April 29, 2006


Today I took the kids swimming at the YMCA in a town nearby. We had such a great time! We got there around 2:30 and stayed until the pool closed at 5:30. Then because they were practically eating eachother because of hunger, I took them to good ol' BK. Wyatt didn't want to leave because he was having so much fun w/ another boy there. At least I *think* they were having fun, the other boy was older and seemed a little rough to me, but Wyatt was laughing so I think all was good.

You'd think that my kids would be beyond tired and begging to go to sleep. But hahahaha..not even close. It's 10pm and everyone is still up and going strong.

Tomorrow we (kids & I) have been invited to Jane's house for lunch, Cameron will be there also. So dh is going to bring the kids 4-wheeler and jeep to the farm tomorrow and we'll have fun riding around on those for the afternoon. Should be fun. :)

Im going to go kick my feet up and read for awhile. Im bushed!!!!!

Dh's first day back and...

his next business trip is already on the calendar for May. :( I think this year is going to be a very stressful traveling year for our home.

Today was a rainy, gloomy day. Abby went outside for a little while in her raincoat, but didn't stay out long. Other then that we didn't do a heck of a lot. Played and watched TV about covered our day.

Dh worked at the farm tonight and has to work again all day tomorrow, so I think Im going to take the kids to the YMCA in a nearby town and go swimming. They'll like that and it'll be something different for us to do. That is unless someone get sick, Wyatt complained of a tummy ache all day yesterday and threw up a couple times. Hopefully it was just something he ate and it won't affect the rest of us.

I have to go update my side bar now, I finished "The Ghost Orchid" and "A Child Called It" the last couple of days.

April 26, 2006

Dh on his way home!!

As of approx. 10 minutes ago dh was leaving the great state of MN and is on his way home! He should be *home* in about 4 hours! I can not wait!!! He said since he's coming in so early this morning he will NOT be going to work tomorrow! Y-E-A!!

Today was another real great day here. The kids had school this afternoon and left and came home in great moods! We played outside pretty much all afternoon until 9pm. We went for a little walk, picked tons of dandelions, etc. The weather was only in the mid 50's but it sure felt warmer then that. No wind, sun just beating down and not a cloud in the sky.

Im hoping to finish "The Ghost Orchid" this weekend. This is an awesome book!! Im completely lost on where the book will be going next and Im loving it! I can't predict it at all (so far)!!!

April 25, 2006

Real great day!

Today was such a great day! The kids had an awful day yesterday (fighing, arguing) and today has been such a pleasure..I hope Im not speaking to soon! lol

Yesterday it rained all day on/off, (that could of been why the kids were in a sour mood) but today it was just gloomy outside. The temps were a little chilly (probably mid 50's). We played outside and just had a good day.

We are all missing daddy terribly!! :( Hurry home daddy!! We miss you!! He called this afternoon and said he is checking out of his hotel tomorrow at noon and is going right to the airport to get on standby. FINGERS CROSSED he gets and earlier flight!! Otherwise he's not scheduled to fly in until 10:50pm, which means he'll actually get *home* around 1am.

Im finally 1/2 way through "The Ghost Orchid" and Im loving this book! It's so dark and mysterious that I can only read a few chapters at a time, because otherwise I get completely sucked in! I had a dream about the characters in the book last night and it actually freaked me out a bit! So that means it's a GREAT book and Im going to highly recommend it to a lot of people!!

April 24, 2006


OMG do I miss my husband! And I *KNOW* my kids do too!! They are driving me literally up the f***in' wall today!! And they even had school and were gone for 3 hours. SCREAMING!! FIGHTING!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH Calgon take me the f**k away!!

emotional day

Well let me get the emotional stuff out of the way and then we'll talk about the good stuff..

I am in a funk..one heck of a funk..again. Dh left this morning for a business trip to TN. He'll be back on Wednesday. He had to fly into MN to switch planes and called me during his 3 hour lay over. He shouldn't of even called..just knowning he was there, a little over an hour from family, breathing MN air just depressed the hell out of me. I want to move HOME..N-O-W!! When he leaves on trips like this the reality hits me that I am so alone down here. Having no family around really, really sucks.

Yesterday Jane & I took the kids to Kids Explore. They had a BLAST! B&A ate a chocolate covered cricket!! That proved to me that my kids will do anything for a sucker! At least B&A will! lol Wyatt wasn't to keen on the whole thing, there were wayyy to many people there. They did so much while there, ice skated for the first time, saw Spongebob Squarepants, B&A climbed a blow up relic of the Titanic and got to slide down the sides (W wanted nothing to do with that), got lots of balloons, stickers, tattoos, suckers, coloring books and numberous other silly toys. We got there at 12:15 and left at 5:00. Then we took the kids to Burger King for dinner and I *thought* (oh silly me..) they'd be soo tired, but alas they were up until almost 10pm.

Today we stayed home. The kids played outside allll day while I pretty much stayed in the house and got so much done around the house. Laundry done, and the kids toyroom is pretty much done too. Tomorrow a rep from Dish Network is coming to hook us up to dish. Im pretty excited about that. It'll be cheaper, a lot cheaper.

I'd better get my butt to bed. Not having dh around to rely on really sucks and I'll be flying solo for the next few days.

April 21, 2006


Today was a pretty good day. The weather was really perfect (mid 70's, no wind, nice sunshine). The kids & I played outside most of the day. We went to the library to return some videos, got a few different videos and a few books. I bought a book from the library book sale "Manhunt" by Evanovich. i haven't read anything by her, but I've heard nothing but good things about her writing.

Dh is at the farm now and should be calling VERY soon (it's 8pm) saying he's on his way home. Planting started 04/19, so he's going to be very busy out there helping out for awhile. Dh leaves on Sunday for another business trip, this time to TN. He'll be back on Wednesday. So it'll be a long week for me.

Tomorrow the kids & I are going to Kids Expore with Jane. Dh will be working at the farm until 6pm (he promised he'll leave at 6pm, so he can spend some time with us before he leaves on Sunday), we'll see if he really does get out of the farm then..it has yet to happen that he actually comes home when he says he will. Again..I try not to complain..

Not much else happened today, pretty ho-hum..

April 19, 2006


Well this is going to be a quick post because I just got a notice blogger will be down for maintence in about 20 minutes. Just my lucky..blogs will be down and bookcrossing is STILL down and has been all day because of maintence. grr..

Today was a crazy, crazy windy day! I've always heard the phrase "the wind took my breath away" but wasn't really sure what it meant, today I found out. I was outside and the wind literally did take my breath away, I had to step into the garage to catch my breath. Very werid feeling.

I have a got a killer headache today. I haven't had a headache this bad in a looong time. I hope dh is willing to take care of the kids when he gets home from work, because I am going to bed. He'll be here soon so Im going to go get my pj's on now and let him know that Im serious about laying down.

April 17, 2006

2 great days!!

Saturday (when dh was going to take the kids turkey hunting) didn't work out as I had hoped. I went to drop off the kids and at the last minute Wyatt decided he didn't want to go. Then I got sweet talked into helping set up the church for Easter breakfast. So I ended up getting home a little after 7. Wyatt fell asleep at church, slept the whole way home, I took him to bed and he remained sleeping. While he was a sleep the laundry did yell to loud and I ended up finishing that. UGH! Wyatt woke up at 10pm, walked downstairs and said "Good morning Mommy.." Oh oh...He finally went back to sleep at 2:30AM!!!

Easter was a fantastic day! We didn't cook a big meal, I made the family favorite, homemade pizza. In the afternoon we all decided to take the 4-wheeler out for a spin. While dh & the kids did that, I sat in the truck and read, and read, and read. Then we went out to the farm, fed 4 little calves (soooo cute!!!) and came home. Dh & I were not hungry, so I made the kids chicken nuggets and corn. Bath and bed.

Today..was another fantastic day! My new DSL equipment came from Qwest and I got that all installed without any problems! WOO-HOO! I went from cable to DSL, DSL was cheaper. Then dh took my car for a business dinner and the kids & I went for our final stroll in the stroller. Im really going to miss the stroller..it means my kids are really growing up, wayyyy to fast. They have definately out grown it :( . We came home from the park, had pizza for dinner, quick bath and now they are watching Legends of the Hidden Temple, on Nick GaS. They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show.

It was a great couple of days! I'll have to go back and re-read this post on really bad days.

April 15, 2006


In 45 minutes the kids & I are leaving to go meet dh at the farm. He's going to take them turkey hunting and I am going to come home and be by myself for awhile! I doubt I'll be alone for too long because Im sure the kids will get bored, but Im still excited! lol I don't know what I'll do while they are going. I probably *should* fold the 5 laundry baskets full of clothes and get them put away but I really don't feel like doing that! lol Im hoping to either talk myself into sitting down and reading (which I have gotten practically 0 done in the last couple of days) or chat on yahoo. I just hope the laundry doesn't yell to loud...

This morning the kids & I went to an Easter egg hunt. They had fun!!

Gotta go finish getting them ready..

April 14, 2006

The hums of summer...

a/c & lawn mowers.

That's all we've heard the last couple of days. Today was really warm again, but Im hesitant to use the word "HOT". The temps were in the high 80's. We haven't turned on our a/c yet, but I really gave it some serious thought yesterday!! It's really cool downstairs in our basement, but the only one who wants to play down here is Wyatt! Blaine & Abby want to be out in the H-E-A-T!!

Dh didn't have to work today (Good Friday) and silly me, I thought he'd stay home today and be with us, but he didn't. He went to the farm instead, he came home for 45 minutes at lunch and it's now 7:50pm and he's still not home. I try not to complain to loud about this, because I know he's working to help support us. But it also makes me angry because he wouldn't have to work at the farm if he would just budget more. He is such a spender!! But like I said..I try not to complain to much to him about it, so you poor folks are going to have to hear me complain.

The kids have been fighting like crazy all day today. Abby is intentionally doing stuff to piss off her brothers and it drives me crazy.

I finished "Balzac..." today and now sneaking in a non-BC book. I got 2 more packages today with BC rings/rays and another ring sitting here on my desk. I'll get to them this month yet, but I need to read a little romance.

Off to go yell at kids again..I don't know what Abby & Blaine are doing upstairs but it's loud..

April 13, 2006

The heat is on..

WOW was it (and is it) hot outside today!! It's hard to believe that on March 21st we had 17" of snow and today the temps were in the 90's!! Funny how things change in just a few short weeks.

Today the kids & I missed kindergym (again). I've really been debating how I should be dealing with this. I know most of it is my fault because Im not getting out of bed in time to get them out of bed, dressed, fed, etc and still make it to kindergym by 9am. So I emailed some friends of mine and asked what I should do. Should I..

a) forget all morning activities and just let us all sleep in.
b) am I doing more harm then good on letting my kids sleep in. Should I get them on a wake up schedule.

My friend Krista said it best.."ENJOY IT!! because pretty soon you'll be HAVING to get up early". Her boys have to get up by 7:20am (NO LATER) to make the bus on time at 8am. So Im going to let kindergym and any other morning activities slide unless we are wake and ready to go. Im not going to stress about it. Especially this summer because the kids want to be outside until dark and they are so exhausted from the fresh air that getting them up early the next morning really is a struggle.

Well it's 6:30pm, I gotta go find something to make for supper. Will blog more about our busy day today later.

April 11, 2006

Oh ugh!!

Tonight I was upstairs making supper and B comes up the stairs with his hands covered in red chunks and smelling like a cherry. I knew exactly what had happened. He got a hold of my candle that I keep way up high above my computer desk (obviously moved a chair and climbed on it to get it..with dh sitting not 5' away) and started digging (and I mean DIGGING) into my candle. I came downstairs to see the damage..oh my god..red candle wax all over my computer desk (which was THANKFULLY locked) and all over the wall next to my computer desk. What a fucking mess.

A robin is building a nest behind the backboard on our basketball hoop. Should be a pretty interesting spring/summer watching the little robins. :)

Not much else new today. I had planned on taking the kids to kindergym today and meantime workout on that damn treadmill, but didn't make it there. My sleeping is completely out of wack and has been for the last several months. I need to do something about that, Im sick of laying in bed..wide awake yet at 2am and then trying to function being a parent at 8am. Any sleeping tips are greatly appreciated. I tried Sominex (I think??) for a week, a month ago and it didn't help at all.

April 10, 2006


It was a wonderfully warm, but extremely windy day here! I was going to the YMCA this afternoon and the field dust was blowing sooo bad I could barely see across the street!! Unreal!! The temps were in the 80's.

DH took the kids for a little ride tonight to go look for turkeys. W came home with a woodtick. A WOODTICK?!!??!? Is it just me or do those blood sucking disease infested things coming out earlier and earlier every year? I remember when I was a kid we never worried about woodticks until June/July.

April 08, 2006


Dh got home from Minnesota yesterday at 1:45pm. He had a good trip, everything considering and is happy to be home. Sounds like he had a nice visit with his family and everything.

Today after lunch he went out to the farm to get the planters ready (YEA..that means we'll be able to ride in the tractor (hopefully) soon!!) and the kids & I went to the park for FOUR HOURS!! We walked there and I had 3 very tired kids when we got home. They got baths and put on their pj's at 6:30pm, silly me...I was thinking that they'd be soo tired after so much fresh air but it's 10:50pm and they are just now asleep. I don't know where they get their energy!!

Im reading "Blackberry Wine" by Joanne Harris and I am loving it! Blackberry Wine came to the park with the kids & I. Im enjoying it so much I wanted to bring it with me, just incase I had 30 seconds to read a couple words..which never happened. We saw one of the kids old schoolmates from earlier this year at the park (he's now in the am class) so the kids had fun playing with him. It's funny that we saw him, because not 10 minutes before we saw Eli, Wyatt was asking about him.

Im off to update my side bar then chat on yahoo messenger for awhile (which I haven't done in forever). If you want my yahoo messenger name, shoot me an email. :)

April 04, 2006

And next a serious post..

Yesterday at 10am dh's grandmother passed away. It wasn't unexpected, we all knew it was coming and she was definately ready to meet her maker. But that doesn't make it any easier. Today dh left at 5:30 to head to MN for the wake and funeral. The kids & I couldn't go, it was just way to short notice. She passed away yesterday, the wake is today (started an hour ago) and the funeral is tomorrow. Dh will be home this weekend, maybe Saturday or Sunday..depending on what help his parents need to finalize all of grandma's things.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.