December 16, 2005

Felt like a bloggin'

Im waiting for DH to come home from deer hunting and have a couple minutes before the timer for supper goes off.

Yesterday I took the kids to the library, I made a HUGE mistake by going wayy to late for Blaine. Lately he's been asking to go to bed around 6:30 and at 7pm last night we were at the local library. He ran away from the children's section and was kindly brought back by one of the librarians. I put him in timeout for running away, he was laying on the floor whining he jumped up to quickly and hit his head on an electrical box (the boxes at the library stick out about 3-4". Next thing I heard him SCREAMING and I went running to him and blood was pouring out of his head. The librarian literally FREAKED OUT asking if she needed to call the unit. I was completely calm (totally my nature) and said "No..just get me the key to the bathroom." She was totally freaked out, shaking, got the key and opened up the door while I held Blaine's head with blood running down my arm. I got him cleaned up and found a little microscopic cut (about 1/16" of an inch). It quit bleeding after 2 minutes and Blaine quit screaming after 3 minutes. I had to sign paperwork with the library regarding the accident. The librarian called this morning to find out how Blaine was and I assured her he was totally fine.

You never know what will happen with my kids.

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