September 06, 2008

WOW, it's been a week?!

Since I updated. It sure doesn't seem that long but the calendar doesn't lie. This past week has been pretty crazy around our house. I was busy every day this week. Monday of course we didn't have school, but I worked Tuesday, Thursday & Friday and spent Wednesday with my friend Rachel & her babies. :)

The kids are now in their full school schedule. They start at 8am and get out at 3:20pm. That's been a huge adjustment for them. They also had their first spelling test this past week. *B* passed on the first try, *W* and *A* passed on their 2nd try. Now they have new spelling words for next week. UGH..

Dh is busy gearing up for harvest which will start very, very soon.

Really isn't to much to comment on this week.