August 30, 2005

Pray for us moving

I have such high hopes that this job is going to pan out! And in the same breath Im scared to death it will!!

Troy got his iternary (sp?) today for his trip to MN for the face to face interview. WOW did that company really shell out the BIG bucks to have him come up so quickly!! 849.00 to be exact!! He leaves Sept. 6th at 6:30am and comes back that night at 6:12pm. I told him tonight it would make more sense for him to drive to Lincoln (where he's flying out of) Monday night and stay the night there so he is well rested for his interview. I hope he does that..I really want him to make a good impression on this company. I know it's all in God's hands though, if he doesn't get this job then it wasn't meant to be and we'll stay in Nebraska for awhile. It won't be the end of the world, it'll just really bum me out. But again it'll make me sigh with relief knowing I won't have to transfer my kids to another school! lol Im hard to please aren't I??

Speaking of moving in hopes that we do move I started doing things on my little "to do list" today while the kids were in preschool. Regardless if we move or not these are things that NEED to be done. The house has really been neglected the last 4 years with the kids running around and it's about time I start making this house a "home", at least make it look "homey".

Kids had preschool today from 12:30-3:30. What a fantastic break!! Staci said Wyatt had a really really rough day today with a lot of meltdowns and excluding himself from the group. I hope things start to improve for him. He loves his school, he loves seeing the building anyway but Im really worried if this behavior keeps up he'll start really fighting me about going to school. I sure hope not.

August 28, 2005

Again it's been awhile!

I know it's been a couple weeks since I updated but we have had such a busy couple of weeks!! Be prepared for a looong update!

While I was in NYC, Troy had a phone interview with a company in Minnesota. Funny as this sounds, it was with the company that both him & I use to work for before we moved to Nebraska. Troy feels very confident about this interview and we've got our fingers crossed that before to long we will be moving HOME!! On Sept. 6th, he is flying up to MN to do a face to face interview. I always feel a face to face interview is a GOOD sign! Every face to face interview Troy has done he's ended up being offered the job! Please pray that this works out for us! We are all ready to move home. Troy has even given some serious thought to housing when we move up there.

Another exciting thing that's happened in our house is Abby is offically potty trained! Y-E-A!!! Day and night trained, but she still insists she wears pull-ups at night. She wore big girl underwear about a week and a half ago at night and had a big accident. So now when I ask her at night "Big girl underwear or pull-ups?" She always says "Pull-ups..I don't want to wet my bed like last time." I know she'll eventually move to big girl's not like I don't have pull-ups laying around because the boys are still showing very little interest in pooping in the potty, but both of them are about 80% pee trained and are waking up dry the majority of the time in the morning.

And the most exciting news is last Wednesday the kids started preschool!! They'll be going every Monday-Wednesday from 12:30-3:30! WOW what am I going to do with all that free time??? Get our house ready for a possible move! I have a front/back page to do list. Quite a bit of it I won't beable to do w/o Troy's help but I figure I may as well get a start on it and start getting some of the clutter boxed up and bring to Goodwill.

Im hoping with the kids in school, and after I get the majority of my to do list done I'll have more time for me. Im really looking forward to that, but first thing first..get the house ready! I've been watching "Sell this House" and "Design to Sell" and have told Troy that we NEED to rent a storage garage. He doesn't think so, but Im sure once the time comes and the realtor tells us what we need to do (besides the stuff on my to do list) to get our house sold FAST he'll understand. Right now he thinks we'll just stuff everything into our shed. HA! There's wayyyy to many things that needs to be OUT of this house to sell it, the shed will never fit it all. Besides the shed is full of stuff already, mostly the kids outside toys. Did you know that you should only have 4 pieces of furniture per room in a house to sell it? I didn't and several of our rooms have excessive big furniture and some rooms definately have more then 4 pieces of furniture. The room I need to do the most work on is the kitchen, my kitchen is sooo small and I definately need to do what I can to make that room look bigger. No woman in her right mind would buy this house with one look at my kitchen! Why did we buy it then you might be asking??? Because Troy bought the house BEFORE I saw it!! lol

And to top off the last couple of weeks, my mom was here all last week for a visit. She wanted to come down for the kids first day of school, meet their teachers, etc. We had a GREAT time and for once I was really sad to see her leave. Usually 1 week is more then enough "Mom & Jen" time for me, but it really was a wonderful visit. She helped me so much and I miss her so much as do the kiddos.

I finally finished "The Half Brother" today. WOW..I've only been reading this book since June!!! God am I glad Im done! It was good book, but O-M-G it could of been a couple hundred pages shorter and would of been just as good. 682 pages folks!!!!

August 16, 2005

Back from my NYC trip!!

Here's a pretty detailed listing of what a group of 8 triplet moms did in NYC in just 2 days!! We got a lot in! I had to copy/paste it from another email so the margins are probably all goofy.

Thursday--we all arrived at Robin's moms around 9pmish (except for
Kathy who got there around 7pmish and Krista who got there around
10pmish). Vickie scrubbed some really crusty feet. We ate pizza,
chatted and stayed up until 2am.

The best thing we did on Friday was pick buddies for our outings.
It was great only having to look for your buddy. Cell phones also
came in handy!!

Friday----we went to Chinatown, Little Italy, took 2 subway rides
(first for me!!), WTC site, ate at a Irish pub where we had our own
room with great service and even better food, went to Battery Park
(bought a bunch of purses LOL), looked at the Statue of Liberty
(didn't take the ferry long of a wait) walked to Pier 17
where the cruise boats and other boats launch, shopped in the mall
there and had a drink to cool off, took 1 taxi ride (also a first
for me), went out to eat at Wo Hop (little chinese restaurant) in
Chinatown, that was delicious!! Went back to Amy's, some of us
crashed early and some of us stayed up wayyy to late.

Saturday---Went to the Trump Tower, drove around Central Park, drove
by the library on 42nd (I think??), ate at a diner (can't think of
the name) that served the biggest sandwiches I had ever seen, and
they were wonderful!!) saw the broadway show "Hairspray" (it was
WONDERFUL!!!), ate at Pueblo's (really nice Italian restaurant,
where we had to walk THROUGH the kitchen to get to our table..very
werid and a first for me!!), walked through Times Square (it was
dark out and the lights were fantatstic!!), went to the top of the
Empire State Building (also at night and the view was beyond words),
ate at Ellen's Stardusky diner (singing waiters..very fun, but the
service was AWFUL!!), rode another taxi (those of us in the taxi I
was in thought our life was in danger..very fun and thrilling! :) )
Went back to Amy's house and watched Vickie STUFF her suitcase.

Also during both days several of us stopped at every mobile seller.
Mobile being people who sells stuff out of bed sheets and cardboard
boxes. LOL! We stopped at every person looking for a specific
purse! That darn Kate Spade!!! ROFLMBO!!

Everything was soo much fun and NYC was not at all like what I was
expecting. The people there in general were very nice and I felt
comfortable walking around. If I had to pick what was the best part
of my trip it was definately seeing the broadway show, Hairspray was
soo much fun! I laughed until I cried. I walked out of the show
with my cheeks hurting (from smiling and laughing) and my hands hurt
(from clapping so hard and often)!! Times Square was also soo much
fun, it's hard to describe the atmosphere there to anyone who
hasn't been. I would go back in a heartbeat!!!

Im telling everyone and anyone who will listen to go to NYC! You
have to go! Seriously it was sooooo much fun and I WILL go back,
without a doubt I will! I had the BEST time!!

August 05, 2005

Wonderful weather!!

The weather has been great here again lately! The last 2 days we've had our a/c off! It's been great being able to have the window open and feel a breeze that isn't freon activated!!!

Early this week we took the kids to the dr. for their preschool physical. Wyatt is 41" and 48# (WOW!! No wonder it almost kills me to carry him upstairs!!), Abby is 37" and 36# and Blaine is 36" and 36#. Everyone is ok'd to go to preschool! YIPPEEEE!!! Our ped does have some concerns regarding Wyatt. Wyatt does show some autistic signs, but not enough to make us overly concerned. We're just going to see how he does the next 2 years in preschool and decide what if anything needs to be done then.

Not much else is really new, we've been spending a lot of time outside the last few days with the nice weather. I've been flying through books like the pages are on fire lately and I couldn't be happier! It's nice to finally get out of the book slump I've been in for the last several months.