August 25, 2007

Check this out!!

This ebay auction

This got posted in my triplet parenting group and is definately worth the laugh! This mom also has a blog mom2my6pack blog

She is hysterical!! And the worst thing that happened to me today was B came running up to me screaming with blood coming out of his nose. I asked "What happened??!" B said "I stuck on of A's necklace beads up my nose!! It's stuck!!" Thankfully some huge nose blowing got it out. It flew out and B looked at it and laughed, I am sure this will be repeated..

Happy Saturday!!!

1st week survived..

The kids survived their first week of Kindergarten. But W says he's done with kindergarten now and wants to go back to preschool. I wasn't expecting THAT the first week!! I am going to have a looong 12 years if he's already sick of school!!

Tomorrow I am taking the kids to get their hair cut and find a nice picture shirt for B. The kids are getting their pictures taken at school next tuesday already! B is also getting a new pair of tennis shoes (W & A still have some tread left). And weather permitting we're going to the water park. Should be fun. :)

Today has been a really low key day with just veggin' out. The kids have pretty cranky and tired from their busy week.