrate (lol). I really went crazy today with eating food I shouldn't of eaten so I really need the workout.

Today was definately a loooow-key day. The kids were good as gold about letting mommy compltely veg-out and relax my back and I really think that has made all the difference. We did go for a little car ride tonight which the kids loved. Just driving around and listening to their music they are pretty content.

I woke up this morning to it SNOWING?! Wait..isn't it like 2 days from being MAY!! Nothing stuck to the ground thankfully. It was pretty to see those big huge flakes coming down and was a nice little suprise.

Not to much else to write about today, Troy came home from work..mowed the lawn then went out to the farm to work. Bea (one of our dumb dogs) ran away again today and the kids & I had to go find her (GRRRR!!) Anyone want a dog? I'll pay for shipping to send her to you. lol

I should be done with "Good Grief" by Lolly Winston tonight! YEA!! Im not sure what I'll be reading next but I'll be soooo happy to have this book behind me. Im still sitting on the fence about liking it or not. The main character is so inmature most of the time, and the stuff that happens in the book is extremely unbelieveable and far-fetched.

April 28, 2005


Ouch is right! Today I was putting one of my ds's into the car and turned wrong!! My lower back instantly felt numb and it began to hurt BIG TIME!! I was all excited about working out again tonight but I think Im going to have to take the night off. I really am bummed about that and no this isn't a lame excuse. Any advice on my back? Heating pad, ice pack, electronic shocker (yea I got one of those and it's GREAT for strained muscles), ibuprofen and go to bed?

Well..Im going to take a few ibuprofen, get my moist heating pad out and read for awhile then hit the sack (I hope the heating pad is the right thing to do). I am REALLY upset about not working out tonight, it's 10:30pm..the kids & Troy are fast asleep and I could EASILY squeeze in a work-out, take a shower and be in bed reading by midnight..but my body tells me I need to rest my back and Im PISSED!

Today was a really pissy day all around. We have 2 dogs and both of them ran away today. The ONLY reason I was putting my kids in the car today and hurt my back was to go chase one of those damn dogs!! I use to love dogs, and sometimes still do but something really changed in me after we had kids. I have NO patience for dogs anymore, especially dogs that DO NOT listen...and our dogs don't. At least not to me.

Im over 1/2 way through "Good Grief" and I may end up liking this book. My previous post complaint may have been written in hast, it's all starting to come together now but I have a feeling I know where it's heading..we'll wait and see.

Oh yea one more thing...regarding the Care Bear arm stuck in our tub drain post from a few days ago. The arm is gone. It must of went down the drain and is now sitting in our drum trap. Hopefully it won't cause problems down the road.

Adios Amigos! :)

Last 2 days

Since I haven't posted in a couple days I thought I'd give ya a rundown.

Yesterday (actually Tuesday since it's 12:24 Thursday) kids & I went to the park and Abby met a little girlfriend. It was soo cute to see them playing together and made me even more anxious for my kids to start pre-school this fall. We made brownies on Tuesday and just played around the house. Can't remember anything else we did..so it mustn't of been important.

Today (Wednesday) kids & I ran errands in the afternoon. It constantly amazes me how well behaved my kids are getting. Taking them anywhere use to be such a pain, and a headache. Now the majority of the time they listen pretty well and don't necessarly run around like wild animals. We went to the post office and the dollar store. Each of them got a little toy, Wyatt got sunglasses, Blaine got a pinwheel and Abby got a stuffed bunny. I also picked them up some flash cards of numbers and pre-school words. They were only a buck each. :)

The last 2 days I've worked out both nights! Give me a "hell yea!!" I feel WONDERFUL!! I don't know why I waited this long to finally start getting back into shape. My first goal is to get in my next size smaller jeans (no I won't publically say what size that is..lol) by May 21st. We'll be leaving for vacation, heading up to MN to visit family/friends for 2 weeks. May 21st is also me & dh's 11 year wedding anniversary! :D

Im still reading "Good Grief" and honestly..it's HORRIBLE!! The writing is really bad and sooo choppy. I go from feeling really sorry for Sophie to making a disguested face by what Winston writes in the next paragraph. IMHO..Winston tried sooo hard to make a book with such a potentially good story line into comedy. And it just doesn't work..not for me anyway. Im almost 1/2 way through it so I will finish it, mostly in hopes that it all somehow ties together at the end.

Off to read a bit then hit the sack!

April 25, 2005

Typical crazy day

Today was a pretty normal day at our house. Kids were really good today and between the 3 of them they only had 1 accident on the floor. Please God let this be a sign that we are making some progress in potty training!!

Dh didn't farm tonight (YEA!!) so I was really hoping that I'd beable to get the grocery shopping done and run some errands ALONE. No such luck..he came home from work and said "Let's go grocery shopping." I said "All of us?" He said "Yea." Now..I'd rather have a root canal w/o pain meds then take my 3 kids grocery shopping, but I sucked it up and we went. I won't give you a play by play of our Wal-mart trip. I'll just say we did grocery shopping in record time and I only forgot a couple things..not bad!

Then we went to Burger King w/ a playland to feed the hungry monsters and let them play. There was a little boy there around the age of 10 playing also. He kept making this annoying high pitched noises in my son Wyatt's face. Wyatt has some sensory issues to loud, abrupt noises so he started to wail. I sat there wondering why the little boy's mother wasn't saying anything to her son. I then realized she was deaf and totally unaware of what was going on. I know some sign language but not enough to tell her "Your son is being completely inappropriate in there..please tell him to SHUT UP! He's scarying the hell out of my son." So I told the little boy to please stop making that noise, he was scarying the other kids". He stopped for a couple minutes then started up again. So we left.

It's now 11pm and Im waiting for dd to go to bed!! GRRR!! She fell asleep on the way to Walmart so had an hour nap! GRR!! I NEED to work out tonight. I didn't get to last night because I spent an hour trying to get a plastic Care Bear arm out of our tub drain, w/o any success. Thank God the tub is draining still, slower then ever but it is draining. Im hoping somehow by the grace of God that the arm eventually floats back to the entrance of the tub drain where I can grab it. Right now it's sitting way in the back of the drain.

I got a lot of "Good Greif" by Lolly Winston read on our way to/from Wal-mart (it's an hour trip 1 way). Im on page 90 something now and Im enjoying it. Hoping to read more of it tonight after I work out.

More tomorrow! :)

April 24, 2005

Boring day

What did we (kids & I) do today? NADA!! It was one of "those" days. I woke up to my son Blaine screaming in the kitchen wanting breakfast and my other 2 kids laying on/with me in my little tiny full-size bed. UGH! So I woke up stiff, sore, and feeling like I got no sleep. I don't know how long they were in bed with me, but it must of been awhile because I couldn't feel my legs for a minute because of being stuck in 1 position most of the night, which was an uncomfortable one!

Wyatt (one of my ds) & I got into it this morning again about him peeing on my floor! GRRR!! He knows he has to use the potty, but instead sneaks his penis out of his pants and uses my floor as his own personal urinal. So as I said it was one of "those" days when a parent feels like running away, very far and very fast.

My neighbor on the south side of me has been planting flowers in about 50-60 pots for the last 2 days. I swear she had at least 100# bag of potting soil yesterday she was working with and enough flowers to decorate an entire cemetary. As of 20 minutes ago she had less then 1/2 of the bag of potty soil left and still had at least 15 un-potted pots laying around her feet. Her & her newlywed husband live in a very tiny home, Im guessing there is only 1 bedroom (and definately no basement) because of the size of it. Im trying to figure out where she is going to put all these potted flowers!! I'll keep ya posted.

The neighbor on the north side of me was outside today working in his yard with his level. Don't believe me?? Come and watch. And our yard looks like a recent battlefield. Troy likes to give the kids a ride on his 4-wheeler which has left a nice completely round cirlce of nothing but dirt right in the middle of our yard. Our yard looks like crap, while our neighbors all around us take so much pride in their yards. The neighbor across the street actually came over last year and proceeded to rip up big parts of our grass in the front yard (which is the ONLY good looking grass we have) to show us the grubs and what they were doing to our yard. I felt like saying "You want to see what is destroying our yard? Take a peek in the backyard! Three wild pre-schoolers and all their necessary outdoor *stuff*. Oh well..

I got about 5 pages read of "Good Greif" By Lolly Winston last night. I think Im going to enjoy this book and Im looking forward to the BNU discussion in eary May. Either the 2nd or the 5th..I forgot.

Im planning on working out with Sharon Mann for 1/2 hour tonight after the kiddos & Troy are in bed. I need to drink more water today, lucky if I got 8 oz. so Im off to chug some H2O.


Quick note then off to bed!

Title says it all! Today was such a busy day for the kids & I. Troy called at 10:30am and asked if we would bring him lunch out in the field, and he'd give the kids a ride in the tractor! I jumped at this knowing that I would have at least 1/2 hour to myself while the kids got their ride. We went through a drive-thru, found daddy, he ate quick and threw all 3 kids into the tractor. I didn't see them again for over an hour!!! While I was waiting I finished "Blessings" by Anna Quindlen.

After that the kids & I went to one of the parks in town. We stayed there for almost 3 (yep THREE) hours! I coaxed them into the car and home we went! Quick supper of leftovers, bath and I didn't feel like moving for the rest of the night.

After all of that I did work out tonight with Gilad for 1/2 hour. I ate pretty well today, not to much crappy food. Probably didn't drink enough water considering all the running I did at the park though.

Im off to bed with "Good Greif" by Lolly Winston. :)


April 22, 2005

First post

So many of my online book friends at b-a-w recently got (or have had) a blog and I thought "may as well check it out and see what the hoopla is all about." lol Hopefully this will be something I will continue using. I have other "homes" on the web, and I like that I can link those "homes" to this home (once I figure out how to do that).

I've got a lot of things going on in my life, I doubt anyone will even take the time to read my silly blog home but at least I'll have a place to go back and reflect. :) I love to read and will post about what Im reading and also post about what my kiddos are doing and my constant issues with weight loss. My SIL called me last night and said she's lost 40 lbs since last fall. I got to do something. (sigh...)

Anywho..off to figure out how this blog stuff works.