December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

From our family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas season!!

This morning our kids woke up to a bunch of presents under the tree and lots of fun instore for all!!

But I must mention my poor poor A. She asks for gifts that I know as her parent she will not like. Last year she begged Santa and us for Butterscotch Pony. Over $200.00 later the prized pony waited for her under the tree (and that's ALL she got besides a bunch of clothes because that's ALL she wanted, and because of the price..that's ALL she got!!). She played with it for 10 minutes, then decided she didn't like it (after she broke the tail and chewed up the brush (A is a chewer). So we couldn't return it..sorry honey.

This year..she BEGGED Santa & us for "Bendaroos" some crap she saw on TV advertisment. "make them into anything, they stick, they bend, no mess, play again and again..BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH." Yea right.. So the precious Bendaroos were under the tree. I tried my HARDEST to talk her out of this thing. And I mean I spend DAYS trying to convince her she maybe should consider something else, but I had no luck. So here I sit..with my dd on the other end of the table complaining that her precious toys will not stick to anything (but the Bendaroos) and she can't make the *cool* things that the girl made on TV. Sigh..THANK GOD they were not $200.00, so she did receive other toys that probably will not full-fill her wildest desires to be disappointed with.

My boys ask for appropriate age gifts and loved everything they received.

My kids do know that it's not about the gifts though. Next year I really want to take my kids to a homeless shelter and help serve meals to the homeless. I wonder if DH would be up for that??

December 13, 2008

Work, Christmas shopping & company! OH MY!!

It's been busy and the above about covers it all. I've been working A LOT, like 4x a week! I finally started my Christmas shopping TODAY, and we had company (BIL & nephew) leave this morning, they were here for a week and another BIL & SIL are on their way down here now to also stay for a week. They should be here in about 3 hours. I am up wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to late because I am still washing the bedding from the last company for the new company! I love having company so I am completely flyin' happily!! I just wish Christmas wasn't coming up so quickly. I still have a lot of shopping yet to do.