January 13, 2008

January 12, 2008

Sesame Street Live!!

I've been waiting to post this blog until I had the pictures uploaded..finally!!

On January 9th, the 5 of us went to When Elmo Grows Up (a BIG thanks to my SIL who got us the EXCELLENT seats..front row/center!!)

The kids really enjoyed it! Here's a few pictures, it's almost a blessing that our digital camera batteries decided to die on us 1/2 way through the show. We took over 20 pictures, who knows how many we *would* of ended up with!!

Work, work, work!!

The kids went back to school on Monday (January 8th) by 3:15pm I was scheduled to work 11 days this month at 3 different schools!!!

I worked this entire week at the Middle School with a 5th grade girl. Very sweet little girl (but you can tell she can be a bit of a devil when the mood strikes her). She has a reading level of a 1st grader. It nearly broke my heart and brought me to tears when I was reading, "Old Black Fly" by Jim Aylesworth, to her. This is a book that W was reading last year, when he was in preschool. She could hardly make out the simple words "the, on, my". I don't think she has much support at home.

I love working within the school district, but it's kids like this that makes me go home and cry because I hope what little I do makes a different somewhere. Such a simple, simple, SIMPLE thing to read to a child, and it makes such a HUGE difference.

January 04, 2008

New Year Resolutions

Yes I made a few, and some I am actually going to keep.

1-Seriously go through the kids bedroom, toyroom and computer room closet and clear out all broken/not played with toys and get rid of them! This WILL be done by the end of May (before kids get out of school, and said above toys become a prized possession once they realize where the toys are going).

2-Find a GREAT computer program that makes DVD movies. Every year I keep telling DH I want to make a DVD movie of the kids for the grandparents for Christmas. This year I AM going to do it!! If you know of any such programs, PLEASE let me know! I did do some looking at Office Max last week and was not impressed with what they had there. I am not looking to get director of the year award, I just want a program I can use still pictures and little pieces of video with backgroud music and/or video audio.

3-Keep better in touch with my MN friends. I miss them all terribly and it's a shame that I don't do better in keeping in touch.

4-And of course the ol' standby for women. Exercise and healthy eating (aka..loose weight or die trying). I was doing so well last year at this time with this, and I completely fell off the wagon this past fall with me working. I guess another resolution for me should be time management!!

Happy New Year!!

A few days late, but what the heck. Since I didn't do it last year, I'd better do it now while I think about it...

2007 year in review

Of course the biggest news of last year was the kids starting kindergarten. They love it and I was glad to see them go. It honestly wasn't a hard transition at all for me. I was ready for them to go, because they were ready to go. We had some trials at the beginning with W, but now things are going great and with only 2 days left of Christmas vacation I am REALLY ready for them to go back.

Another big news is that I found 2 part-time jobs that I do enjoy. It's great finding not one job, TWO that will work around my kids schedule!! Working for the school is great, the flexibility and change in enviorment is exactly what I was hoping to have, and I have it. And my 2nd job working for my old boss (B4 kids) is going great too. The best part of me working these 2 jobs is now dh isn't working at the farm NEARLY as often as he was. It feels more of a family atsmosphere around here with him more around. I am glad that I am finally able to contribute more our family financially.

It was a good 2007.